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Sonos One Review in Brief

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Sonos One has brought a revolution. Actually, it’s the first smart speaker that saves its users from choosing between sound quality and smarts, as it features both of these qualities. And in the upcoming days, it’s going to be the first smart speaker with which you don’t have to Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. Moreover, […]

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What Should You Know About The Multi-Room Audio System In Sonos?

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Sonos is very simple-to-setup – be it one speaker, in-sync speakers, or a stereo-pair in different rooms and the range of playback options is also amazing – think streaming services, local storage, TV audio, internet radio, and so on. Although in terms of price, better-priced options are available, you’d definitely receive the top-notch performance worth […]

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How To Connect Sonos To Alexa Or Sonos Beam?

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It is obvious that Alexa supports the functionality of the Sonos Setup in an incredible way. And there is no counter argument that Alexa has taken the world by shock because of its praiseworthy features and functions. You would be able to connect Alexa to Amazon devices as well as many other devices which includes […]