Braven Ready Pro

Braven Ready Pro – Braven is known for making rugged Bluetooth speakers that are suitable for outdoor use. I’ve tried some of them and they all have better sound quality than waterproof speakers. In this post, we take a look at Braven Ready Pro.

The Braven chair comes in very good condition with clear plastic. It has a detachable mount that is compatible with GoPro mounting systems. Inside the box you can also find a Micro-USB charging cable, a charging cable and an Allen key to remove the plug.

Braven Ready Pro

Braven Ready Pro

All ports are hidden behind the speaker. When you open the rubber cover, you can find the reset hole, battery test button, external USB connector, AUX and USB port.

Braven Ready Solo Portable Outdoor Waterproof Speaker

Buttons are located above the speakers, including Power, Play/Pause, Bluetooth, Volume Up, and Call buttons. I’m a little disappointed because it has a long scratch on the surface, even though it’s a new product.

Braven Ready Pro has a very strong structure. Additionally, it has an IP68 waterproof rating, which is the highest rating you can find on a Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker isn’t that big when you look at the front, but it’s bigger than most Bluetooth speakers on the market.

The Braven’s battery life is excellent as it can average up to 14 hours.

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Specifically, the speaker allows us to combine it with another Braven Ready Pro speaker to create left and right channels. The only drawback is that it cannot be installed vertically.

Another interesting feature is the LED light at the front. It can be quickly turned on/off by pressing the power button twice.

If you want to customize the speaker, you can install the Braven Ready app to change the EQ, mute buttons, or turn the speaker on/off.

Braven Ready Pro

I have used many Bluetooth speakers for this size, but none of them sound good. I also played it to some friends and they all agreed it was the best sound they had ever heard from a Bluetooth speaker. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to enjoy music on a Bluetooth speaker, and the Ready Pro blows me away.

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I couldn’t believe that I could listen to music for hours on a small Bluetooth speaker. The music is smooth with clear vocals and ample bass response. However, this does not mean that the sound is perfect. There are some limitations of waterproof speakers. The sound is a little boxy, especially if you’re not sitting near the speaker. This is possible if you have two units and combine them to create a stereo system, but most people don’t want to pay a lot of money to use this feature.

The speaker can be very loud, it can fill my living room and I can still hear everything outside. Another advantage is that there is little distortion at high volumes.

Overall, Braven proves once again that they can make the best Bluetooth speakers. We highly recommend the Braven Ready Pro if you need outdoor speakers this summer.

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So Braven is back with another waterproof speaker and this time it packs a punch when it comes to bass performance. I’m talking about the new Braven Ready Pro, a sleek black case (except for the silver details) that has IP68 water resistance. A while back we saw their Stryde360 which got us excited. Let’s see if Ready Pro can beat it.

Braven put this speaker in its own clear plastic case, which I think looks really cool. It displays the products as if you were looking at them on the shelves and just makes up for all the fun of opening the boxes. However, the clips from all sides of the case are an absolute pain to insert. I struggled and ended up prying them open with a screwdriver. The sliding door that hides the installation and things like the straps were the same.

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The speaker is very stupid. By that I mean it’s covered in rubber, pretty much all the way around minus the speaker meat and the little metal bits on top. It gives the speaker the highest level of protection from the elements and things like drops and explosions. Don’t worry too much if this falls on the side of your desk, or you’ll drop it when you go to the beach. The main basin has a large rubber door that prevents water from entering if they go swimming.

Braven Ready Pro

Just so you know, this speaker is waterproof to a depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. This is very impressive and means that it is on the safe side of the pond. The mount I mentioned above is compatible with most GoPro accessories, meaning the Braven Ready Pro can be attached to things like the body or frame of a bike to give you essential music while you ride. Not that you want to strap it to your body, this thing is an absolute compact speaker, which is a good sign.

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All the buttons are at the top. There are only four, but that’s all you need to get going. These are power, volume up and down and play/pause. Again, these are made of rubber for maximum protection. On the back you can find the microUSB port for charging the speaker. It has a battery life of 14 hours which is amazing! There’s an aux input for connecting non-Bluetooth devices and a USB port for charging your phone from the speaker itself. Charging the speaker from dead to full also took about two hours. Very well organized and organized.

Well, so far I’m impressed, but all these safety benefits are worthless if they don’t make sense, right? Thanks for that, because for a speaker like this, the Braven Ready Pro sounds great and is one of the best waterproof speakers on the market. Much of this is due to its low-profile subwoofer, which provides plenty of bass to compliment the mids and highs of music.

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Also, there is a feature that requires two speakers. If you connect all the speakers to the app available on Android and iOS, then you can easily separate the left and right, but you need two bad boys, and they are $149 each. It’s not cheap, and if you sink $300 into a speaker setup, there are some high-quality audio devices out there, like the Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin, although it’s the same size, or the Bose SoundLink Revolve +, but you’re missing out. security

Braven Ready Pro comes in two versions, one is Solo. I really enjoyed my time using the Braven Ready Pro and it will definitely be a speaker I bring with me on my next vacation. It’s fully ruggedized for maximum protection, and the IP68 waterproof rating also protects it from dust and airborne debris. It’s a great speaker for those who want to listen to music on the beach or in the pool, and it’s a great value for the quality and sound you get. For more information, you can visit the Braven website After reviewing the Ultimate Ears Megablast recently, I reviewed the very affordable Braven Read Pro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

Braven Ready Pro Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker [waterproof][outdoor]

It’s not available in the UK at the time of writing, but it’s £149.99 direct from Braven and Amazon. Braven has a listing on Amazon but this model doesn’t seem to be available, the closest I can find is the Braven BRV-Pro priced at £129.23.

The Ready Pro is IP68 waterproof, making it resistant to dust and dirt, while it can withstand submersion up to a depth of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes. The 2,600mAh battery is rated for up to 14 hours, and it comes with a charging case that’s compatible with most GoPro cameras available, so you’re ready when you’re on call.

Ready Pro also has a noise canceling phone that plays with clarity, supports the use of voice control from Siri, Google Voice or other assistants.

Braven Ready Pro

The speaker also has a USB port that allows you to charge the phone when the battery is dead.

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As with most Ultimate Ears speakers, you can download an app and pair it with other Ready Pro speakers.

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