Bluetooth Rock Speakers Kohls

Bluetooth Rock Speakers Kohls – This is the 2nd generation of our Bluetooth® rock speakers, we have made the following changes a) Use better rock sound than the most popular rock speaker RX805 with better bass and higher. b) Using IP67 waterproof grade power supply for better outdoor durability.

Get ready to play in any outdoor space with the BTR805 Wireless Bluetooth® Speaker. This 8-inch set is ideal for your lawn, garden or deck for the best bass; they’re available in Granite Gray or Sandstone Canyon Brown, so you can sync without having to look outside the speakers.

Bluetooth Rock Speakers Kohls

Bluetooth Rock Speakers Kohls

There are two speakers, the master and the connecting speaker. The main speaker has a built-in stereo amplifier as well as a Bluetooth® wireless receiver. A second or paired speaker is connected to the main speaker using the included 10-foot speaker cable. The result is a two-channel stereo output. We recommend placing the speakers 8 to 12 feet apart for the best stereo dispersion. You can cut the 10 foot cable to the exact length you want. An additional cable is provided in case you need to hide the cable between two speakers.

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Bluetooth Rock Speakers Kohls

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Bluetooth Rock Speakers Kohls

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