Bluetooth Speakers For Smart Tv

Bluetooth Speakers For Smart Tv – Connecting an extra speaker or two to your TV is a great way to create your own mini home theater experience.

If you’re hesitant to introduce new speakers at home for fear of adding to the dreaded snake pit of tangled wires behind your entertainment center, Bluetooth speakers can help amplify your sound without adding to the clutter.

Bluetooth Speakers For Smart Tv

Depends on the individual speaker and the device you choose to connect, but we’re here to walk you through the basics. Here’s a step-by-step guide to connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your TV.

Lg Xboom Go Pl2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Meridian Audio Technology (pl2)

First things first: make sure your Bluetooth speaker is turned on and in pairing mode. You can consult the device manual to confirm how to activate your speaker and enable pairing mode.

On your TV, go to Network Settings and select Bluetooth. Then, look for your speaker in the list of discoverable devices. If you’re lucky, this simple connection method works. If not, the problem may be that your TV does not offer Bluetooth as a built-in network or has a low-level Bluetooth signal that does not allow an audio connection.

Unfortunately, your TV may not offer built-in Bluetooth networking. Many VIZIO models, for example, only have Bluetooth LE, which is such a low frequency that it doesn’t support connecting to speakers. If this is the case, you can add Bluetooth using a Bluetooth transmitter, which connects via a 3.5mm jack, optics or USB.

You press a button on the Bluetooth transmitter to put it in pairing mode, then press the same button on your speaker to pair it with the transmitter. Once the speaker is added and activated, you can make a connection and start playing. (Tip: Look carefully when you’re shopping for sound bars, as some have Bluetooth technology but are specifically designed to be used through specific third-party applications, such as Roku TV or Alexa.)

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The 5 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Of 2022

Another way to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your TV is to connect it directly to a wired connection using the 3.5mm port.

Yes and no If your existing wired speaker has Bluetooth capabilities, you can still pair it with other devices in your home via a Bluetooth connection. The wired speaker then becomes a base station of sorts that your other devices can connect to wirelessly.

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By subscribing to the newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from it which may sometimes contain advertising or sponsored content. The first speaker to use the new Roku Connect platform is also Roku’s first entry into the speaker market.

The Best Bluetooth Speakers Of 2022

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Roku has long been known for its Roku set-top boxes and TVs, but now, the entertainment company is introducing Roku TV wireless speakers. This is the first pair of Roku wireless speakers to use the Roku Connect platform announced at CES to connect to your Roku-powered smart TV via Wi-Fi.

Roku TV wireless speakers aren’t necessarily meant to compete with high-end home theater systems but with the built-in speakers on your smart TV, which is the default option for most users. If you’re the type of person who likes your sound system, the Roku TV wireless speaker probably isn’t for you. They are more for the type of people who want to make their movies and music sound better without having to rearrange their entire living room. It’s a very simple and entry-level way to step into the wide (and often jargon-filled and confusing) world of audio equipment.

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I was able to listen to a pre-production demo of the wireless speakers compared to the built-in speakers on the TCL Roku TV, and they do what Roku promises here. The built-in speakers provide a fuller, richer stereo sound than the TV speakers. Music had good range, especially in the low end, and movie clips had a more detailed sound than without the extra punch provided by the speakers. We’ll obviously have to wait for the speakers to see how they sound compared to their competition, but Roku seems to have succeeded in its goal of moving away from the default option.

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Along with offering a less complicated entertainment experience, Roku TV wireless speakers are very simple to use. Simply plug in two speakers, press the “Connect” button on the back, and the speakers will connect wirelessly to your current Roku TV device via Wi-Fi. There’s also a Bluetooth option, if you want to use it to play music from your computer or phone.

And while wireless audio may raise concerns about latency, Roku claims to have solved the problem by running its operating system on the TV and speakers, allowing the two devices to communicate with each other and all the time to keep audio and video in sync. For scenarios where latency is even more critical, such as gaming, the system can automatically switch to using the built-in TV speakers. The speakers are part of Roku’s acquisition of Danish audio startup Dynastrom for $3.15 million last year, and they leverage that company’s experience in wireless audio.

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Adding to the experience are the Roku TV Voice Remote and the Square Roku Touch Remote. Although the speakers don’t include onboard microphones, the idea is that you’ll use the remotes for voice controls (which only offer talk functionality and don’t always listen to you in the background such as Amazon Alexa devices). The new Touch Remote takes this a step further, with multiple programmable preset buttons that you can set to store a specific command or playlist.

Roku TV wireless speakers are not smart speakers in the traditional sense; There are no digital assistants like Siri or Alexa, no option to control other devices in your smart home, and no support for things like trivia questions or weather updates. And while Roku is still working on its Roku entertainment assistant (which will work with Roku TV devices and, by extension, new speakers), it’s still an entertainment-focused voice assistant, not a replacement Alexa. Altice Amplify

Roku TV wireless speakers are just the beginning of Roku’s audio ambitions, and while the company doesn’t have any specifics to share, it’s easy to imagine future products that take advantage of Roku Connect at different price points and factors that allows Roku TV owners. Create more of their living room audio setups. If you can add a pair of speakers, why not a subwoofer? Or a soundbar? Or a full 7.1 surround sound system?

The wireless speakers will be available exclusively from in October, but the company is doing something different with the offer. In October, two speakers plus a voice remote and touch remote will cost $199.99. But customers can order them today for an introductory price, a first week of $149.99, with a second, longer pre-order option starting July 24 through October 15 that will cost $179.99.

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