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A Brief Review of Sonos Play:5

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If you’re enthusiastic of Sonos devices, then you’ll be interested to know about the brief review of Sonos Play:5. So, follow the post below. A Brief Introduction to Sonos Play:5 The Play:5 is the largest speaker of Sonos that has been designed for music. If you’re a home theatre fan, you need to think about […]


Ikea and Sonos designed the Ultimate Speaker Lamp

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The wonderful news has come out that Ikea and Sonos designed the incredible speaker lamp. Actually, the incredible lamp speaker and the brilliant bookshelf speaker are going to launch in August. It’s a high time to shed some light on this topic. Sonos along with Ikea has completely revealed the incredible pair of speakers, which […]


A Brief Review of Sonos Beam

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The brilliantly-designed Sonos Beam device has come with each and every feature that you look for in a soundbar along with its incredibly streamlined design, various TV controlling features through Alexa, simple setup process, and top-notch audio. And all of these functionalities have been compiled into an amazing audio box. So, let’s discuss Sonos Beam […]


A Brief Review of Sonos Playbase

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If you’re very much enthusiastic about Sonos devices, then you should definitely try out Sonos Playbase. But, if you wonder why just go through the post below. Playbase is undoubtedly an incredible creation of Sonos. It’s actually an extraordinary form factor sound system with the amalgamation of a stable pedestal (targeting to your Television) and […]

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Sonos One Review in Brief

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Sonos One has brought a revolution. Actually, it’s the first smart speaker that saves its users from choosing between sound quality and smarts, as it features both of these qualities. And in the upcoming days, it’s going to be the first smart speaker with which you don’t have to Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. Moreover, […]