Bt Speaker Bluetooth

Bt Speaker Bluetooth – The SRS-XB43 wireless speaker blends deep, punchy bass with liquid vocals for that signature festival sound. It’s durable and easy to use – so you and your friends can use it in a party.

The speakers combine dual passive radiators with a 2-way speaker system to increase the sound end, boosting the bass.

Bt Speaker Bluetooth

Bt Speaker Bluetooth

The SRS-XB43 is engineered to deliver an unbeatable blend of deep, resonant bass and clear, natural vocals.

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The evolved, balanced X speaker unit achieves superior sound quality and powerful sound pressure for a richer, deeper, more rewarding listening experience.

Unlike the circular diaphragm in conventional speaker units, the newly developed X balanced speaker unit in the XB43 has an almost rectangular diaphragm.

The rectangular shape of the unit not only increases the area of ​​the speaker diaphragm, increasing the sound pressure to beat the bass – also the path of the driver, keeping the same sound pressure, resulting in less distortion and greater tonal clarity.

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The X-balanced speaker unit isn’t the only reason the SRS-XB43 sounds so good – inside, you’ll find an array of high-performance audio technology.

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The XB43’s on-road speaker system combines a subwoofer for mid-range frequencies and a dedicated tweeter for high-range frequencies. Exceptional clarity of voice occurs.

Rigid and lightweight Mica Enhanced Cellular (MRC) speaker pyramids and dust caps contribute to sound quality.

Press the Live Sound button and listen to your music in a whole new way. Bring your party to life with a unique three-dimensional sound experience – create a festive atmosphere wherever you go.

Bt Speaker Bluetooth

The SRS-XB43 speakers have been carefully designed to give you a true three-dimensional experience. Our English speakers with DSP technology send your music wider and create a festive atmosphere wherever you are.

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, you can take your speaker to the beach, the forest, the desert, or wherever you want to go – the SRS-XB43 will keep you playing, no matter the dusty surface. It is also waterproof and salt resistant – so no worries about using it near the ocean or pool – and it is washable.

Long battery life Up to 24 hours of battery life means the SRS-XB43 is partying longer than you can. Even when lighting in off-base mode, you can share up to 14 hours.

No party is complete without fun lights. The SRS-XB43 features a tweeter light, a speaker light, and a multi-color LED light all sync to the beat. You can also change the color of the light according to your mood.

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With BLUETOOTH® technology, music and lights sync so everyone dances to the same beat. Set a random pattern or the lights will blink in a circle.

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| Control the party from the dance floor with the Music Center app – select your favorite movies, drift to the next song or change patterns and sound modes.

Download the festive carrier app and you’ll be able to control the lighting on the SRS-XB43, and you can even use gestures on your phone’s screen.

The SRS-XB43 has been designed with convenience in mind, so you can enjoy music whenever and wherever you want, hassle-free.

Bt Speaker Bluetooth

The speaker function provides a convenient way to talk hands-free, whether it’s a conference call at work or a conversation with friends.

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Whether you place it on a level or vertically, the SRS-XB43 sits securely so you can find a place for it wherever you play.

You need to eliminate wired connections and set up complex sequences. Just touch your NFC-enabled device to the speaker for a fast, seamless connection, then start streaming your music collection. No NFC? Maybe not. Connect via Bluetooth and you’re ready to go.

Use a USB Type-C® cable to charge the SRS-XB43, and if your smartphone is on low power, simply plug the speaker’s USB port into the battery to charge. An AC adapter is also included, so you can play without worrying about battery life – and it gives you another convenient way to charge the XB43 too.

Couple the SRS-XB43’s deep, punchy bass with clear sound for a festive musical sound, plus light beats to help get the party started.

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Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With Custom Logo Print

We are committed not only to delivering exciting experiences with our products, services and content, but also working towards our zero footprint goal throughout our business operations. Learn more about the KEF MUO range of portable, wireless Bluetooth speaker functions. Sparkling, pristine, KEF sound wherever you go. Muo is KEF’s portable Bluetooth speaker co-created with British designer Ross Lovegrove. With stunning craftsmanship and KEF innovations ranging from driver design to electronics, you can count on how good the speakers look.

Details. I send MUO has them all. Featuring a specially designed version of KEF’s legendary Uni-Q driver system, the MUO delivers all the glory of the original performance in full-range, sensational sound. You can also enjoy it in different modes: solo, mono pair or ‘join’ party mode. You can sit back and enjoy while the MUO works.

MUO offers flexible options to listen to your music. Enjoy near-CD quality via Bluetooth using Qualcomm’s aptX codec, or connect your compatible device via an auxiliary cable for a high-resolution audio experience.

Bt Speaker Bluetooth

When visionary designer Ross Lovegrove joined forces with KEF, the mighty MUON was born. Continuing this vibrant collaboration, the MUO speaker is a speaker that has advanced MUON’s organic sculpture form and acoustic technology. From the subtle breeze of sunset oranges to the ferocity of gunmetal gray – with each shade in six matte color options featuring its six stunning characters – MUO is the last word in art with purpose.

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Synchronize a pair of MUO speakers to get a fuller stereo sound, or “dual-connect” with the front speaker to fill the party room. You can move vertically or horizontally: the internal sensor ‘knows’ and adjusts the output accordingly.

1 year warranty from the date of purchase. KEF is the sponsor. All KEF products purchased are eligible for warranty.

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