Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker – If you have a Bose SoundLink wireless mobile speaker and you’re having trouble connecting to a previously connected device or even connecting to the SoundLink speaker. Try resetting the speaker with the following steps.

Please note: The steps above are included in the user manual for the product, but the steps are placed under the troubleshooting section for poor sound quality.

Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

If you’ve tried the steps above and your Bluetooth device still can’t connect to the Bose SoundLink speaker, you may need to remove the Bluetooth pairing settings for the Bose SoundLink speaker – on the device(s) you’re trying to pair the speaker with. For example, if you cannot get the speaker to pair with the iPhone, you need to delete the pairing entry on the iPhone and then pair the speaker with the iPhone again.

How To Pair Bose Soundlink

Given the number of devices that have Bluetooth capabilities, the specific steps to delete or unpair a device are beyond the scope of this article.

Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

If the Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker’s battery indicator is flashing red, it usually means that the battery is less than 20% charged, or the speaker’s battery is in battery protection mode – and needs to be charged.

The Bose Soundlink speaker enters battery protection mode after 24 days if the device is not used and/or charged during this period.

Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

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To resolve both of these issues, connect the Bose SoundLink speaker to the AC adapter for at least 4 hours of continuous charging before attempting to use the speaker.

However, in some cases the battery in the SoundLink may be defective or have reached the end of its life and need to be replaced. If you have tried the above tips multiple times, please contact Bose Technical Support for further assistance.

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Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

If you have a new SoundLink speaker that does not have a mute button as described above, you can reset the list of paired devices on your SoundLink speaker by following the steps below.

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Note: This process will remove all previously connected devices from the speaker’s memory. Any previously connected devices must be re-paired with the speaker before they will work. By Tim Gideon Tim Gideon Contributing Editor, Audio My Experience I’ve been a contributing editor for it since 2011. Before that, I was the lead audio analyst from 2006 to 2011. Although I’m now a freelancer, this has been my home for over a decade, and audio gear reviews are still my main focus. Before my career in technology review, I worked as an audio engineer – my love of recording audio led me to write about audio equipment. Read the full bio

Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

The Bose Portable Home Speaker delivers Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control with powerful wireless sound for its size, if not its price.

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Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

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Continuing its foray into the smart speaker space, the $349.95 Bose Portable Home Speaker has built-in support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, a water-resistant build, and a helpful companion app that makes setup and control as easy as possible. From a sonic point of view, there’s plenty of power here, with plenty of mutual boost in the lows and highs, keeping things balanced, although the speaker can sometimes struggle at high volume levels on tracks with deep bass content. As a secondary satellite in a multi-room system, the Bose Portable Home Speaker is a solid addition – but it’s priced more like a primary sound source.

The cylindrical portable home speaker comes in black or silver and measures 7.5 inches tall, about 4.0 inches in diameter and weighs 2.4 pounds. A thick, cloth-bound handle for easy portability is attached to the top of the speaker, and a rubber base stabilizes the body while you sit upright. The lower half is covered with cover grilles, behind which a mono driver delivers sound in all directions. There are also lattice perforations on the top panel, which surround the controls and protect the microphone array.

Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

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Bose Soundlink Flex Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The top panel contains touch-sensitive controls for power, microphone mute, and Bluetooth (for switching between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sources and pairing). A voice assistant button lets you talk to Alexa or Google Assistant, or you can keep the microphone on and use wake words. There’s also a central play/pause control and volume up/down buttons – pressing play/pause twice skips forward a track, and three presses navigates back. There’s a small status LED next to the power button, and a ring of LEDs flash different colors for different functions such as turning on or when the voice assistant is listening. There is no built-in speaker function.

Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

The portable home speaker’s IPX4 rating is definitely on the modest side of durability. The speaker can withstand light splashes, but nothing too significant. Therefore, it’s probably not the best poolside speaker, and you don’t want to subject it to any kind of water pressure. There are many competing portable speakers with significantly higher IPX ratings, although few of them are also smart speakers.

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Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

Can You Use A Bose Soundlink Mini With A Computer?

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The Bose Music app is essential for setting up the speaker – all you need is your Wi-Fi password and the app does the rest for you. Once connected, you can update the speaker’s firmware, as well as adjust settings, such as whether other users on your network can access the speaker. It also guides you through setting up Alexa or Google Assistant, which is also a streamlined, easy process. The microphone picks up voice commands quite well—we spoke at moderate levels while playing music, and most of the time Alexa heard our requests.

Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

The app has several streamable radio stations available, and offers some basic controls, including the ability to control multiple Bose smart speakers in multiple rooms on the same network. In addition to Amazon and Google’s music streaming services, you can stream audio over AirPlay 2 from any iOS device, from Spotify via Spotify Connect or over Bluetooth. The app also has user-adjustable EQ.

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Bose estimates the portable home speaker’s battery life at around 12 hours, but results will vary with volume level. The speaker comes with a USB-C charging cable that plugs into a wall adapter, and there’s a charging cradle available for an additional $29.

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Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

One way the portable home speaker earns is through sheer power. Of course, Bose never publishes its speaker specifications, but we can confirm that the mono speaker gets unusually loud for its size. However, the DSP (digital signal processing) thins out the deep bass quite noticeably at top volumes, and on tracks with intense sub-bass content, such as The Knife’s “Silent Shout”, there is some notable cabinet rumble. In other words, the low-frequency response here is more suited to styles of music that don’t pump out seriously deep bass, and at this price, that’s a bit of a letdown.

Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” a track with much less deep bass in the mix, gives us a better sense of the portable home speaker’s overall sound signature. The drums on this track get some nice extra bass depth without veering too far into overly thunderous territory. Callahan’s baritone vocals also get plenty of low-mid richness – thankfully, the high-mids and highs are also turned on and sculpted, keeping things crisp and clear. It’s a highly sculpted sound signature, with a concentration of bass response in the lows and low-mids (less so in the sub-bass range), and plenty of high-mids and high-frequency boost to keep things relatively balanced.

Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

Bose Tv Speaker

On Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild,” the kick drum loop gets a lot of high-mid presence, allowing it to retain its punchy attack, while the loop also gets a lot of extra bass depth. The sub-bass synth hits that punctuate the beat are delivered without the serious depth that subwoofers can have — here we get some of the low notes, but we hear mostly the upper, raspy notes. At top volume, this track starts to sound a bit distorted – it’s not necessarily driver distortion we’re hearing, but perhaps the DSP is being overwhelmed. At medium to high (but not maximum) volumes this is not a problem.

For orchestral tracks, like the opening scene of John Adams’ The Gospel According to the Other Mary, the bass boost in the lows and low mids goes a little too far – things don’t sound muddy, but the lows are pushed further into the mix than necessary. Fortunately, the high-mids and highs retain their sharp presence, with bright brass, strings and vocals getting most of the attention. It’s a very amplified, sculpted sound.

Connect To Bose Wireless Speaker

The Bose Portable Home Speaker is one of the more intuitive smart models we’ve tested, and if you

Bose Soundlink Micro Wireless Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black

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