Braven Balance Speaker

Braven Balance Speaker – We first saw Braven’s Balance ($130) at CES and recently got our hands on the company’s latest portable Bluetooth speaker. The balance is an IPX7 waterproof speaker, meaning it can be submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. The speaker has a 4000 mAh battery that can be used to charge the iPhone. Braven also said that the balance can play for 18 hours. The speaker includes a “boost mode” setting that allows the balance to reach higher in larger spaces. A built-in speaker is included, and the Braven comes with an audio cable and its own proprietary power adapter, which includes a number of adapters for international use.

The balance has a straightforward, simple design. The speaker outputs are located on one side of the balancer, with two bass radiators on each side. The playback controls are on top, and additional functionality—a charging output port, battery life/reset buttons, an aux-in port, and an AC adapter port—are all located under a waterproof cover on the back of the speaker. There are also four small feet on the back of the speaker, which seems to indicate that the speaker can be used upside down. However, all the promo photos show the balance in clear use – upside down on its base, which is what we were using it for.

Braven Balance Speaker

Braven Balance Speaker

The Balance is 4.96″ x 8.23″ x 1.85″ and weighs 1.8 pounds. It’s portable, yes, but it’s not as portable as smaller speakers like Braven’s BRV-PRO or Lux. Like most waterproof speakers, the Balance is completely soft-coated. It comes in several bright colors. , including the orange/grey combination seen in this review.

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Sound balance is generally very good. Voices are clear with a consistent mid-range – highs and lows are well expressed for the size and price range. The sound is very similar to Braven’s BRV-PRO. We preferred Balance on some songs and BRV-PRO on others. Compared to the similarly priced Divoom Party Voombox that came out around the same time, the Balance is a cut above in terms of clarity and detail.

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At first, the balance isn’t as loud as you’d expect from a speaker of its size. That’s a lot of noise for an average-sized room. But the speaker boost mode (activated by pressing the power and combination buttons above the balance) really accelerates the maximum volume. The trade-off – although the sound gets louder, the songs lose some detail – but it’s still a feature that some may find useful.

The balance has a wireless range of 33 feet, which is good, but doesn’t compare to the BRV-PRO’s 100-foot range. Speaker performance was excellent in testing. The average battery life is amazing, and of course the power to charge the iPhone is always welcome.

Braven has been really successful this year and Balance is another winner. It compares well with speakers in its price range and while it may not offer top-notch performance, it is waterproof and has the added bonus of a built-in power bank to charge your device. Its biggest flaw is that it doesn’t really stand out in any big way compared to its top competitors – there are now top-end options in the $100 and $150-$200 price range, and the balance kind of falls in between. But if you like the design and appreciate its other features, this speaker deserves serious consideration.

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Clarity lovers should consider the Braven Balance portable Bluetooth speaker, given the increased bass and the lack of buttons that require energy to press.

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Braven Balance Speaker

Braven has impressed me in the past with quality craftsmanship and mid-range drivers, but it generally falls short in the price department.

Review: Braven Balance Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Braven’s newly launched Balance promises a compact offering in its historic speaker range, while also offering water and dust protection. Can the Braven Balance deliver the big Braven sound we love, but in a smaller package?

Featuring a Bluetooth range of 33ft (10m) and an internal battery rated at 4,000mAh for up to 18 hours of playtime, the Braven Balance offers a larger battery than most, such as an IPX7 resistance rating.

There’s a portable battery indicator on the back, which sits next to a single 5V 1A USB port for optional charging (almost useless due to the small amount of battery on offer), both options sitting behind a rubber pad that helps conceal it. Inside the water and dust.

The driver information isn’t listed on the marketing list or official website, unfortunately, but we’ll find out what’s inside when we update. For those who don’t want to connect via Bluetooth, the Braven Balance also offers an AUX 3.5mm connection. With the device’s overall dimensions measuring 4.96 x 8.23 ​​x 1.85 inches, Braven also tells us it weighs 1.79 pounds — quite heavy for such a small device.

Braven Balance Portable Bluetooth Speaker Raven Black/black/black (balbbb)Акции

Priced at $120 with free shipping on Amazon, this speaker can be placed in the top range of compact portable speakers. However, it is difficult to pin the speakers in one place as they vary widely in price, performance, features and so on.

I put this product in the same category as my previously reviewed LEPA BTS02 waterproof speakers, but while offering a slightly higher cost, a bigger battery, and a bigger brand name, the Braven Balance has similar features and claims.

While most speakers come with a carrying case, Braven models generally don’t need one. Previous reviews have shown that the robust design, rubber coating and water resistance rating mean that the product itself becomes a carrying case, providing handles for easy transport.

Braven Balance Speaker

The balance does not conform to this “standard” and does not provide an easy way to store or handle the product. This may be due to the obvious shape of the Braven bag, and this speaker being quite small, but it always helps to have extra storage when removing the speaker.

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The speaker comes with a wall charger and there is no visible micro-USB charging option. There’s not much to say here other than this is another disappointment for the Braves in the Chargers area. If you own an Android-based device, the micro USB charging port on the speaker is a handy addition that lets you charge your device.

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Although this review section was not good, it is important to note that this speaker is strong and durable, so it does not need a carrying case. Also included is a (albeit short) AUX 3.5mm cable for those who don’t want to drain the battery using Bluetooth.

The rubber coating on the Braven Balance makes the speaker feel soft to the touch, but it won’t vibrate or jump on your desk while pumping out tunes at high volume.

The buttons are also very tight, almost too many. It takes a little effort to get depressed, sometimes you will find yourself double pressing things, don’t judge when the button will activate and send your command.

Buy Online Best Price Of Braven Balance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Built In Power Bank Sunset Balogg In Egypt 2020

As I mentioned in the introduction, this speaker is much smaller and lighter than other Braven models reviewed before. It is a great companion on the plane, compared to previous systems that were only suitable for home barbecues, beach trips and similar activities related to the car and storage.

Small and simple doesn’t mean performance or build quality. The rubber flap on the back helps hide all the exposed electronics and the way dirt or water can get into your device, providing a strong and well-formed seal against the elements. The rubber coating is well sealed and engineered to ensure you won’t experience any peeling or rotting over time – a sign of quality design and materials.

While the charging connection isn’t my favorite, it has a secure fit and charges the product in a timely manner, offering 3A output to charge the 4000mAH battery faster than many of our competitors.

Braven Balance Speaker

So can the Braven Balance deliver big bad bass in a small package? The short answer is no, but there is more to it than that.

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With heavier tracks loaded it becomes clear that this speaker is more about clarity than bass boost. Previous Braven models handled bass-heavy songs better, offering larger frames of sound, and the larger drivers handled this type of music with ease – something you just don’t get in this small package.

That’s not to say that smaller speakers can’t handle bass at all—listening to the SoundBlaster Roar 2 will prove that—but Braven’s price tag seems to.

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