Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv – TV is a simple, straightforward solution for better TV sound. It’s small but powerful, providing a clear, balanced and natural-sounding audio experience, enhancing dialogue and bass performance.

The two full-range drivers are angled for wide, spacious sound, while the center tweeter clarifies speech for clear dialogue.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

At just over 2″ tall, the TV is a small soundboard that fits almost anywhere. Includes wall bracket.

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You can also set the TV speaker to dialogue mode to further improve the clarity of speech, chats and news programs.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

Small LEDs light up and/or change color when small functions are activated. They also recognize sound changes.

The TV also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen whenever you want. Press the Bluetooth button on the remote control to pair your device and play music and podcasts wirelessly.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

Bose Solo Series 10 Black

And while it delivers surprisingly rich and deep sound for a speaker of its size, press the “Bass” button on the remote a little longer.

In dialogue mode, the TV speaker analyzes what you’re watching to enhance vocals so you can understand every word more clearly. Press the “Dialogue Mode” button on the remote control to activate it.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

With simplicity in mind, the TV speaker uses a single connection to your TV via an optical audio cable (included) or an HDMI cable (sold separately), so you can go from decoding to viewing in no time. Continue using your existing remote or learn how to use the included TV speaker remote.

Bose Solo 5 Tv Sound System

The TV is Roku TV Ready™ certified to work seamlessly with any Roku TV™ via HDMI. You’ll love the smooth setup, easy access to audio settings, and Roku TV remote compatibility.

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Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

If you’re looking for even more bass or want to expand your system, you can add a wired subwoofer for high-quality theater bass. The TV is compatible with Bass Module 500 and Bass Module 700 (Bass Module connection cable sold separately).

Rated 5 out of 5 by dcakemann from Great Soundboard I had to replace an old soundboard and found this TV soundboard. It was great. For a large apartment, size and loud sounds make a perfect combination. I would definitely recommend and buy again

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

Bose Tv Speaker Review: Elegant And Effortless Tv Enhancer

Rated 5 out of 5 by WestieMom from Great Sound! It was very easy to install and the sound is great! This is our second soundboard. The first one lasted more than 15 years.

The new TV speaker improves on the best-selling Solo 5 system. It’s notably louder, clearer dialogue and overall improved audio performance. It also adds HDMI-CEC connectivity for compatibility with your existing A/V equipment and TV remote controls. Finally, the TV speaker has a sleek, low-profile design that prevents it from covering the bottom edge of the TV.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

Yes. The TV speaker enhances the dialogue function of the best-selling Solo 5 system, so now your dialogue is clearer for TV and/or podcasts. Dialogue mode offers better speech and pronunciation. It analyzes what you see, separates and enhances vocals from other audio elements. In addition, the TV speaker allows you to set the dialogue mode to “always”, so you do not need to activate it every time you turn on the product.

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Yes. The TV can be wall-mounted with the Sound Wall Bracket (sold separately). It’s the same current used for the 500 and 700.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

The TV speaker is designed for use with any TV that has an optical audio output (optical cable included) or an HDMI-ARC connection (HDMI cable sold separately). Most HDTVs are also HDMI-CEC capable, so if you have one and connect the TV to it with an HDMI cable, you can continue to use the same remote you’re currently using.

Yes. You can enjoy music and podcasts wirelessly from your mobile device via Bluetooth.

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Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

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Yes. The TV speaker can play music in a 1-1 sync with any smart speaker or soundbar thanks to SimpleSync technology. This feature is controlled by a smart speaker or soundboard in the music app. Note that you cannot connect one set of headphones to the TV speaker for synchronous audio/video grouping.

Compatible products: Home Speaker 500, Home Speaker 300, Mobile Home Speaker, Sound Plan 700 or Sound Plan 500.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

No. If you want to listen to TV with headphones, you must remove the headphones from the TV. Most TVs have a headphone output.

Bose Surround Speakers 120 Watt Wireless Home Theater Speakers (pair) Black 809281 1100

If your TV is HDMI-CEC enabled, you can connect the TV using an HDMI cable (sold separately) and continue using the remote you know to control the TV. HDMI-CEC will allow the TV speaker to turn on automatically when you turn on the TV and your existing remote control will control the TV’s volume.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

If you connect the TV to the TV using an optical cable, you can use the included remote control. Or you can program a third-party universal remote for control (see Universal Remote for programming instructions and relevant IR codes). Also, the soundboard can be programmed to “learn” voice and silent commands from your remote. See another remote control for controlling your system in the Help section for instructions.

However, streaming music requires the included remote control to set the TV to Bluetooth mode and to connect your device using Bluetooth for the first time. Once connected, no remote control is required to proceed. You can “power connect” from previously paired devices by going to the Bluetooth settings.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

Bose Solo Tv Sound System 410376

Your previously paired device can be “paired” to the TV speaker by going to the device’s Bluetooth settings menu and selecting TV Speaker. This will automatically switch to the Bluetooth source. If the speaker is turned off and puts it on a Bluetooth source, it will turn on the TV.

The TV is Roku TV Ready certified. This means that the TV speaker is designed and certified to work seamlessly with your Roku™ TV. When you connect your TV to your Roku TV via the HDMI ARC port, you get smooth, automatic tuning, easy access to your Roku TV’s audio settings in the on-screen menu, and compatibility with your Roku TV remote.

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Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

Your TV speaker may require a software update to support Roku TV Ready. Roku TV Ready is not available in all regions. For more information, visit

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Yes. You can connect an optional Bass 500 or Bass Module 700 to your TV speakers via a wired connection. This requires a Bass Unit connection cable or a standard 3.5mm cable (sold separately).

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

Cable box, phone/tablet, gaming system, etc. Can the source devices be connected directly to the TV?

Any device with an HDMI-ARC audio output, optical or analog audio output can be connected to the TV speaker. However, we advise customers to connect the TV speaker to the TV output so that the sound and picture are always in sync.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

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Immersive sound. You know it when you feel it. The back of your neck. Your chest tightens. Your breath catches in the back of your throat. That’s the power of Smart Soundbars: elevating everything you watch with an unparalleled combination of Dolby Atmos® and exclusive TrueSpace technology.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

Dolby Atmos sound panels redefine the meaning of enjoying a theater-like experience in your living room. This allows content creators to separate effects and dialogue and then place them in separate parts of the room. So you feel like you’re in the middle of the story, surrounded by sound.

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The library of Dolby Atmos-encoded content is growing, but most of what’s available today remains in 5.1 or stereo. That’s why smart wireless soundbars have TrueSpace. Atmostan analyzes and mixes different signals to deliver fully immersive multi-channel audio for all your entertainment – ​​so everything has an extra level of immersion and realistic height effects.

Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

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Bose Wireless Speaker System For Tv

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