Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System – Laptops are small desktop-ready devices for almost any challenge. They usually lose, of course, but not without a hell of a scrap. However, when it comes to vocal performance, they can’t lift their little hands to shake the beat.

Headphones are not useful when you have company and can be tiring for long periods of time. External speakers are a great option, but laptops often have poor-quality amplifiers, and running wires can be a pain.

Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

However, there is a possible answer in the form of wireless speakers, an idea so clever it’s surprising that it has taken so long for the idea to gain traction. Not only does it make using your laptop on the couch more fun, it also turns your laptop or MP3 player into a wireless music system for tapping into Spotify or your MP3 collection in the living room.

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Creative T12 Bluetooth Speaker Price {2 Aug 2022}

The Creative T12 Wireless uses Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, so most laptops and smartphones, iPads and iPod Touches (except first-generation models) can connect without additional hardware. Creative sells the BT-D5 iPod transmitter and BT-D1 USB transmitter in the Creative Store, but £40 each is a ridiculous price; For example, the Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter costs around £8.

Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

However, reliability is a major issue with Bluetooth audio. We’ve used headphones and other audio receivers that work well across the room, but some have struggled at just a meter away. Fortunately, these speakers stay in the former camp. We tested it with a Toshiba laptop and a Nokia phone, and both produced noise-free audio within 5 meters.

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Pairing the speakers was also easy. There is a button on the right speaker that needs to be held to pair the device for the first time. The connection is established as soon as the speakers are turned on.

Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System Earise T15 Portable Karaoke Machine With Wired Microphone + T12 Karaoke Speaker For Kids With Wired Microphone & Led Disco Lights

At just 180mm tall, this is Design’s smallest speaker system, but it can pump out some amazing bass. Behind each speaker is a long diaphragm described as ‘BassFlex technology’. We have heard many false claims about extending the bass response in small speakers, but in this case it works. The 20Hz-20KHz range is promising, but the 60Hz sine tone sounded loud and clear in our tests.

Bass response varied depending on where we placed the speakers—it was weak against the wall, but given the limited space around the units, it was hard to believe there wasn’t a subwoofer hidden somewhere. Loudness was also surprising – the T12 won’t start a nightclub in your living room – but we were happily shaking our boots as soon as the speakers went off.

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Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

Conclusion Compared to the M-Audio AV 40, an excellent 2.0 speaker system costing around £125, the T12’s bass was a little bitter, and the high frequencies less bright and refined. However, the T12 devices fared very well due to its low price and small size.

Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers (branded New And Sealed), Audio, Earphones On Carousell

Throw in wireless capabilities and it’s a great value system that’s perfect for unlocking your laptop’s audio potential. Subwoofer-based wired speakers make the most sense for desktop computers, but if space is a problem, these speakers are a better choice. Loud, better than the price suggests and small in size, this is a compact system.

Creative T12 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System

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