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Buy Kanto Yu6 – Before we get into this review, a quick disclaimer – I’m not an audiophile. While I appreciate good music and a hi-fi quality audio experience, my personal knowledge and experience in reviewing speaker sets is limited. In this review, I will share my personal user experience after using the Kanto YU6 speakers for about two weeks. My review may be subject to my music preferences, so you can ignore the sound quality part and focus on usability.

The speaker adopts an open design that features a 1″ silk dome tweeter and 5.25 Kevlar drivers.

Buy Kanto Yu6

Buy Kanto Yu6

The Kanto YU6 is a pair of powerful stereo speakers designed primarily for music enjoyment. It sits well with your sound setup, whether it’s a digital player or a turntable. It comes in four different color schemes – Matte Black, Matte White, Bamboo and Walnut.

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Kanto Yu6 Powered Speaker With Bluetooth And Phono Preamp ( 1 Year Warranty )

The Bamboo and Walnut color scheme is priced at a premium at RM2100 compared to Matte Black and Matte White at RM1950. However, any design should go well with the interior design of your home.

The setup process is quite simple – connect the power cable to the left (master) speaker and then connect both speakers with the speaker cable and you are pretty much ready to rock.

Depending on the type of input you plan to use, you may need a different cable for that. YU6 supports:

First, I think we use the USB port for input, it only supports 5V1A power output. I was wondering why they went so far as to include a small smartphone charging port, but after thinking twice, it’s useful for powering a Chromecast audio puck. Personally, I think Kanto should have added a USB input as an option, making full use of the onboard DAC.

Buy Kanto Yu6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers With Bluetooth And Phono Preamp

While the master speaker has a push button, personally, I think the remote control is easier to use because the LED indicator is not helpful in telling you what the current status is.

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The remote has all the controls you need, including input selection, volume adjustment and Bluetooth media control.

Sound quality is a personal discussion because everyone has different preferences. I love how clear the sound quality coming from the YU6 is, especially in the mids and highs. Bass is good but not as prominent as the bright details from the midrange. I would say this is the best speaker for vocals. If you want punchy bass, the YU6 supports subwoofer output via the Sub-RCA port.

Buy Kanto Yu6

We paired the speakers with the Kanto Sub8 and took the listening experience to the next level. Then again, the Kanto Sub8 will set you back RM1550. It’s a worthwhile upgrade if you plan to use it for your home theater setup.

Kanto Yu6 Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Kanto YU6 is the best speaker system for your music enjoyment. One thing for sure is that you need a large table to properly place the speaker in a strategic position. Especially for PC users who want to level up their audio enjoyment. Although not the best choice for gamers, headphones and a microphone are essential as multiplayer gaming leads to communication. Again, if you’re a gamer who plays triple-A titles for a blockbuster experience, two speakers should do just fine. That is if you have extra money to spare for these beautiful speakers.

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Kanto Audio speakers are distributed by TechX Malaysia and represented by Highwind Tech as sales and marketing division.

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