Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

Bluetooth Headphone Adapter – I recently bought a nice pair of headphones. It had amazing sound quality and even noise cancellation which is perfect for studying. Only one of them failed. while using it I felt anchored by an annoying audio cable.

Now, I really wanted a wireless headset, but they can be really expensive. That is the problem we are dealing with today. I show you how to make your own Bluetooth adapter that you can use on any headset you want.

Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

There are several adapters you can buy, and I’ve tested a few of them. They often lack media playback buttons, come with small batteries and short streaming times, and most importantly: most of them have really bad sound quality. I tried a few different premades before I finally got my hands on this one.

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The solution was to find inexpensive Bluetooth headphones with decent sound quality. And modify it to suit my music streaming needs.

There are plans to change the audio cables so they no longer go to the headphones. Instead they will go into a female audio jack so I can stream music to whatever headphones and audio devices I want.

The sound source sends alternating electrical signals through the wire to the speaker. The electric current drives small electromagnets that vibrate the air. This creates an audible sound. In this scenario, the only role of the wires is to carry electrical signals. Nothing revolutionary is happening here. If we wanted to, we could cut the cord and reattach it, longer or shorter, and the sound would still be good. That is what we are doing now. We cut the wire but do not reconnect them directly to the speakers. Instead we just use a male and female audio jack to reconnect the wires. This gives us exactly the same connection between the sound source and the speakers as before.

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To see what I was working with, I opened the case on the old headphones. Here I pressed down on the seam of the case with a pair of pliers until the glue broke and everything opened up. I have now cut the audio cables to the headphones. And trust me, cut those cords longer than you think you need to. It’s always nice to work within some margin of safety.

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After cutting the wires, I cleaned off the black insulation around the sound wires. While doing this I was careful to keep my thumb on the solder joints between the wires and the PCB. This should prevent the wires from pulling out along with the plastic insulation.

I tested the PCB to find the positive and negative wires for the audio channels. This was done by streaming music to the bluetooth board and using a multimeter to test the audio connection. I am attaching some pictures to explain the wiring so you can test it yourself.

The two negative wires are connected to the ground pin of the female audio connector. Basically, this means that you only need to connect one of the negative audio leads to the jack.

Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

Thin voice wires are covered with an insulating varnish from the outside. I just burned it with a lighter so that they would accept the solder. To solder thin wires like this, I started by putting a small amount of solder paste on the wires and pads before soldering them with my soldering iron.

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The solder joint is then made by holding the wires on the solder pads and only lightly touching them with the soldering iron. Soldering takes place almost instantly.

While the original buttons worked fine in the old case, I needed a different solution. I turned them off using the touch buttons. The metal foil buttons can be carefully removed with tweezers. This exposes the button connections on the bottom and happens to match the buttons I received perfectly.

I cut the button cords much shorter on one side and completely on the other. This makes it fit much tighter on the circuit board. Soldering is done in much the same way as small wires. First I crimped both connections before holding them together and touching them lightly with a soldering iron.

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I also wanted extra time when I heard my tunes. So I replaced the battery with one more than twice the size. This gives 10 hours of streaming time instead of the standard four hours from the old battery.

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Now I’ve made a lot of changes to the bluetooth board and want to make sure everything still works. I did this with a USB oscilloscope. I connected it to both audio channels. After pairing the Bluetooth PCB with my computer, I played a 20kHz sine wave. This was transmitted over Bluetooth and out of the audio channels and visible on my USB oscilloscope.

You can of course check this either with a multimeter or just by plugging a headphone into the PCB and playing music. I’m just looking for any excuse to pull out my scope on the electronics projects I’m working on.

Making something as small as possible is always a problem because of small errors. This meant I had to go through several design iterations before arriving at the final design. I have attached the .stl files so you can 3D print the same case and everything will fit together. Guaranteed!

Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

I used some digital calipers along with Fusion 360, free 3D software for hobbyists. I’ve also attached the .f3d files so you can open this design in Fusion 360 and make your own design changes to suit your needs.

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The parts are printed at my printer’s best resolution, 0.1mm PLA and 0% fill, along with three perimeter lines. If you don’t have your own 3D printer, try borrowing one from a makerspace, college, or library. Or you can use an online service like or

While printing, I rotated the lid 180 degrees and activated the support material. This was simply because my printer makes the top layer smoother than the bottom layer.

It’s finally time to put all our hard work into one little package. Most presses fit into a case. In the cover I started placing the PCB with the buttons sticking out of the holes. The microphone was inserted into a small hole that held it firmly in place. I put a little hot glue into the audio jack before pressing it into the cover with the input sticking out.

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Small magnets were glued to the bottom of the plant. I also glued the magnets to the appropriate places on the earpiece. This makes it easy to remove and connect the Bluetooth headset adapter.

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Once everything was in place on the inside of the case, I clamped the two halves together and added a small seam of hot glue. If you are sure that you will not need to open the case, you can use super glue. I just like that my electronic projects are easy to fix if something goes wrong.

And it’s done. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to any of your audio jacks, pair it with your phone or computer. Now you can finally immerse yourself in your favorite tunes without being confined to an annoying wire.

Overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out. The adapter works well with decent range and long playback time thanks to the battery upgrade. This DIY bluetooth adapter turned out to be a cheap solution to getting a great wireless headset.

Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

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