Braven Balance Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Braven Balance Bluetooth Speaker Review

Braven Balance Bluetooth Speaker Review

Clarity lovers should consider the Brave Balance Portable Bluetooth Speaker, keeping in mind the booming bass and lack of buttons to press.

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Braven has impressed me in the past with build quality and better-than-average drivers, but mostly lost on pricing.

Braven’s recently released Balance promises to be a smaller offering for its historically impressive speakers. Can the Braven Balance deliver the powerful Braven sound we want in a compact package?

With a Bluetooth range of 33 feet (10m) and an internal 4000mAh battery offering 18 hours of playback, the Braven Balance offers a slightly larger battery than other IPX7-rated devices.

There’s a handy battery indicator on the back, next to a single 5V 1A USB output port for additional charging (almost useless due to the battery’s small size), both of which are behind a rubber cover that helps cover the interior. From foreign water and dust.

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Unfortunately, the driver information isn’t listed in the marketing or official website, but we know what’s inside when we see it. For those who don’t want to connect via Bluetooth, the Braven Balance also offers a 3.5mm aux connection. Braven tells us that the device weighs 1.79 pounds, as the device is compact overall at 4.96 x 8.23 ​​x 1.85 inches — quite heavy for such a small device.

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Priced at $120 with free shipping on Amazon, this speaker can be classified as a compact, mid-to-high-end portable speaker. Since speakers vary widely in price, performance, features, and more, it can be difficult to combine speakers in the same area.

I put this product in the same category as the LEPA BTS02 waterproof speaker I reviewed earlier, which is slightly more expensive, offers a bigger battery and a bigger brand name, with features and requirements similar to the Braven Balance.

Braven Balance Bluetooth Speaker Review

While most speakers come with a carry bag, Braven models often don’t need one. Previous reviews have shown that the product’s durable construction, rubber coating, and waterproof rating make it a carry bag with handles for easy transport.

Braven Balance Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker [18 Hour Playtime][waterproof] Built In 4000 Mah Power Bank

The balance does not meet this “norm” because it does not provide convenient storage or carrying of the product. This may be due to Braven’s apparent stance against bags and the fact that this speaker is quite small, but it’s always good to have an extra buffer when carrying the speaker around with you.

The speaker comes with a wall charger and no micro-USB charging option. Not much to say here except that this is another bold disappointment in the charging department. If you have an Android device, the micro-USB charging port on the speaker will allow you to charge your device.

While this part of the review was mostly negative, it’s worth noting that this speaker is solid and stable, so there’s no need to carry it around in a special carrying bag. A 3.5mm AUX cable is included (albeit short) for those who don’t want to drain the battery via Bluetooth.

The Brave Balance rubber coating makes the speaker feel soft to the touch, but won’t vibrate or rattle the desk when listening to music at maximum volume.

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The buttons are also very durable. Pressing requires a lot of force, and sometimes you’ll find yourself accidentally pressing something twice, mistaking when the button will fire and send your command.

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As I mentioned in the introduction, this speaker is much smaller and lighter than other Braven models previously reviewed. It’s a great in-flight companion compared to previous versions that were only suitable for home-made barbecues, trips to the beach and car- and storage-related activities.

Just because it’s small and light doesn’t mean it lacks features or build quality. The rear rubber flap helps cover all exposed electronics and dirt or water intrusions on your device, providing a strong and secure buffer to the elements. The rubber coating is well-sealed and designed so you won’t experience any shedding or warping over time – a sign of quality design and materials.

Braven Balance Bluetooth Speaker Review

While the charging connection isn’t my favorite, it has a secure fit and charges the product in reasonable time, delivering a claimed 3A of power to power the 4,000mAh battery faster than many of the competition.

Genuine Braven Balance Portable Waterproof Hd Bluetooth Speaker Lime/grey 18hrs For Sale Online

So, can the Brave Balance deliver powerfully nasty bass in a compact package? The short answer is no, but there is more.

Loading up on some powerful songs, it’s clear that this speaker is more clear than booming bass. Previous Braven models handled bass-heavy songs better, offering larger resonant frames and larger drivers to handle this type of music with ease — something you can’t get in this compact chassis.

That’s not to say that small speakers can’t have bass—listening to the Sound Blaster Roar 2 will prove that—but Braven’s expense seems to be more than paying attention to the drivers with this product’s design and materials. .

Songs that require more clarity than others – artists and bands like Twenty One Pilots and Pink Floyd will give you a better experience than harder styles or hardcore bands like AudiofreQ or Amity Affliction. One of the main reasons Quiet Songs is so good is the lack of Bluetooth buzz or squeal — you won’t hear it here — a big plus compared to competing models.

Brand New Braven Balance Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Portable Speaker Black

Boosting the music to 100% does not cause distortion, but slightly lowers the bass, which is already limited in nature. Every kick and kick on A$AP Ferg’s “Mission” is loud and clear, but it’s not as loud as you’d like it to be.

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It’s very well done: take it to the moon and back, and it’ll survive anything you throw at it.

Great for quieter tracks that require precision in the clarity department, lovers of harder beats will be disappointed.

Braven Balance Bluetooth Speaker Review

While the accessories are lightweight and charging only from the wall is annoying, the clean workmanship and design help make this speaker stand out to many. There are both pros and cons here, but overall it’s worth knowing what this speaker does, but it won’t be for everyone.

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Bottom line: Clarity seekers should consider the Braven Balance Portable Bluetooth Speaker, thanks to the booming bass and lack of buttons that require a key to press.

I was a competitive gamer and a sports worker. Recent changes have seen me hang up my mouse and move around the tech world, covering everything from gaming news to feature articles and the latest tech releases. Expect to see a variety of articles on international sports news and competitive gaming, as well as audio and mobile content.

We openly invite companies who provide us with samples to review / mentioned or discussed to express their opinion. If any company representatives want to respond, we will post the response here. Please contact us if you would like to respond. The Brave Balance is an IPX7 rated waterproof speaker. The speaker has a 4000 mAh battery which powers my S8. The Balance has an 18-hour internal battery that lets you rock out to Metallica for hours. Balance has a couple of hidden gems, including a “speed up mode” that allows music to fill a large room.

I’m not impressed with the balance design. Output is in the front grill, with bass speakers on the sides. The media buttons are on top, and all ports are behind a weatherproof cover. Shouldn’t the speaker be forward? Don’t worry, counter it with four additional rubber stops on the back of the device.

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Weighing just 900 grams, it’s small enough to take with you wherever you go. Due to the IPX rating, the entire speaker is surrounded by a soft rubber material. I was very impressed with the sound of Balance. The singer’s voice was clear to me, and the bass and instrumentation were well presented.

I found the balance comfortable enough to fill a medium-sized room with music, though you can use the aforementioned boost mode to make it louder for any warehouse parties you’re planning. But, as you might expect, the louder the sound, the more distortion.

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