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Connect Wireless Keyboard

Connect Wireless Keyboard

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How to connect a wireless keyboard to your Mac or PC and type from anywhere in your home

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Although they all look the same to the untrained eye, the truth is that your keyboard says a lot about you as a person. A research coder might have a custom mechanical keyboard, while a general user might have a simple Logitech model.

You can use the wireless keyboard from anywhere in your home, even if you are relaxing in your room. It’s a very lightweight tool, and most wireless keyboards work just as fast as wired ones.

How To Connect Wireless Keyboard With & Without Receiver?

Best of all: The wireless keyboard is easy to connect to any Mac or PC. All you have to do is prepare your keyboard and open your computer’s Bluetooth menu.

Before doing anything, make sure your wireless keyboard is charged and paired. Different keyboards have different ways to enter pairing mode, but most have a button or switch you need to press. See your keyboard’s manual for instructions.

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1. Open your computer’s System Preferences app and click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Connect Wireless Keyboard

If you don’t see the Bluetooth icon right away, you can find it using your Mac’s search bar on the right. Emma Whitman/Business Insider

Xiaomi Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

3. If your keyboard is turned on and paired, your keyboard name will appear in the “Devices” list. Click “Connect” next to it.

Quick Tip: If you’re prompted for a passcode, try “0000”. If that doesn’t work, check your keyboard’s manual to see if there’s a special code you need to use.

If your wireless keyboard isn’t listed, make sure it’s paired and your Mac’s Bluetooth is turned on. Emma Whitman/Business Insider

4. Your computer will ask you to configure or “differentiate” the keyboard by pressing a series of keys. Follow the on-screen instructions and press the buttons shown.

How To Connect A Wireless Keyboard

You can use your keyboard with your Mac right away, even if more setup instructions appear. Emma Whitman/Business Insider

It takes a moment to connect to your computer, and then you’re all set. You’ll see “Connected” under the keyboard’s name, which means the keyboard is connected to your Mac and ready to use.

You can disconnect your keyboard from your Mac by turning off the keyboard or by right-clicking the Bluetooth menu and choosing Disconnect.

Connect Wireless Keyboard

To begin, make sure your keyboard is charged and in pairing mode. Most methods have a press or toggle button to activate the switch mode, although this method varies by model. See your keyboard’s manual.

Logitech Mk235 Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Quick Note: Your wireless keyboard may have a Bluetooth connection. If your computer is equipped with Bluetooth, which most modern computers do – you don’t need this cable. If your computer does not have Bluetooth capability, plug the dongle into the USB port and install its drivers.

1. Open the Settings app on your computer, find and select the Devices category, and click Bluetooth and other devices.

4. If your keyboard is paired, it will appear on the Add Device page. Click on it.

Quick Tip: If you’re prompted for a passcode, try “0000”. If that doesn’t work, check the instruction manual to see if there’s a specific code you need.

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How To Connect Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 850

After entering the PIN correctly, the keyboard and computer will be connected. If it doesn’t connect, restart the keyboard and computer and try again.

To disconnect your keyboard from your computer, turn off the keyboard or click on the blue menu and select “Uninstall this device.”

Emma Whitman is a freelance reporter from Asheville, NC who enjoys writing about hardware, PC gaming, politics, and personal finance. He is a former crime reporter for the Daily News and has written extensively about bars for Insider. He may not be standing behind the bar deciding your drink order. Follow him on Twitter @emwity Logitech makes two types of wireless keyboards. A Bluetooth keyboard and integrated receiver are used. Unfortunately, if you’re new to the game, connecting any of them can seem like a daunting task.

Connect Wireless Keyboard

Different types of Logitech wireless keyboards offer the same level of functionality and ease of radio integration, but require different connection methods. However, both methods are quick and straightforward, and the link button makes the process very easy for anyone.

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This article covers both ways to connect a Logitech wireless keyboard to your Windows PC, tablet, Mac, or other device. Plus, we answer your most frequently asked questions about Logitech wireless keyboards and their connections.

The Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard works with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Best of all, the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard can connect up to three devices.

As a result, you can use the keys on this multi-device keyboard to switch between your phone, computer, tablet and laptop at the touch of a button. Here’s how to pair a Logitech Bluetooth wireless keyboard with any device in a few simple steps.

If your Logitech keyboard is new, you’ll find space in the battery compartment. If the Logitech keyboard is not new, remove this space or insert a new battery.

Wireless Keyboard Rechargeable Full Size Bluetooth Keyboard Connect Four Devices At The Same Time

You’ll see a small power button next to the green light on the back of your keyboard. Use this button to open your wireless keyboard.

If the Logitech Wireless Keyboard connects to multiple devices at the same time, it will be dialed to the left with the number of devices it supports. Click the Connect button or make this call the desired connection.

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On the top right corner of the wireless Logitech keyboard, you’ll find two buttons labeled “PC” and “i” with a Bluetooth logo on them. If you want to connect the wireless keyboard to your Windows PC, Android device, or Chrome OS, press the PC button for at least 3 seconds.

Connect Wireless Keyboard

If you want to connect your keyboard to your Mac computer or iOS device, press the “i” key for at least 3 seconds.

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After waiting for at least 3 seconds, the corresponding status light will start flashing blue. This means your Logitech keyboard is in pairing mode. If you can’t find a similar connection button on your Logitech keyboard, you can find an easy replacement button.

Turn on Bluetooth on the device you want to connect to the Logitech keyboard. Click on the device’s Bluetooth settings and select the “Add Bluetooth or other devices” option.

Search for available Bluetooth devices until Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard appears in the list. Select your Logitech device.

A code will appear on your screen and you can enter it into your Logitech Wireless Keyboard. After entering the code, press Enter.

Best Wireless Keyboards For 2022

Repeat this process to connect different devices, such as your computer, phone or tablet, but remember to rotate the phone each time. With a device assigned to each call setting, you can turn the phone and connect your Logitech Bluetooth keyboard to one device at a time.

In addition to Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can connect your Logitech keyboard to your computer using an included USB receiver or dongle. A USB receiver called the Logitech Unifying Receiver comes with this wireless keyboard.

The best feature of this wireless USB receiver is that it eliminates the need for multiple dongles around. Instead, you can connect multiple Logitech devices, such as Logitech mice or Logitech keyboards, using the Logitech Integration Receiver.

Connect Wireless Keyboard

However, this method requires you to download the Logitech integration software. This is a free app that can be downloaded from the Logitech website. Luckily, this app is available on Chrome OS, Mac OS, or Windows.

Quick Guide And Instructional Manual

Plug the adapter into a USB port on your computer or laptop. This bluetooth receiver is supplied with the Logitech Wireless Keyboard.

On the back of your Logitech keyboard, you’ll find a small charging button next to the green light. Use this button to open your wireless keyboard.

Save the wireless keyboard connection before selecting “Next” in the software activation dialog box.

Another dialog box will appear, this time with a text field. Click the text field and enter any test text using the Logitech keyboard.

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Click OK, you are connected successfully

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