Brookstone Wifi Speaker

Brookstone Wifi Speaker – Brookstone has introduced two new WiFi speakers, the Big Blue Party and Big Blue Studio, which also have built-in Chromecast support.

Brookstone introduces two new connected speakers that not only include WiFi and Bluetooth support, but also built-in support for Google Chromecast-enabled apps. The Big Blue Studio and Big Blue Party speakers are now available for purchase on the company’s website.

Brookstone Wifi Speaker

Brookstone Wifi Speaker

What exactly does this mean? If you buy one of these speakers, you can connect them to your smartphone and any app that supports Chromecast, so you can “cast” streaming content from those apps directly to your speaker without adding Chromecast hardware. key.

Brookstone Big Blue Unplugged Wireless & Bluetooth Speaker Review

Apps like Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, YouTube Radio, TuneIn Radio and NPR One all support streaming to Brookstone speakers. Additionally, if you have the Google Home app, you can use it to connect multiple Big Blue Studio and Big Blue Party speakers to the same WiFi network around the house.

The smaller, indoor-only Big Blue Studio features two full-range stereo speakers, a subwoofer and a passive radiator for extended bass. The Big Big Blue Party works both indoors and outdoors. It has four full-range speakers and each one is positioned at different angles to support 360-degree sound. It also has an omnidirectional subwoofer and a passive radiator for bass boost. Finally, the Big Blue Party can go wireless if you want to take it on the go, so it can be recharged. If you want to listen to tunes by the pool, the Big Blue Party speaker is also water resistant.

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Big Blue Studio will set you back $129.99, and Brookstone has a deal where you can get both for just $199.99, a savings of $60. The larger and more feature-rich Big Blue Party Speaker costs $249.99. If you’ve been wanting a connected speaker with impressive, room-filling audio performance lately, you’re in luck: the Brookstone Big Blue Party Indoor Wireless Wi-Fi Outdoor Speaker is just that, and you can buy it now. What’s more, it’s currently available for $249, which is less than any other speaker — even when it goes on sale.

The Big Blue Party speaker isn’t actually blue: it comes in two colors, including light gray and graphite, which more or less match Google’s silver and black Pixel phone colors. The speaker is large, nearly a foot and a half tall, and relatively heavy at 12 pounds. But its size and weight make up for its quality in this case, as the solid speaker delivers 360-degree sound and has a water-resistant outer casing designed for long-term use in all types of weather.

Brookstone Big Blue Go Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Dustpr Fiyatları Ve Özellikleri

Considering the sound quality and built-in battery, the Big Blue Party Speaker would be a good deal even if it only offers Bluetooth connectivity (hence the “blue” in the name if you haven’t guessed). But that’s not really all there is to the speaker’s connectivity options: Of course, there’s an auxiliary port for wired connections, but there’s also built-in Wi-Fi that lets you connect with multi-room synced Chromecast devices. audio stream.

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This is actually the most important feature of the product and what sets it apart from the Bluetooth-only version, which is $50 cheaper than the regular price, but lacks Wi-Fi. But the upgrade is worth the money, as it’s one of the only devices currently offering Chromecast built-in, as well as battery power, along with a weatherproof design.

If you haven’t used Chromecast yet, it’s worth giving the technology another look. Google’s streaming layer is now available in most home theater and speaker equipment, as well as its Google Home speaker. It works with Android on a system level and with music and podcast apps, even on iOS. The Google Home app lets you group audio Chromecast-enabled devices into groups for multi-room streaming, and in my experience, performance is very robust and consistent.

Brookstone Wifi Speaker

The big blue party speaker is, at least in my experience, a solid performer when it comes to built-in Wi-Fi and Chromecast connectivity. It also makes it clear that it’s connected to Wi-Fi via simple LED lights on the top of the device, so you can visually check when you’re ready to start streaming.

Brookstone Big Blue Party X Indoor Outdoor Wireless Speaker For Sale In Jacksonville, Fl

Setup is easy because it’s a Chromecast device, meaning you turn it on, press the power button (that big circle on the front of the speaker) and wait for it to start. Once it’s fully charged, you open the Google Home app on any iOS or Android device, make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled on that phone or tablet, and it will automatically prompt you to set up.

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When you’re ready to stream, be prepared to be amazed at how good the sound quality is. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this level of performance as I’ve owned several audio receivers and passive speakers that each cost more than Big Blue. However, the sound is great and really fills the room, with high volume capabilities without any noticeable muddiness. The sound here is also clear and doesn’t try to hide flaws by overemphasizing the basics like many other wireless audio devices.

It also sounds good outdoors, which is another difficult feat. This really is the party speaker you want, especially when it comes to parties where you have a large group and no neighbors to worry about.

Simply put, this speaker is amazing. While it costs a bit more than some of the more capable Bluetooth speakers in the $100 range, it’s a great value, and you get Chromecast capability, which makes it easy to plug into your already multi-enabled (or running) room. configuration. new from scratch). It’s also a great option for Father’s Day if you’re looking for a gift that will satisfy even the most audiophile father figure.

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