Bluetooth Speakers That Link Together

Bluetooth Speakers That Link Together – News Info Want to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones to one smartphone? Here’s how you can do it.

With most Android phones and iPhones now allowing dual audio and audio sharing capabilities, you can connect multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones to a single smartphone. Here is a complete guide for the same.

Bluetooth Speakers That Link Together

Bluetooth Speakers That Link Together

Multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones can be connected to one phone for even louder sound (Image: Representative Image)

Jbl Link Music

By India Today Web Desk: Bluetooth speakers like JBL Charge 4, Bose SoundLink Micro, ElectroVoice ZLX-12BT are now considered as alternatives to Amazon Echo and Google Home. Bluetooth speakers have gained popularity due to their portability, lack of Wi-Fi and ability to withstand harsh conditions. They can work with any smartphone and provide quality music as well as smart speakers.

A single speaker or smartphone cannot deliver sound to a group of people when they are in the mood to listen to good music. The latest advances in technology and the digital age now allow you to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones to a smartphone.

Multiple Bluetooth speakers or headphones may or may not be connected to your phone, depending on your phone’s device and Bluetooth version. You can follow these steps to connect multiple audio devices:

Step 1: Initially, you need to pair your headphones and speakers with your Bluetooth step by step when you pair them for the first time.

Bose Soundlink Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Iii (silver)

Step 2: Android users need to go to Bluetooth settings and pair Bluetooth speakers or headphones one by one.

Step 3: After pairing, just tap on the three-dot icon on the right side and click on ‘Advanced Settings’. If the option is not enabled then enable the ‘Dual Audio’ option as it allows users to connect to two devices at the same time.

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Step 4 – If you’re using Android version 10 or later, connected Bluetooth devices can be accessed by clicking on Media in the Quick Panel and selecting both paired devices for audio output.

Bluetooth Speakers That Link Together

Step 5 – iPhone users will need to go to Control Center and tap on the ‘AirPlay’ icon. Next, select the paired wireless speakers or headphones to output audio simultaneously. If you deselect either headphones or speakers, you’ll stop sharing audio on that specific device.

Jbl Link 500 Voice Activated Wifi Bluetooth Multi Room Speaker

Most of today’s Android mobile phones and iPhones allow dual audio and audio sharing capabilities respectively, meaning audio can be played from two devices at the same time. All iPhone 8 models feature audio sharing, so if you have an older phone, chances are your phone offers a dual audio option. Same is the case with Samsung Galaxy S8 or newer models. The Dual Audio option allows you to connect multiple Bluetooth devices and speakers and can be found in the Bluetooth settings.

Not all companies offer the ability to pair multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones with a single smartphone. For example, Bluetooth v4.2 only supports one connection from one device to another up to 30 meters. On the other hand, Bluetooth v5 can provide a connection of up to 120 meters and allows you to connect two devices at the same time. Some Bose speakers have their own audio apps that allow you to pair two speakers together. As our computers and tablets get smaller, our phones get thinner, and we look for ways to improve our technology, portable Bluetooth speakers are becoming increasingly popular.

For many, the appeal of small speakers is that you can move, change or relocate them as you wish, that they are more versatile than giant floor models that require virtually a The help of a mover and an electrician is required.

While I’m exaggerating a bit here, the truth is that with everything on our phones, it makes sense for our music devices to be as portable as our songs. This is why it is becoming more common to set up a mini home stereo system with two or more connected Bluetooth speakers.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers In India

2. Not much room for receivers, large floor standing speakers, and other stereo equipment

Pairing two or more Bluetooth speakers can give you more room-filling sound than a single speaker, giving you a better overall sound experience. However, it’s worth noting that if you don’t choose quality speakers to begin with, you might not have the amazing soundscape you’re looking for, as a crappy-sounding Bluetooth speaker is just will amplify his dirty voice. by two.

Several manufacturers are making Bluetooth speakers that can be paired, allowing you to add two speakers, or in some cases more, to your setup.

Bluetooth Speakers That Link Together

UE makes several Bluetooth speakers that allow you to connect to the UE app and wirelessly connect to another UE speaker with its ‘double up’ feature.

How To Connect Jbl Speakers Together?

JBL uses a similar connection technology, and its built-in Bluetooth lets you link multiple compatible speakers together to enhance your listening experience.

Some JBL units even give you the option to create your own ecosystem with JBL Connect, which lets you connect multiple JBL speakers together. The system also allows up to three smartphones or tablets to control the system, meaning you can share DJ duties with friends and family.

Sony is also making speakers that can be paired. In some cases, you can connect up to 10 speakers. In the case of the SRS-XB line, you also get sound effects and lighting options for a complete entertainment device.

To begin with, there is a golden rule with food pairing; You will almost exclusively need two speakers of the same model or brand. While I’ve seen tricks online for getting different speakers to work together, it depends on the speakers, the operating system your phone, computer or tablet uses, and how much work you really want to put into the effort. are (If you want to share your Bluetooth audio hacking genius, post it in the comments below, but for the purposes of this article, we’ll stick to what’s simple and straightforward.)

Huawei Sound Joy

2. Find and press the “Pair” button somewhere on the device and wait for it to connect to your phone. In some cases, it’s necessary to go into your phone’s Bluetooth menu and make the connection manually.

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Some systems require you to connect through an app, but the other will emit an audible tone when two speakers are connected to your device or to each other.

Some speakers, like JBL and Sony’s excellent SRS-XB wireless Bluetooth speakers, let you choose between turning your pair of speakers into a stereo set, splitting the left and right channels, or playing both as the same. The choice is up to you; You’ll only want to check that the speakers you have (or are getting) have a stereo option if that’s an important feature.

Bluetooth Speakers That Link Together

It’s also good to note that sometimes with some brands the pairing process has to be repeated every time you use them, but since it’s as simple as pressing a button it’s not too painful.

Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

While we’re talking about small battery-powered portable Bluetooth speakers that work together here, if you’re looking for better sound quality, with just a little less portability, you can check out the other two systems. can check SONOS and Bose have smaller AC-powered speakers and can be used with or without an AC-powered stand in some cases.

I could write another whole article on these systems, but suffice it to say that SONOS’s Play series has multiple speakers as well as a sound bar, and they can all be connected together.

There are too many paired speakers to list in this article, but if you’re looking for this type of setup, the brands I’ve mentioned (JBL, Sony, and UE) have several different ones. There are models.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a set of pairable wireless Bluetooth speakers, you’re spoiled for choice.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Speakers 2021

Editor’s Note: This article has recently been updated with new content. It was first published in September 2016.

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