Bluetooth Switch Missing Windows 10

Bluetooth Switch Missing Windows 10 – In addition to helping you transfer files between devices or connect to other devices, such as Bluetooth speakers or headphones, Bluetooth has many functions on your computer.

If you are using a Windows 11/10 PC and Bluetooth is disabled, there are several reasons for this:

Bluetooth Switch Missing Windows 10

Bluetooth Switch Missing Windows 10

This guide covers some troubleshooting steps you might try to get the Bluetooth icon back on your PC.

How To Download Bluetooth Driver For Windows 11

If you’re having trouble trying to connect to a Bluetooth device because you can’t find or enable the Bluetooth icon, try the quick fixes before moving on to other solutions.

If the Windows Bluetooth switch is off, your PC may not have Bluetooth capability. Before trying the other troubleshooting steps below, you need to check the Bluetooth function.

You can also check your PC for a Bluetooth hardware switch. If you have one, you can press it to activate the Bluetooth radio. If the switch is not present, press Fn + F5 or F8 to enable the wireless adapter.

If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, you can get an external Bluetooth adapter or dongle, plug it into a free USB port on your PC and use Bluetooth.

Fix: Windows 11/10 Bluetooth Missing

Airplane mode allows you to quickly turn off or turn off all wireless connections on your computer, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, GPS, or NFC.

The Action Center menu contains notifications and shortcuts to key settings. If you can’t find the Bluetooth icon, Windows 10 may have crowded the Quick Actions menu to handle the many notifications that should appear.

Sometimes you may not see the Bluetooth icon in the Action Center because the shortcut is not enabled.

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Bluetooth Switch Missing Windows 10

You may have set up the Notifications and Actions section correctly, but you still need to check your Bluetooth settings to make sure it’s turned on.

How To Reinstall Bluetooth Driver In Windows 11/10

Bluetooth Troubleshooter in Windows 11/10 is a built-in feature that analyzes and fixes certain Bluetooth issues on your PC.

The Hardware and Device Troubleshooter checks and fixes problems with Bluetooth devices. While the settings are hidden in Windows 11/10, you can use the command prompt to access them.

When Bluetooth drivers are missing, outdated, or damaged, you may not be able to access or use Bluetooth on your PC. You can resolve the issue by making sure you have the latest Bluetooth drivers.

Note: If Windows does not have the latest Bluetooth driver, please check your PC manufacturer’s official website and get the drivers from there. If you find an executable (.exe) file, run the drivers from that file and install it.

Apple Broadcom Built In Bluetooth Windows 10 Driver · Issue #473 · Daliansky/xiaomi Pro Hackintosh · Github

Note: If Windows does not automatically install the driver, return to the Device Manager window and select Action > Scan for hardware changes.

Fast startup ensures that Windows 10 starts quickly. Sometimes this setting can interfere with programs you’ve set to run when your PC starts, so it might be best to turn it off.

The Bluetooth support service supports the detection and connection of remote Bluetooth devices so that they can work properly on your PC. Sometimes this feature can be disabled by a third-party app or manual user action, but you can check and re-enable it.

Bluetooth Switch Missing Windows 10

If the Windows 11/10 Bluetooth icon is still missing from your PC, please use the Startup Repair feature to fix any system corruption or other issues.

Missing Bluetooth Toggle Button From Settings And Also From Device Manager

You often use your desktop to save important shortcuts to frequently used files or applications. When those icons disappear, it can affect your productivity.

The solutions in this guide will help you solve the Windows 11/10 Bluetooth icon missing issue and make sure Bluetooth starts working properly again.

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How To Fix Can’t See Bluetooth Drivers In Windows 10?

Many users have asked us about Bluetooth issues in Windows 10 as no matter what they do, Bluetooth won’t turn on in the UI.

You can find the solutions below. As usual, we encountered several incompatibility issues with older versions of Windows.

This is whether we mean basic features like an HDMI port and video card drivers, or more complex capabilities like WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth Switch Missing Windows 10

So, as you can see, your Bluetooth problems are related to Windows 10 system, it needs extra attention from users to make everything work without errors or alerts.

Fix The Missing Bluetooth Button In The Windows 10

The matter is simple, in this case you only need to implement a few steps: do not worry because you do not need to use third-party tools or complex procedures.

If you have incompatible programs on your personal computer or if the airplane module is activated, the Bluetooth function of your device may not work properly.

Outdated drivers or using antivirus software that is not suitable for your computer are also examples of common causes.

To avoid these errors in the future, check out our article on the five best antivirus compatible with Windows 10 and 11.

Bluetooth Disappeared On Nitro 5 An515 54 54wf — Acer Community

If you’re having problems with your Bluetooth adapter, it’s not uncommon to see your Bluetooth icon disappear. This is not the only problem, and many have reported that Bluetooth has completely disappeared from the PC.

If there is a problem with your adapter or drivers, your Bluetooth settings will be missing. So, if Bluetooth is not working in Windows, you may have one of these problems.

What can I do if Bluetooth is not turned on in Windows 10/11? 1. Get the latest drivers for your device

Bluetooth Switch Missing Windows 10

First of all, since more and more users are complaining about Bluetooth can’t turn on error in Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft has released its own troubleshooting solution.

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Ways To Fix Bluetooth Won’t Turn On In Windows 10/11

However, if you want to resolve the issue yourself, please use the instructions below. In most cases, it means that your drivers are out of date, which means you need to download the latest ones that are compatible with your laptop, tablet or desktop.

This trick should do the trick, especially if you notice Bluetooth issues after upgrading to Windows 10. So, go to your manufacturer’s website and grab the latest Bluetooth drivers.

Some PC problems are difficult to solve, especially when it comes to damaged storage or missing Windows files. If you are having trouble fixing an error, your system may be partially broken.

This tool keeps your system safe as you can manually download and install the wrong driver version.

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Windows 11

Bluetooth problems are often related to outdated drivers. Don’t get caught and use DriverFix to fix this problem for good.

Many users are installing or using different wireless clients or managers that may interfere with Bluetooth functionality.

It’s best to manage your wireless connections directly from Windows 8 and without using any special tools.

Bluetooth Switch Missing Windows 10

Therefore, if the issues are not resolved after updating the bluetooth drivers, try removing the wireless managers running on your device.

Solved: Bluetooth Missing From Device Manager

Basically, nothing but the system-based driver should be present on your PC. They often conflict and this can lead to conflicts such as the Bluetooth cannot be turned on error in Windows 10/11.

When you restart your computer, Windows will automatically install the necessary Bluetooth drivers.

You cannot use Bluetooth devices if Airplane Mode is turned on. So let’s check if this mode is enabled as described above.

If none of the above fixes the problem, the last thing to try is to modify some registry settings.

No Bluetooth On Off Switch Windows 10 Online, 58% Off

Well, the most common troubleshooting solutions that can be applied to resolve the Bluetooth will not start error in Windows 10/11. If you need more help, check out four solutions to fix Bluetooth not working in Windows 11.

Alternatively, for more possible solutions, check out our guide on how to fix Bluetooth not working in Windows 10.

If you still can’t use your Bluetooth connection after completing this guide, don’t hesitate and share your problem with us and our readers.

Bluetooth Switch Missing Windows 10

If the above tips don’t solve your problem, your PC may be experiencing deeper Windows issues. We recommend downloading this PC repair tool (highly rated on to solve them easily. After installation, just click Start Scan button and then click Repair All. Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up.

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