Bluetooth Gateway

Bluetooth Gateway – The Bluetooth Smart Bridge is the network spider at the heart of all Bluetooth Smart products. This provides the ability to connect devices to this smart bridge via Bluetooth using the Smart Life app. Various functions are possible in the cloud, such as weather, remote control, group control and voice control. This smart bridge brings it all together. Enjoy the convenience of smart life across different scenarios with Bluetooth Bridge.

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Integrated handle design, convenient door opening experience One-step unlocking, simple and clear operation, the elderly and children can use high-sensitivity biological fingerprint identification is fast

Bluetooth Gateway

Bluetooth Gateway

Tuya Bluetooth APP lets you enjoy smart life Use advanced fingerprint reader, excellent for distinguishing fake and shallow fingerprints Voice prompts, easy operation and the latest information at the door. ..

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Jmsmart Ble/mesh/beacon Gateway Smart Bluetooth 5.0 Sig Mesh Gateway Beacon Gateway

Fingerprint sensor is on the handle, one-step unlock, three-color indicator, easy-to-use English voice prompt

1080P video resolution Wifi connection: Tuya app, support PIR motion detection to share devices, protect your home all the time Infrared night vision

A master key is provided for emergency unlocking A user key + password is required to unlock the safe External battery charging to avoid being stuck in a no power situation

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