Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review

Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review – Multi-room speakers are big business. You only have to look at the vast array of products from Sonos, Raumfeld, Philips and Samsung. It’s only recently that we’ve started seeing Wi-Fi-enabled multi-room speakers with enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, at least for broadcasting a Bluetooth-enabled device to the rest of your home’s speakers. Sure, Samsung’s SHAPE series has had Bluetooth connectivity for a while, but it only worked with one speaker separately.

More recently, Philips’ Izzy series has promised to let you share sound with any Bluetooth-enabled speaker. Now Bose has joined the Bluetooth party with its SoundTouch range, which includes the SoundTouch 10, SoundTouch 20 and SoundTouch 30 to give you a wide range of options. The SoundTouch 10 combines Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity into the smallest speaker in the range, which is slightly larger than the Sonos Play:1 or the Raumfeld One S.

Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review

Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review

Using the Bose iOS or Android apps, you have the usual multi-room controls that let you play music from internet radio stations, Spotify, Deezer or NAS, as well as group speakers in different configurations so you can listen to music in more places. Of course, you can also control each speaker individually. By simply clicking the “Play Anywhere” button in the app, you can instantly turn every speaker in your house into a concert.

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Another useful feature common to the SoundTouch range is preset shortcut keys. They can be used to instantly save music for easy access. It can be anything from individual songs, albums, playlists or radio stations. You can access your presets either through the app, the physical remote that comes with the SoundTouch range, or the preset buttons found on the speakers. If you have a morning ritual, such as a wake-up playlist, these will be especially helpful. You also have more ways to store things in your presets. You can use the app’s intuitive drag and drop, or simply press and hold the appropriate preset button while the music you want to save is playing. It’s all very intuitive.

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Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review

Bose is also working directly with Spotify to improve its integration with its speakers as well. Come the new year, there will be the option to either control Spotify through Bose SoundTouch app integration or, most importantly, control music through the Spotify app as a Spotify Connect speaker. This gives you the best of both worlds and will be particularly useful for anyone who wants to ‘stream’ their music from a mobile device to their main speakers when they get home. Spotify Connect makes this much simpler than diving into the SoundTouch app, and also means you can pick up right where you left off.

Bose also revealed that in the future, you’ll be able to order a SoundTouch speaker from, which can come as a gift with a Spotify Premium subscription. Settings can be preconfigured at the factory, meaning all that needs to happen is that the speaker is connected to your home network. I could see this being a good option for those looking to get older relatives involved in streaming music, something Electric Jukebox also found to be a problem with its recently released streaming device.

Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review

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Another useful addition is Bluetooth connectivity. Now you can connect a device to the speaker via Bluetooth to play audio from any app or service, from YouTube to your favorite podcast app. The SoundTouch range can then rebroadcast this audio source to every other connected speaker on your multi-home network, treating it like any other music service. This is a useful addition and helps you avoid potential compatibility issues with your music streaming service. Apple Music, for example, isn’t currently directly supported by multi-room speakers (though AirPlay appears to be). Even Sonos, which has historically had the most compatibility, only promises Apple Music support until Christmas.

After listening to the SoundTouch 10, it certainly performed well for a speaker of its size. It was surprisingly warm in sound, with a heavy emphasis on the low frequencies, something that many don’t necessarily associate with Bose’s past sonic signature. There’s also an accessory on the back of the SoundTouch 10 that can be used to connect a wired audio device, opening up your options even more. The Bose representative I spoke with wasn’t sure if the accessory could also stream to other speakers over Wi-Fi. I’m also told that you can’t currently pair two SoundTouch 10s in a stereo pair, but that this option will come soon with a software update.

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Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review

I expect to receive the SoundTouch 10 for review soon, so I’ll be giving them a thorough listen and a full review soon. The SoundTouch 10 retails for £169.96, competitively priced with similar offerings from Sonos, Raumfeld and Samsung. Our editors independently research, test and rate the best products. We only make money if you buy products through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Learn more Wall Mount For Bose Soundtouch 10 Tilt & Swivel Adjustment Ceiling Mount (fixed 45° Up) Compatible With Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker, White

If you just want a small speaker for your kitchen, bedroom, or living room that can easily connect to any of your portable devices, the Bose SoundTouch 10 is a great choice. With great sound, versatile Bluetooth connectivity, Alexa compatibility, and the ability to connect to other Bose speakers, this little speaker can work with just about anything. If your main goal is ultimately to connect to a multi-speaker system, the similarly priced and slightly better-sounding Sonos PLAY:1 is a better build because of Sonos’ better multi-speaker ecosystem. But as a standalone speaker, we think the SoundTouch 10 is a better choice for most people. If you want an inexpensive speaker that can be moved from room to room, the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 is a great option, although it doesn’t sound very good.

Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review

The Bose SoundTouch 10 is a pretty tuneful and pleasant little speaker that we tested. For those who just want a stand-alone, small and relatively inexpensive speaker, this is a great option.

The Bose Soundtouch 10 performed in the middle of the pack in our testing, as you can see in the chart above. We used a number of different tests to determine those results, and you can read more about those tests below.

Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review

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We’d describe the sound quality of the Bose SoundTouch 10 as good, bordering on great, but not exceptional. It’s capable of producing a decent amount of bass and good clarity, resulting in a full-bodied sound that belies its size. However, the similarly sized Sonos PLAY:1 has slightly better bass and slightly better definition. If you’re only going to get one speaker, we don’t think this small increase in quality is worth sacrificing Bluetooth connectivity, but it does sound better. The SoundTouch 10 outperformed the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4 in our sound quality tests, making it a better budget option if you don’t need a battery-powered speaker that can be moved from room to room.

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If you use the SoundTouch 10 with a Bluetooth connection, it’s nice. The connection is solid, and the controls on both the speaker and its remote make it easy to switch between devices instantly.

Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review

Small difficulties arise if you want to stream music directly over WiFi or want to connect multiple speakers together. Doing any of these things requires using the Bose app, which is fairly well-designed and intuitive (our big complaint is that you can’t bypass tracks from third-party streaming services). However, we have had intermittent issues where this app crashes on us. The crash frequency wasn’t so much that it was unusable, but it was certainly annoying at points. If you’re looking to build a multi-speaker system, we’ve found the Sonos app and ecosystem to be much more reliable.

Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black

Bose offers an Alexa skill, making it work seamlessly with that platform. Bose claims similar software compatibility is in the works for Google Home, but hasn’t given a specific date. The Soundtouch 10 has a 3.5mm audio jack, so most smart home devices can be connected directly to the speaker. You just need to make sure that the speaker is turned on when using the mentioned devices.

Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review

The SoundTouch 10 was one of the quietest speakers we tested, on par with the similarly sized Sonos PLAY. 1 and slightly less noisy than the Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4. tunes.. In our testing, it easily filled our 600 square foot test room with an impressive amount of sound. If you cram a bunch of people into that room, most of that sound will likely be absorbed, while larger speakers like the SoundTouch 20 will be able to power through. However, we think the soundTouch 10 is too loud for a group of friends going out and dancing.


Bose Soundtouch 10 Wireless Speaker Review

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