Bluetooth Terminal

Bluetooth Terminal – Home appliances such as lights or fans controlled by Android devices are interesting projects that most hobbyists like. There should be a connection between the android device and the home device through some microcontroller boards like Arduino uno. Bluetooth is a simple way to establish a connection between Android devices and home accessories. Here I used HC-05 bluetooth module to connect with android device. The HC-05 is connected to the Arduino one to receive the data sent from the Arduino device. Based on the data received from the Android device, we can use this Arduino one to control our home appliances.

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After completing the circuit, upload the following programs to the Arduino board. Disconnect the RX and TX lines connected to the Arduino one for the uploading agent. Otherwise, the loading will fail. After the address is complete, connect the RX and TX pins again.

Bluetooth Terminal

Bluetooth Terminal

See Warning open now from Arduino IDE. The video monitor has nothing to display. However, the serial monitor should remain open until the rest of the process is completed.

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The next step will be on the Android device. Install the Bluetooth Terminal app on your Android device from the GooglePlay Store.

All the circuits that are published in this blog have been tested and have their own results in our laboratory. When you test these circuits, check the amount of voltage, the verticality of the parts, the presence of nearby children and the shorts in the circuit. This site is not responsible for any damage to you or your components caused by your negligence.

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