Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets – The SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System represents a seismic shift in the world of audio as it refutes the notion that smart wireless speakers cannot deliver an exciting and immersive listening experience. Prime wireless powered speakers deliver crisp, precise and full sound with stunning dynamic impact and compelling stereo imaging, combining this experience with intelligent speaker control and future-proof connectivity. Finally a wireless speaker system for the modern audiophile.

A perfect fusion of intelligent control, endless versatility, future-proof connectivity options, and most importantly, immersive, reference-quality sound; The SVS Prime wireless speaker system offers all the benefits of a powered wireless smart speaker with uncompromising design and acoustic performance. Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, SiriusXM, Internet Radio and all your favorite streaming content can be accessed and controlled from a smartphone or mobile device to create a simple and seamless total entertainment experience.

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

SVS has achieved reference-quality sound by providing the Prime Wireless Speaker System with true stereo separation from a pair of active-passive speakers, an extremely powerful 200-watt internal four-way amplifier, DAC sophisticated 192kHz/24bit and brilliant tuning. digital crossing. Wireless audio isn’t just for background music anymore, it’s the sound quality begging you to turn it up. [2 Pack] Headsound H2 True Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Latest Powerful Dual Twin Portable Mini Speaker Set W/surround Hd Sound, Instant Pairing With Built In Mic For Handsfree Calls For Home (silver) :

The magic happened when this uncompromising acoustic design was paired with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, convenient front-panel presets, multi-room/multi-zone playback, and advanced connectivity options that let you allow you to play with almost any device. Now you can enjoy streaming services, internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks and all your favorite playlists and downloads, with audiophile quality sound.

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Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

The Prime Wireless Speaker System presents an accurate and compelling stereo image of a true 2-channel active-passive speaker pair with crisp dynamics, neutral vocals, a massive soundstage and powerful dynamics. All-in-one compact wireless speakers with virtual stereo output make music an injustice because they lack the ability to generate accurate images where instruments, vocals and sound effects are heard emanating from a specific location in space. With true stereo separation, Prime Wireless delivers a more immersive experience, regardless of content or volume level.

The massive Class-D amplifier delivers 50 watts to each driver for effortless power and dynamic impact that energizes the room with revealing clarity, even at reference volume.

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

Creative T15 Wireless Bluetooth 2.0 Computer Speaker System

Maintains full fidelity to the source material so that music and all audio content sounds exactly as the artist or producer intended, whether a user is streaming from Spotify, watching a Blu-Ray, listening to a podcast or not anything else.

Using an active digital crossover, SVS engineers were able to fine-tune the Prime wireless speaker system to achieve incredible sound quality not available on any other smart speaker. A function of the extremely powerful DSP engine, the active digital crossover maximizes the performance of each speaker by controlling power delivery and frequency response with absolute precision.

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

DTS Play-Fi app control lets you access streaming music services and audio content from any smartphone or tablet via WiFi and distribute them throughout your home.

Boss Audio Black Bluetooth Portable Speaker

The DTS Play-Fi app allows direct connection to Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, XM Radio, Tidal, iHeart Radio and all major music streaming sources, as well as your personal playlists.

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

6 custom presets for instant Wi-Fi access to your favorite playlists, internet radio stations and streaming music services without the need for a phone or tablet.

Voice control of music from any Alexa device on your WiFi network is as easy as “Alexa, play reggae in the living room” and you can adjust the volume, skip tracks forward, pause mute, pause and stop the music.

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

Listen to different music in different rooms or listen to the same music everywhere using your WiFi network and control everything from your portable devices.

The subwoofer output allows easy connection to your favorite SVS or other brand of subwoofer for deeper bass and a more exciting immersive experience.

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

Lightweight yet rigid speaker materials deliver airy, revealing sound with pinpoint accuracy, crisp transient velocity, and energizing dynamic output.

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Alesis Transactive Wireless

HiFi Prime Wireless Surround 2.1 Home Theater System Reviews “The frequency response is wide and the image is stable. The dynamic range is excellent. I never heard system voltage, even with difficult hardware. The sound is flawless. He has enough…

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

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Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

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El sistema de parles autoamplificados inalámbricos SVS Prime receives the award “Recommended” from the HiFi Choice review “Create a spacious sound and maintain much space, where the melodies are intertwined with grace and much power with these cuatro amplificadores , Effortlessly…

Popzara reviews the Prime wireless speaker system “Exactly what you would expect from a standalone speaker system that costs a lot more, except here you don’t have to hit a price bracket higher. From its extreme…

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

Tech.Walla reviews the Prime Wireless Speaker System (Israel) “The outstanding design and excellent build quality make it a premium product, even at a low price. If you choose between this type of speaker and a soundbar…

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Connect (Germany) reviews Prime wireless speaker system “With a passive speaker, such deep and accurate bass in such a small package would be unimaginable. The attack and cleanliness of the compact cabinets also impressed…

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

HiFi Trends Reviews Prime Wireless Speaker System “These speakers were playing so loud that for a minute I thought I had a pair of tower speakers. The picture was solid as the roc, the wide soundstage, the heavy bass, everything was on…

Geekbecois (Canada) tests the Prime Wireless Speaker System “Sublimely replaces a sound bar, offering superior spatiality. Prime Wireless can also be used very effectively as computer speakers, delivering high quality close-up performance. Impressive acting,…

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

Musysic M Port Pa2k Portable Pa System, 2000w, 2×10

NextGenHomeTheater Reviews Prime Wireless Speaker System “Powerful sound presence at every level. Prime Wireless speakers deliver clear high frequencies and excellent musicality. With full connectivity, impressive sound quality and an app easy to use, I highly recommend the Prime…

Prime Wireless Speaker System Home System Reviews “Asonically, these speakers were a joy to listen to, surpassing any single speaker solution. The tweeter is fast, open and airy and offers tons of spacious detail. He has a…

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Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

Stereoplay (Germany) tests the Prime Wireless Speaker System “The attack and the cleanliness of the mini cabinets convinced, as well as their high resolution. With a passive loudspeaker, such deep and precise bass in such a small cabinet…

Wholesale Tws Pair Connection Metallic Mini Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (silver)

Overclock Reviews Prime Wireless Speaker System “The sound quality is so much better than any PC-only solution, and it’s just as easy to set up.” The highs are crystal clear, the mids are pronounced and the bass is…

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

HomeTheaterReview Reviews Prime Wireless Speaker System “Delightfully balanced tone and wonderfully wide dispersion.” The clarity of his performance really allows you to immerse yourself in the heather forest and sort through the tangle of musical notes… These…

Soundstage Reviews Prime Wireless Speaker System “Presented on a Wide and Deep Soundstage.” The dynamics were truly impressive, not only the characteristic muted attacks of the nylon strings, but also the way the drops brought out the big…

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Of 2022

On-Smarthome (France) reviews Prime wireless speaker system “They may be small, but they pack a punch in width and depth. Highs are detailed and bass is impressive for such small speakers. Well controlled at high volumes…

Home Theater Forum Reviews Premium and SoundBase Wireless Speaker System “I know of no other competitive product that can match the number of input and output options, powerful and crisp sound dynamics, configuration flexibility over wired Ethernet, . ..

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

The Master Switch reviews the Prime wireless speaker system “The soundstage was wide and inviting, it seemed to fill the whole room even at low volume. The level of punch and power was incredible and the clear, tight,…

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Of 2022

The Prime wireless speaker system receives the Sound & Vision Top Pick award “An audiophile statement in both its design philosophy and sonic personality. It will impress with a natural timbre combined with excellent openness and clarity in the mids and lows. high frequencies. The highs were wonderfully…

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

The Telegraph (UK) reviews Prime Wireless Speaker System “SVS has applied the latest wireless connectivity technology to speakers for those who want more than the horde of entry-level models has design for the real world is… .

Benchmark Home Theater Reviews Prime Wireless Speaker System “The picture is much bigger than those little speakers and it’s clear and natural. For $600 you get a lot. Big soundstage, clear images, great looks and …

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

The Best Multiroom Wireless Speaker System

Prime Wireless receives the AVForums Recommended Award “A well-proportioned, classically attractive speaker that should look just as happy in a room full of antique furniture as it does in a sleek rig of modern equipment. It offers a… .

Prime Wireless Receives AVS Forum Top Picks 2018 Award “Its ability to render 3D images is amazing, you’ll enjoy well-produced music. Deliver clear sound that lets you hear

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sets

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