Bluetooth Speaker Electrical Outlet

Bluetooth Speaker Electrical Outlet – The Bem Wireless Outlet Speaker is a $99 Bluetooth speaker that plugs directly into your wall outlet for a wireless streaming audio experience.

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Bluetooth Speaker Electrical Outlet

Bluetooth Speaker Electrical Outlet

CES is always the coming out party for new brands looking to get noticed. For 2013, you can add Bem Wireless (pronounced “beam”) to that list. Among the high-end audio company’s first products is the Outlet Speaker, a small Bluetooth model that takes a serious approach to the growing wireless speaker market.

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LAS VEGAS – As the name suggests, the speaker outlet connects directly to a standard two-prong power outlet. It’s not the first plug-and-play wireless speaker — Klipch bulb speakers come to mind — but a $100 outlet speaker gets a true wireless device, as the plug-in design eliminates the need for a power cord.

The speaker outlet is available in black or white and is similar to the more expensive Jawbone Jambox. Aside from its unique plug-in design, the Outlet Speaker is your average Bluetooth speaker – meaning it streams audio wirelessly from A2DP Bluetooth devices. This includes all smartphones and iPads, most tablets, and the latest iPod touch and nano models. It has stereo inputs and outputs, so it doubles as a Bluetooth receiver for larger stereos. And although the power output is “lost” when the speaker is plugged in, the addition of a USB port means you can still charge tablets and smartphones.

I’ve been sitting with the outlet speaker for a few days now and it performs on par with other Bluetooth speakers of the same size and price. My biggest problem is the “soft touch” ending; Rubberized plastic attracts fingerprints and debris — not great for products you handle frequently (like when you move them from room to room).

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Sound quality is good; Like other mini speakers it works at high volumes, but don’t expect the kind of sonics you hear from larger or more expensive sound systems. For the best sound, you’ll want to plug the speaker outlet into one of the highest places in your home — think the kitchen counter — and not near the floor.

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The biggest drawback is that the speaker outlet does not have a rechargeable battery. For that, you’ll need to opt for Bem’s $100 mobile speaker, which also has cell phone capabilities — or simply choose one of the Bluetooth speakers available for purchase today.

Buy your favorite products and we’ll find the best deals in just one click. Designed for easy shopping. Powerful AudioEngine A2+ speakers with crystal clear stereo sound connect to your music in seconds from any app or device. The ultimate mini Bluetooth home music system perfect for your office or small space.

A2+ wireless computer speakers can be easily connected to your computer, tablet, smartphone or turntable. No network setups, passwords to enter or buttons to push. They’re so easy to install, you’ll be hooked in no time. Make your music fun, easy and sound great.

Bluetooth Speaker Electrical Outlet

The most versatile wireless Bluetooth speaker. A2+ wireless computer speakers work with all your apps, music and devices so no matter what you’re listening to, the A2+ has you covered. The ultimate mini music system with working wireless. Tide, Spotify, Pandora… Play all your favorite music and apps instantly.

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Don’t let their size fool you because these tiny speakers pack more sound than you might expect. Clear, full and powerful sound for your computer and small rooms. The A2+ Wireless Computer Speakers are built with standard AudioEngine components: aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, Aptx Bluetooth Premium and a built-in power amp in a handcrafted cabinet. Clear, full and powerful sound that fills any room.

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Everyone knows the difference between a low quality product and a general failure of the product. The A2+ is designed and crafted with the goal of exceeding expectations for value and performance. Bass is teased out of the A2+ with intelligent acoustic and electric design without the use of digital signal processing. To say the bass on the Audioengine 2+ is bigger than its size would be an understatement, but you be the judge.

These small computer speakers pack quite a punch, making them the go-to system for small desktop and audio setups.

Do I need to use the A2+ wireless’s front volume control or can I adjust the system volume on my computer?

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If the left speaker is within easy reach, you can certainly use the physical buttons to adjust the volume. Otherwise, it’s best to set the A2+ to the correct size and set from the original. Every setup is different, so it will take some experimentation to find your favorite setting, but around 11 or 12 o’clock is a good starting point.

Yes, you can. The A2+ wireless speaker uses a switching power supply to automatically switch between different voltages. The power cord is also removable to replace the AC plug with another type if you don’t want to use an adapter plug.

A2+ Wireless is a complete system that requires no additional components other than your phone or computer. Place the speaker where you want it and connect the power supply. Connect the speaker cable to the right passive speaker. Then, connect to your music source with the cables provided – or go wireless with a Bluetooth-enabled source device like a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Bluetooth Speaker Electrical Outlet

Not necessarily. AudioEngine speakers and amplifiers are very efficient, designed together as a system so they get more output than a stereo receiver or amplifier with a higher output or power rating. Thanks to this amplification, we are able to produce better sound with a fraction of the power required by other systems.

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What if my source does not support aptX? Can I still use the A2+ wireless and if so how does it sound?

You can still use the A2+ wireless and it will sound great. AptX is a high quality Bluetooth audio codec that works well. In addition to aptX, and the default Bluetooth codec SBC, the A2+ Wireless supports other high-quality audio codecs, such as AAC used in Apple iPhones and iPads, as well as Android devices without aptX.

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Yes, an AC wall outlet near the A2+ wireless is all you need to power the W3 or D2 wireless receiver.

If it’s on and solid, it means the A2+ is wirelessly on and currently connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device.

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If it’s on and flashing, it means the A2+ is wirelessly on but not currently connected to a device.

If it’s off (and A2+ wireless is on), it means Bluetooth is off and not connecting to a device. However, the A2+ Wireless is still visible to your device, so connect it to your device and it will automatically wake up.

When using the USB input on the A2+ Wireless, what bit rate and depth should I set my system to?

Bluetooth Speaker Electrical Outlet

The internal A2+ wireless DAC handles 48K transfer rates and up to 16 bit-depth. By default, your system defaults to these settings when you connect the A2+ Wireless. If you are using a 44.1K file, you can set it as the default for your system. Many system players like JRiver and Amarra should automatically run at the bitrate.

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The A2+ works best wirelessly via Bluetooth, but they can also be used wired with turntables, CD players or any other traditional source device with an audio connection, standard analog such as RCAs or 3.5mm stereo-mini. They have USB ports for use with Windows or Mac computers, as well as many smartphones and tablets with the appropriate USB adapter cable.

My computer sound quality is not good but I want to connect A2+ wireless speakers. what are you doing

Headphone output on many computers is better with the A2+ wireless. Some have poor audio quality, so if this happens on your computer, try connecting to the A2+ Wireless via USB port, or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

In most cases, yes! The range you can expect will vary depending on the device you use the A2+ Wireless with, as well as things like the type of wall construction you’re using. In our tests, most mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have good range, some of which can exceed 100 feet in good conditions, even against a wall. Laptops and desktops in our tests are generally smaller and average around 70 feet

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