Bumpboxx Retro Pager

Bumpboxx Retro Pager – We love nostalgic things and Bumpboxx recently brought the pager back with their retro bluetooth speaker pager. We got our hands on their original retro pager to enter our Tailgating Challenge.

Do you remember the 80s and 90s and seeing pagers on people’s sides that beeped and vibrated to alert them that someone wanted to connect with them. We have come a long way as a society, but things like the buzzer/pager bring something nostalgic. The team at Bumpboxx started by bringing back the big boom boxes of the 80s with their Bumpboxx. We tested it a few years ago and you can read more about what we thought of the original Bumpboxx HERE. If the boombox is good, it’s good to add another nostalgic item to their line. This is where the retro pager comes in.

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Bumpboxx Retro Pager

Bumpboxx Retro Pager

We got a black retro pager (because we got the one we introduced different colored retro pagers) and it looks like a classic pager. In front of the pager is the letter “b” representing the Bumpboxx logo, on the side there is a light and a Micro USB charging port. There is also a power button next to the volume + and – buttons. This pager can still be clipped at the hip, just like the original beepers. You can make people do a double take when they see a working pager pinned to your page. Except this time he plays some of your favorite tunes.

Bumpboxx Retro Pager Beeper Portable Bluetooth Speaker Black Original Color

The sound quality of the speaker is good, not great, and the reason it is not good is the size. There is little room for a speaker and not much air space for a lot of bass. Your volume is still good and you can hear it while doing fun activities with it. I had an original Bumpboxx boom box with crazy big sound, so I had to check my expectations at the door for something as small as a pager.

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Overall, this is just a fun product. I like to carry it on my hip so I have the speaker when I need it. Also, I got funny reactions like “It’s a pager”, “why are you wearing a beeper” and “does it really work?” To the last question, yes, it is, and it has a nostalgic style that many bluetooth speakers can’t. compete with.

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We were not paid to write this review. We don’t get paid for reviews, this way we can keep it real with our fans, you deserve it. We were sent a sample retro pager to test with the understanding that we will give our honest opinions.

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