Bluetooth Switch

Bluetooth Switch – The Nintendo Switch doesn’t natively support Bluetooth headphones, but there are a number of headsets and adapters that can help you listen to your Switch wirelessly.

The Nintendo Switch is loved for its portability, but while it is great to pack and take on the go, there is a major drawback of the Switch: its lack of support for Bluetooth connection and wireless headphones. That’s a shame, because Bluetooth headphones are one of the most practical accessories you can have – honestly, there’s no better option for listening to music, movies, podcasts and more. Bluetooth headphones offer an excellent combination of convenience and solid sound quality. But while you might not be able to connect a Bluetooth headset directly to the Switch, there is still a way to use it with Nintendo’s console-portable hybrid – and some Bluetooth headsets even come with everything you need to get it up, he ran

Bluetooth Switch

Bluetooth Switch

To help combat this annoyance, you’ll need either a USB-C Bluetooth adapter like the Creative BT-W3 Bluetooth Transmitter or a headset with its own USB-C adapter like the affordable and versatile SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset. Both are great options if you’ve been looking for a way to wirelessly listen to the Nintendo Switch. When you find this Bluetooth transmitter, simply plug it into your Switch’s USB-C charging port on the bottom while you’re at hand and hold the pair button on the headphones – it should connect automatically.

Play Your Nintendo Switch With Your Wireless Headphones

If you’re missing the right gear right now, we’ve rounded up the best Bluetooth headsets and adapters that will work with Nintendo Switch out of the box. They don’t require any additional tinkering or tuning: just plug them in and you’re off to the races. Of course, some of these transmitters require a pair of Bluetooth headphones to be connected, so we have also provided a series of high-quality pairs that are definitely worth buying.

One factor worth double-checking when choosing a transmitter and headphones is aptX support, specifically aptX Adaptive. The Qualcomm Bluetooth codec enhances the capabilities of Bluetooth 5.0, drastically reducing latency to 40 ms. Without it, you will likely experience significant audio lag. Both transmitter and headset must also support the codec, otherwise the connection will fall back to the lowest connection that supports both.

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For more of the best Nintendo Switch accessories to buy in 2020, check out our guide to the best Switch cases, screen protectors, and grips that make handheld gaming easier. Plus, check out more of the best gaming headsets we’ve tested, as well as how to connect a Bluetooth headset to your PS5.

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Wet Sounds Bluetooth Switch

The SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headset comes with everything you need for a great experience. It includes a 2.4GHz wireless USB-C transmitter that plugs into the bottom of the Switch handheld and instantly connects to the Arctis 1 headset. You can also remove the microphone, making for a great experience with all Nintendo games. Arctis 1 Wireless works with Switch, PS4, PC and Android devices. There’s also the Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox, which works with all the platforms listed above, as well as the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

The Creative BT-W3 is a premium Bluetooth transmitter that works well with the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode and any pair of Bluetooth headphones you own. It supports four different Bluetooth codecs, including a low-latency one that works best for games and others that excel in music, movies, and more. The package also comes with a 3.5 mm wireless microphone. This means you can plug a wireless transmitter into the bottom of the Switch and a 3.5mm microphone into the Switch’s headset jack to communicate wirelessly with friends in supported games like Fortnite and Smite.

The HomeSpot USB-C Bluetooth Transmitter is an Amazon customer favorite, averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars based on over 1,000 reviews. It has two buttons that help you sync the headset and change the codec from the low latency ones to the standard codec used by most Bluetooth adapters. The HomeSpot transmitter also comes equipped with a built-in microphone that enables voice chat in Switch games that support it.

Bluetooth Switch

There are no particular requirements that make a particularly great pair of Bluetooth headphones for the Nintendo Switch. Any pair of Bluetooth headphones will work with the above transmitters, although the quality will vary by brand. Here are some of the best Bluetooth headphones available right now for use with the Nintendo Switch – luckily, great headphones can also be very affordable.

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How To Use Bluetooth Headphones On Switch

Tribit is a great audio company with tons of products that you can only find on Amazon. The company’s products come at low prices, which you might assume means they are of low quality; however, you would be wise not to make this mistake. The XFree Tune Tribit headphones cost less than $40, but are incredibly comfortable and produce impressive sound; plus, they have a battery of 40 hours. If you’re looking for a cheap pair of Bluetooth headphones for the Switch, look no further.

Cowin headphones are also popular on Amazon, with over 30,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. The pair is worth it for its excellent active noise cancellation, 30-hour battery life and comfort. If you’re looking for a great pair of headphones that will really block out outside noise, the Cowin E7 has you covered.

Creative Super X-Fi technology is impressive, creating sound as if you were actually listening to external speakers placed in the room, as opposed to a pair of headphones, adding depth and richness to the sound. The SXFI Air uses this technology and works well with the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth transmitter. Whether you’re galloping around your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons or flying through the air in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the sound quality is incredible and brings the game world to life. If you’re looking for one of the most unique—and best—audio experiences out there, there’s no better choice than the SXFI Air.

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Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

The Nintendo Switch is (finally!) able to support a Bluetooth connection between the Switch and a Bluetooth audio device. However, Bluetooth support on the Switch is still sorely lacking, so you’re better off investing in a great Bluetooth transmitter to pair your favorite headphones.

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What to Look for in a Bluetooth Adapter Best Overall: HomeSpot Pro Adapter Another Great Option: GuliKit Route Air Adapter Best Budget: ZIOCOM Adapter Best for Travel: UGREEN Transmitter Best Premium: Douz South AirFly Pro

Bluetooth Switch

Although Switch consoles have been quietly hiding a Bluetooth chip for years that can connect to more than just wireless Switch controllers, the Bluetooth audio connection process and support is still not the best. So while you can technically plug in your headphones or earbuds now, it probably won’t sound great.

Nintendo Switch & Lite Bluetooth Audio Sync Wireless Adapter

Fortunately, a third-party Bluetooth adapter can help you connect not just one but two devices and provide excellent sound quality with low latency. And most Bluetooth adapters can be used with more devices than just the switch, so you get more for your money.

There are many Bluetooth adapters out there, but how do you decipher the jargon and determine which one is right for you? Here are all the things you need to pay attention to when choosing a Bluetooth adapter for your switch:

For those who use their switches frequently and simply want the ability to use their headphones or earphones via Bluetooth, the HomeSpot Pro Adapter is where it’s at. In addition, with the 2-in-1 audio mixer, you can connect your smartphone and headphones at the same time, allowing you to seamlessly listen to music or talk on the phone while playing.

The HomeSpot Pro transmitter has intuitive indicators that light up to let you know if your devices are connected, if EQ or aptX is enabled for low latency, and if your internal microphone is muted. It also has Bluetooth 5.0 support, an internal microphone for easy voice chat, and simple button controls that are easy to master.

Genki Audio Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter For Nintendo Switch/switch Lite

This adapter is connected to you

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