Cowin E7 Pairing

Cowin E7 Pairing – Update (02/2019): Unfortunately, the review unit failed due to a defect in the earphone hinge – see the full teardown here. As a result, I no longer recommend this device.

For anyone who travels a lot on public transport or abroad often, having a proper set of headphones is a must. Besides letting you enjoy your music and videos on the go, it can really help to improve the enjoyment of your dreary and exhausting morning trips.

Cowin E7 Pairing

Cowin E7 Pairing

But not all headphones are created equal, as anyone who admits to it will tell you. Base units often suffer from poor sound quality, poor build quality, and a lack of isolation. This increases the volume to mask background noise, which leads to listening fatigue, ringing in the ears, potential hearing damage and annoyance for occupants from sound leakage.

Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones With Mic Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30h Playtime For Travel Work Tv Pc Cellphone

As a result, I’ve always paid for a fairly high-quality set of active noise-canceling earbuds. Having used AudioTechnica’s AT-ANC7, 7b, 9, and 23 active noise-cancelling headphones for the past decade, I’ve enjoyed my music with high fidelity and relative comfort. Unfortunately, noise canceling headphones are expensive. Furthermore, recent expectations have led to an explosion of Bluetooth headphones for wireless comfort. Usually wireless noise canceling headphones

As a result, when Lululook approached me to review the Cowin E7 Pro Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones, they sounded like a very compelling package. The device is priced at just AU$121.97, while it promises Bluetooth connectivity and active noise cancellation technology. Thanks to Lululook, I have one to review under the terms of the review challenge – so let’s see what you get for the price and if it’s any good.

The device comes in a semi-matte black and white cardboard box. The model is clearly visible at the front, with the noise canceling feature mentioned at the back along with the serial number.

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Upon opening the box we were greeted with a thank you note in strange English. The product and its accessories come in the included carrying case – a good way to cut down on wasteful packaging and a nice bonus that many other headphones don’t always come with.

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The case is a soft-touch, semi-rigid black plastic zip-top case with the Cowin logo printed in white. The case has a convenient hanging strap and the design thoughtfulness appears.

A regular flat case, but instead bulges around the ear pieces. This beautiful custom design makes it a perfect fit for the headset and ensures that it does not take up much space in your bag when transported. It’s nice to see this kind of attention to product design.

The manual is a fairly short brochure without many technical details. A piece of foam is also wrapped, which I suspect protects the earbuds from bumping in transit. A VIP rewards card is provided to those who purchased the product directly from Cowin. A 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable is provided for headphone use with non-Bluetooth equipment, and a USB charging cable is only included for recharging the headphones. The cables are nicely finished with the Cowin logo in the frame.

Cowin E7 Pairing

The headphones lay flat in the travel case thanks to the swivel hinge design. The ear pads themselves are backed by a metallic finish with a concentric ribbed design. On the right earpiece (shown to the left of the photo), the cut-out strip provides three buttons (+, – and the central one where the LED is located). On the opposite earcup, for symmetry, the same sector design is used, but without any functional buttons.

Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones With Microphone

The sides of the ear cups are covered in glossy black plastic, which makes up the bulk of the device. The button sector is raised slightly as it moves to push the buttons in. The right ear piece is home to an external 3.5mm stereo input, an audio microphone for calls and a power switch (off, bluetooth/external without noise canceling and bluetooth/external with noise canceling mode).

The foam and leather ear pads are a bit asymmetrical with a wider area on the front edge, which looks a bit unusual. The orientation of the headphones is marked inside the plastic ends of the headband.

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The headband can be extended with a sufficient range of adjustment, with a metal outer strap and a plastic interior. The hinges appear to be made of plastic, allowing the earphone to twist and twist for comfort.

The ear pieces themselves are noticeably chunky in appearance and large, which detracts somewhat from the sleek design.

Cowin E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones With Microphone, 30 Hours Playtime,black

At the top of each ear cup is an air vent that could potentially be used to increase bass response and allow active noise cancellation to work.

This section will deal with user experience, personal opinions, and test results. Since it is already known that people perceive sound differently depending on their preferences and experiences, I will not engage in arguments about my opinion. However, as a guide, I tend to be relatively biased towards a more complex and analytical audio signature, such as that offered by the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, which I use daily on my base PC, even though I have a fairly wide range

The unit was easy to pack and unpack, and the included case fit, although the mesh part with the cables often didn’t hold the cables in place after some trips. This is easily resolved through the available twist links. Unfortunately, adapters are not provided for use on airlines or with the 6.25mm jacks that are usually included with noise canceling headphones. This is likely because the device is primarily designed for use with Bluetooth devices.

Cowin E7 Pairing

I found the device was fine-tuned to fit my (extra-large) head with a decent range. The hinges allowed for a fairly comfortable fit with medium to low holding power. The clamping force means that there have been instances where the unit has moved a little bit on my head. The regular large foam cushions meant my ears felt a little warm compared to other headphones, but not uncomfortably.

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Since the earbuds aren’t clearly defined in terms of direction, getting the headphones right takes a bit more work to look at the molded plastic pointers. The main controls and cable entry are on the right, which is unlike other devices I’ve used in the past, which I’m used to. The same is the case with the buttons, where the + (forward / volume up) button is the bottom button, while the – (prev / volume down) button is the top button. The edges of the “segment” button look a bit sharp, as the button sector is quite “loose”.

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One of the biggest annoyances was the leather smell, as it was a strong plastic smell and took a few weeks to dissipate. Another is the small size of the ear muffs, which look a bit strange from an aesthetic point of view. As it is mostly of plastic construction, its durability remains to be seen – only time can tell. But they are still young and in no way spoil.

There were no issues when initially pairing the headphones with a Xiaomi Mi Max, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, or two Windows 10 computers, without the need for a PIN. Unfortunately, since I don’t own an NFC-enabled device, I can’t confirm if the device is NFC-enabled. In my testing, I also didn’t get any sound prompts – instead, the device had very similar tones to other CSR-based headphones I’ve used in the past. I suspect the specs on the Lululook site might be a little different, as the official Coin spec doesn’t mention it. Even so, Quinn’s specs are pretty minimal. On the Xiaomi phone, it was possible to see the approximate battery status of the headset, which looks very accurate.

The device uses the standard Bluetooth SBC codec, which is the “baseline” of A2DP Bluetooth audio, and does not support the high-quality aptX codec, which my phone can also do. I haven’t been able to test if other codecs are supported, which I suspect is not the case. The remote buttons on the right earbud work as expected – a short press on the next/previous call to answer the call and a long press to raise/lower the volume/fix.

Fix: Cowin E7 Headphones Not Charging Issue

Unfortunately, the device appears to have a slight error when trying to re-pair with another device. If the previously paired device was powered on and in range, holding down the middle button to re-pair will disconnect the Cowin E7 Pro from the device, entering pairing mode for just a few seconds before reconnecting to a more previously paired device and exiting pairing mode. As a result, you must turn off Bluetooth on the previously paired device when trying to pair with a new device, otherwise you may encounter difficulties.

During testing with my phone, the range was surprisingly good as I was able to get around the house and even the garden without losing connection and with minimal random drops. I would appreciate a range of over 25m if paired with a good top-notch unit without major hitches.

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Cowin E7 Pairing

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