Bose Soundlink Mini Ii

Bose Soundlink Mini Ii – Bose has many unique products and it’s hard to say which one is the best. Back in 2013, the company created the SoundLink Mini, a compact Bluetooth speaker that was impressive with its design and sound, especially for its size. The price was also affordable.

Today we will review a newer model of the Bose SoundLink Mini II, which has fixed some of the shortcomings of the original model, as well as added new features.

Bose Soundlink Mini Ii

Bose Soundlink Mini Ii

The Bose SoundLink Mini II is an absolute beast. From the moment you hold it in your hand, you will notice that despite the small speaker (51 x 180 x 58 mm, HWD), it weighs about 0.7 kg. The Mini has an aluminum body that shows good quality, but is unfortunately prone to scratches and dents, so consider buying a rubber cover. Soft covers are available separately and come in different colors such as dark red, green, dark blue, black or grey.

Understanding Led Indicator Status Lights And Information

There is no water resistance rating, so you should keep it away from rain or splashes. It’s perfect for moving around the house or yard, but not for traveling or going out.

Above the speakers are controls for power, volume pairing, and a multifunction button. The speaker has a microphone if you want to make calls. The multifunction button is used to change songs or activate voice assistants. As for pairing, you can pair two devices simultaneously and switch back and forth between them. The headset can store up to eight devices. The pairing process comes with voice instructions, and the speaker identifies devices by name using text-to-speech.

On the left side of the speaker there is a micro USB port for charging and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. At the bottom are the pins for the included dock, which are used to charge the speaker. You can do the same thing via micro USB.

Overall, the Bose SoundLink Mini II is a beautiful device that delivers on quality. It’s not small enough to fit in your pocket, but you can carry it in your backpack and know it’s there by its weight. Just don’t wear it to the beach because it’s not waterproof.

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Bose’s Soundlink Mini Ii Speaker Gets One Day Price Chop

Battery life is rated at around 10 hours, although if you listen to it at a lower volume, it can be extended for a few more hours.

What it lacks in features, the Bose SoundLink Mini II makes up for in sound quality. It’s one of the best wireless speakers out there, and it does a lot more than its small size.

Usually, all compact wireless speakers have issues with bass. But not so with Mini. The speaker delivers powerful bass while maintaining a balanced sound. No distortion even at high volume with tracks that have strong bass.

Bose Soundlink Mini Ii

Bose has made sure that the other frequencies are also the best. The treble is full of energy and gives a wide sound for violins and cymbals. It’s interesting to see how the Mini II can create a boring atmosphere around instruments like most other wireless speakers.

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Be it the singer’s breath or the clinking of glasses in a live performance, every detail of the song is there. And the sound is absolutely perfect at any volume, which is usually not the case with other speakers.

The SoundLink Mini II has unlimited volume, so you can make as many calls as you want without worrying about the volume being lower.

Note that you can’t connect two speakers wirelessly to create a stereo pair with the Mini II, as Bose designed it to work as a single speaker.

Bose SoundLink Mini II saw the light of day in 2015. A lot has changed since then, and customers now expect speakers to have NFC pairing, Bluetooth, multi-speaker pairing, water resistance, long battery life, and more. So they may be disappointed with the Mini II.

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But ignoring the SoundLink Mini II would ultimately be a huge mistake, as it’s still one of the best-sounding wireless speakers out there. This little guy is in a league of his own, with deep bass and incredible highs and lows. There are many mid-range wireless speakers out there, but the Bose SoundLink Mini II makes no compromises when it comes to sound quality. It might be a bit more expensive, but that’s the price you have to pay to get one of the best. The first version of the SoundLink Mini bluetooth speakers was a huge hit all over the world. Now that Bose has released a new version of the SoundLink Mini II, we’re curious to see if Bose has managed to improve on something that was already pretty good.

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Due to the laws of physics, the limitations of small portable bluetooth speakers can at best provide sound that is best described as “wide mono”, but some models are better than others at producing a true stereo image. One of the best bluetooth speakers from this group is the Bose SoundLink Mini, which has recently received its successor.

Visually, not much has changed, and Bose continues to create modern devices that attract attention with a quality finish. The Soundlink Mini II is the same size as its predecessor, follows the same concept and uses similar (if not identical) speakers and speakers. As usual, Bose is very reluctant to share any technical details about the power of the built-in amplifier or the materials they use for the speaker drivers, but we love this kind of information, and we were able to find out that the Mini II has been tuned to help with the bass frequencies. uses two “full range” 33mm drivers and two passive oval drivers – one in the front and one in the back.

Bose Soundlink Mini Ii

In the packaging box, in addition to the speaker, there is a charging stand, a USB cable with micro USB, as well as three types of connectors for charging the battery. Here we see the first change, the Soundlink Mini II charges its battery via a micro-USB connector, so now you can use, for example, a mobile phone charger.

Bose Soundlink Mini Ii Speaker

Charging can be done directly by plugging the speaker into the stand, which in turn is connected to micro USB – very practical. Bose claims battery life is now longer – up to ten hours – which is a significant increase over the previous model’s seven hours.

Another important change compared to its predecessor is the presence of an integrated microphone, which allows you to use the SoundLink Mini II as a speaker. Of course, we tested this function and the voices sound very clear (from both sides) and we had no problem maintaining a conversation regardless of the distance from the speaker.

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The number of buttons on the top panel has been reduced from six to five, as the AUX button has been removed. The speaker can be paired with Bluetooth devices, up to eight of which can be stored, and pressing the bluetooth logo will switch to the next device. This is a handy feature, especially for those who share the Soundlink Mini II with friends and family.

When you start “Bose”, you will hear a woman’s voice; “Battery: 100%”. If the speaker is connected to a device, then “Connected to [depending on device]”. If no device is connected, you hear “Mobile device not found, ready to connect.” These voice prompts are very helpful when you first start using the speaker, but we quickly found it a bit annoying. Perhaps it would be less annoying if there was an option to change the voice – Morgan Freeman would be nice.

Bose Soundlink Mini Ii Review

The Soundlink Mini II is a bluetooth speaker and does not appear to support Wi-Fi. If you want to listen to streaming services, then you need to use your smartphone or computer as a source that transmits music to the Mini II via bluetooth. Like its predecessor, it remains easy to use, without unnecessary options or features. The improved battery life is something we particularly welcome. It’s a shame that Bose didn’t implement the aptX codec, which would have probably contributed to better sound quality. However, the Mini II can play very loud and with decent accuracy. Highs are clear and the sound image is rich in detail, although the bass can be a bit aggressive at times. With the SoundLink Mini II, Bose has proven that you can improve on a great device, and it will be interesting to see if they can improve on it in the next iteration. Until then, enjoy your Mini II.

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Bose Soundlink Mini Ii

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