Bluetooth Headphones On Switch

Bluetooth Headphones On Switch – Learn different ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to Nintendo Switch. Discover the best accessories for the ultimate wireless headphone experience.

Nintendo Switch is one of the favorite consoles for people who prefer portability. What’s better than partnering with a pair of wireless headphones to maximize portability and convenience?

Bluetooth Headphones On Switch

Bluetooth Headphones On Switch

In fact, this was not possible until the latest update! So many gamers have no choice but to use wired headphones.

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Good news though! Connecting your Bluetooth headset to Nintendo Switch has never been easier this year, giving you more options to choose from. And this article will go through all of them. So without further ado, let’s get started!

But this is only the latest development. As mentioned earlier, the Switch was not originally designed to work with Bluetooth headphones. This is because the Bluetooth connection is reserved only for its wireless controllers. There’s simply no room to include Bluetooth audio support.

A workaround wasn’t introduced until Nintendo released the 4.0 system update on the Switch. The update enabled Bluetooth headsets on Nintendo Switch via Bluetooth adapters.

This feature was never officially announced by Nintendo, so it was a pleasant surprise when Reddit users revealed the secret.

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However, while the update was great, it wasn’t perfect as it required users to spend more money on Bluetooth audio dongles and do some settings to make it work. That’s why Nintendo shocked the Switch community when it announced the much-requested built-in Bluetooth audio support in its latest September 2021 update, version 13.0.

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Finally, after four years of waiting, Nintendo Switch users can now use their Bluetooth-enabled headset without any third-party adapters!

Unfortunately, this new feature comes with a few limitations. For example, you can only use two wireless controllers when your Bluetooth headphones are connected. We will provide more information on this as we progress.

Bluetooth Headphones On Switch

The Switch’s 13.0 firmware update makes it easier to connect your Bluetooth headset to the console. However, for this to work, make sure to update your Nintendo Switch to the latest version before attempting to pair with your Bluetooth headset.

Nintendo Switch Finally Supports Bluetooth Audio—but Beware The Lag

If your headset disconnects or fails to connect, consider restarting the console and repeating the steps above.

While the newly built-in Bluetooth audio support gives you freedom from wires while using the console, it’s not flawless. Here are some of its limitations:

In Bluetooth audio mode, the console can only connect to two wireless controllers at the same time. Nintendo also indicates that a pair of Joy-Con controllers counts as two.

This means that if you’re playing a two-player game with Bluetooth headsets, you’ll both need to turn your Joy-Con controller sideways for a comfortable grip.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Your Nintendo Switch

Pro tip: Alternatively, you can both use the Nintendo Switch Pro controller for better button feel and more convenience.

Although the Switch system can hold up to 10 Bluetooth devices, you can only connect one Bluetooth headset at a time. If you have already saved 10 Bluetooth devices and want to add a new headset or wireless controller, you must remove one of them first.

You should also be aware that Bluetooth audio support will be disabled when local wireless is enabled. This means you won’t be able to use your Bluetooth headset while playing local multiplayer games connecting two Switch systems.

Bluetooth Headphones On Switch

Nintendo Switch doesn’t support Bluetooth microphones and by default turns off your headset’s microphone. While most Switch games usually don’t support microphone audio, it can still be a major setback if you want to use the headset to communicate with other players via voice chat.

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You can also expect some audio delays with some Bluetooth headphones. This is because the Nintendo Switch uses Bluetooth 4.1 instead of the newer Bluetooth 5. It also turns out that the Nintendo Switch’s built-in Bluetooth audio only supports the SBC codec. Unfortunately, this is the most common audio codec and also the most susceptible to audio delays and connection issues.

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The lag between on-screen action and sound can be so noticeable that it can negatively affect your gameplay and force you to ditch your headphones.

Consider using a single Pro Controller instead of two Joy-Cons to reduce audio lag. Alternatively, you can get a Bluetooth 5.0 and APTX support adapter to eliminate audio lag.

Finally, when Bluetooth audio is connected, you can’t use the controller menu to find lost controllers or change hold/order.

Play Your Nintendo Switch With Your Wireless Headphones

As mentioned earlier, while the Nintendo Switch’s built-in Bluetooth is certainly a valuable addition, it is far from perfect due to various limitations. Therefore, some people may still choose to use Bluetooth dongles or adapters instead.

In addition, investing in one can help with many things. Using adapters can allow you to use more than two wireless controllers at the same time, play with friends over a LAN connection, or even avoid audio delays and enjoy game chat! And if you’re worried about whether it’s a smart buy, consider that it can still be economical, especially if you buy something that works with other consoles like the PS4/5 or Xbox.

There are different ways to use Bluetooth adapters with the Nintendo Switch, depending on the type of adapter you have. Let’s discuss each of them below!

Bluetooth Headphones On Switch

Whether you already have a Bluetooth headset that comes with a USB dongle or a third-party USB-A dongle, this type works well with the Nintendo Switch in dock mode. This is because the only USB-A port on the Switch can be found on the Nintendo Dock.

How To Use Bluetooth Headphones On Switch

The Nintendo Switch’s USB-C port is located on the middle-bottom of the handheld. This port is specifically designed for charging and docking. With the right Bluetooth audio adapter, you can use this port to plug in your Bluetooth headset and still enjoy game chat.

Another way to connect wireless headphones to the Switch is to use a Bluetooth dongle with a 3.5mm jack.

This tutorial introduces the Ugreen Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter. We chose this one because it has dual audio connection technology that allows you to use two headphones at the same time. It also features APTX LL technology and a built-in 120mAh battery for 8 hours.

If you want to use your wireless headset without some restrictions and without buying any new accessories, you can try this method. You only need three things, which you may already have:

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This Awesome Adapter Lets You Connect Your Bluetooth Headphones To Your Ps4 Or Switch

This method allows you to bypass the same limitations of the Switch’s built-in Bluetooth support as when using adapters. This means it can be a good choice when you want to use more than two controllers or play with a LAN connection. However, this will not enable microphone input or game chat.

It works in both handheld and docked mode. However, it works better when docked, as wires can get in the way when in handheld mode.

Alternatively, you can also connect your built-in Nintendo Switch to the TV and connect your headphones to your TV. If you’re not sure how, head over to our guide on how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a TV.

Bluetooth Headphones On Switch

This Homespot Bluetooth Audio Transmitter is made exclusively for Nintendo Switch. It features high-quality audio streaming that can be used on both headphones and speakers. Moreover, it is compatible with both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Your Nintendo Switch Oled?

It can be used to stream audio to two headphones simultaneously. It’s also the first Nintendo Switch Bluetooth audio transmitter with a built-in microphone.

When using this device, it is recommended to remove the protective case from the Nintendo Switch first. The case may prevent the USB-C port from fully inserting.

The downside is that it lacks a USB-C pass-through charging port. You also cannot use the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapter in docked mode.

This Genki Bluetooth audio transmitter has dual headphone connection technology. This feature works great for multiplayer games. This allows two headphones to be connected to one adapter at the same time.

How To Use Bluetooth Audio On Your Nintendo Switch

It comes with an audio adapter, a boom microphone accessory and a USB adapter for docking mode. Compatible with PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac.

Unlike the Homespot Bluetooth Audio Transmitter, this one has a USB-C pass-through charging port. This will allow you to charge your device while playing.

With these tips, you can take back your freedom now. No more tangled wires, frayed cables and accidental drops due to accidental wire slips. Now you can enjoy a freer and wider range of motion when playing with your beloved Nintendo Switch than with wired headsets.

Bluetooth Headphones On Switch

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without a decent wireless gaming headset. If you’re still looking for one, don’t hesitate to check out our list of the most recommended wireless gaming headsets today.

Nintendo Switch: Update Now Allows The Use Of Bluetooth Headphones

We hope these tips helped you get a great Switch wireless headset experience. If you have tried any of these tips, be sure to leave us a comment below. Also, if you have more tips you’d like to add, feel free to share them as well. We love to hear from you! Musk’s takeover of Twitter Wired Vs. Wireless Security Cameras iPhone-like Mac Webcam USB-C Vs.

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