Bose Soundlink Mini Clear Devices

Bose Soundlink Mini Clear Devices – Bose SoundLink Mini II is a portable Bluetooth speaker that sounds great and still holds its own against modern competitors.

It wasn’t a new model at the time, but I knew it had a pretty good reputation and, of course, I got it for a good price. My brother already bought one and was still raving about it. But one person’s opinion doesn’t always mean you’ll agree.

Bose Soundlink Mini Clear Devices

Bose Soundlink Mini Clear Devices

A great compact speaker with good sound, great battery life and a nice stylish design. It fills a room and is perfect at the barbecue. The bass is strong and full without that exaggerated, over-engineered sound signature. Heavy but portable and tough, making it good to travel with (as long as you’re not nearly over the weight allowances).

Bose Soundlink Mini Review

A convenient and easy-to-maneuver speaker with a two-legged stand for angular and angular sound. Good sound that looks good if you don’t do the round design.

The plan was that I would pair it with the Google Home Mini that Google recently gave me. And I figured that between the smart speaker and a decent Bluetooth speaker, I’d have a pretty good setup to rock some tunes in the kitchen.

Both, of course, have repeated several times on their Bluetooth speaker since the SoundLink II was created with this variety of models, including.

On a recent trip to the local electronics store, and after a lot of research online, I was excited by the idea that it was time to upgrade the SoundLink II to a new unit.

Bose Soundlink Mini Ii Special Edition Bluetooth Portable Speaker

I turned to Sonos and tried their SL One and One units, which I thought would be a similar comparison, and also tried the latest Bose models as listed above.

I’ve also spent some time with a few UE Booms that friends have owned and brought to parties at various times over the past few years. This wasn’t my first foray into portable Bluetooth speakers, having previously owned a pair, either purchased or gifted through my connections with Headphones Canada.

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Neither really excited me, which is why I thought it was finally time, six years ago, to finally upgrade to something decent.

Bose Soundlink Mini Clear Devices

I also bought an Alexa Echo for the kitchen because I thought having an integrated tall speaker might give me a bit more counter space than Google Home and Bose Companion.

Battery For Bose Soundlink Mini Ii,replacement Bose Soundlink Mini Ii Battery From Singapore(2330mah,2 Cells)

Having the Bose was definitely handy because I could take the speaker and walk out with it, but sometimes a minimalist look makes the partner acceptance factor (PAF) easier.

So after trying the Bose, the Sonos, the EU and Ultimate Ears, and even six years later, I can’t see any improvement or reason I would buy one of these units over the Bose SoundLink Mini, I have an existing II.

It’s nothing against the new units. They sound great as do Harman Kardon’s new portable Bluetooth speakers, but I don’t see either of them making enough of a difference to make the upgrade necessary.

For starters, it’s very portable and very durable. The metal casing and docking station, which was an optional extra at the time, make for an easy travel companion.

Battery Will Not Fully Charge

The only negative is the extra weight, but when I throw it in a suitcase for a weekend or a longer trip, I’m sure it’ll make it to the other end in good shape.

The battery life is more than enough for everything I need and I don’t need the dock. When I travel, I can charge it from the micro USB port. In fact, during a movie shoot yesterday, I had the SoundLink playing in the background all day to keep the mood on set a little livelier.

And the unit ran for about six solid hours with 40% battery life remaining. I consider this quite impressive for a unit that is now about six years old and has seen a lot of use.

Bose Soundlink Mini Clear Devices

As for portability around the house, it’s such an easy unit to pick up, fire up on the barbecue, take out around the front yard when we’re having fun playing lawn games, or the like. And its current permanent residence is actually in the bedroom because it’s great to use for falling asleep to music, or even when I’m listening to music on the weekend while I’m sleeping or something like that.

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Bose Soundlink Flex Review

The Bluetooth pairing is simple enough that if it doesn’t connect to a device on its first visit, you can press and hold the pairing button and quickly connect to a new unit. It automatically pairs to two devices when you turn it on.

So, be aware of that, because if I plug in my phone and one of my kids’ iPads plug into it, it can be an interesting variety of sounds when all I’m expecting is some Dave Matthews coming out of the speaker.

The volume is more than I would need, and I only once took this to a situation where I couldn’t get enough volume to fill the room. Admittedly, this was a large room for a children’s party with about 10 screaming children and about eight adults talking over the heads of the screaming children. And since it’s really meant for ambient noise, I don’t think we have to worry about sound quality.

And here’s the punchline and why I still think this is the GOAT, aside from all the other things, including durability, battery life and portability, the sound quality on this is still pretty great. You may not love Bose’s sound signature, but when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, I think the SoundLink II is one of their most impressive Bluetooth speakers to date.

Soundlink Mini Usb Charging

And while it’s an older unit that may no longer be available on shelves, if you see this for a bargain price, used or even new on Amazon or similar, I’d still consider it a worthy addition to a home or your home. . mobile lifestyle.

The deep bass, the clear mids, and the not perfect but perfectly acceptable highs mean that when you listen to it in any situation, you can both feel the music and enjoy the music. The bass isn’t overly boosted like with some Bluetooth speakers I’ve heard. And so, all in all, after the six plus years I’ve owned this, I give it the GOAT Bluetooth speaker award.

If you own one, and are a fan, let me know in the comments below. And if you have general questions about why this gets the GOAT award, you can also file those questions in the comments below.

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Bose Soundlink Mini Clear Devices

Endless hours of experimentation, professional work and personal investment in Home Theater, Hi-Fi, Smart Home Automation and Headphones have come to this.

Bose Soundlink Color Ii: Portable Bluetooth, Wireless Speaker With Microphone

This post was last updated on 2022-10-23 / Some Amazon Product API images and some links may be affiliate links that may earn us a commission on purchases. Bose has a long history of creating high-fidelity audio devices with excellent build quality and room-filling sound. Bose speakers fit a very specific niche in the audio market, providing great sound from a small space. To this end, the SoundLink Mini II is no exception. It is one of the newest and smallest members of Bose’s portable wireless speaker line.

As an owner of the original SoundLink, I had mixed feelings about trying the SoundLink Mini II. The first portable Bluetooth speaker released by Bose was more than twice the size of the Mini II and produced incredible room-filling sound but sadly lacked the best Bluetooth receiver. As a result, the sound would often cut out if the sound source was more than 6 feet away… or for no reason at all. To use it, I had to leave my MP3 player on the table next to me. Wireless, yes but not exactly convenient. Since then Bose has come a long way with their wireless technology and it was time for me to try again.

Only 2″ tall, 7″ wide and 3″ deep, this is a pretty small speaker. As I said before, this is less than half the size of its big brother, the SoundLink. Weighing in at 1.5 lbs, the Mini II it’s not. as light as some of its competitors but the excellent build quality justifies the extra weight The outer frame makes this feel very solid and sturdy Push everything you want, we this speaker will absolutely deliver The perforated metal front and rear grills that gives a strong and unified look through all its surfaces On its bottom is a rubber base that ensures the Mini II won’t scratch anything you put it on. The rubber also gives the speaker a grip and prevents any shaking. This also applies to the included docking station.

Although it is made of a less sexy plastic, the dock is also very well designed. There is no plug or cable to attach the speaker. It is

Bose Soundlink Mini 2 Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

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