Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Bluetooth Computer Speakers – 80 watts of power combined with digital signal processing (DSP) to produce immersive and authentic sound. Hear highs, powerful mids and lows, and all the bass you can handle.

Controls: Power, volume, bass control, mute, mute, track forward, reverse, Bluetooth pairing, source switching buttons .etc, depending on the wireless control.

Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Works with Windows®, Mac or Chrome OS™ computers via AUX, USB-A, Bluetooth and iOS or Android™ Bluetooth devices.

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80 watts of power combined with digital signal processing (DSP) to produce immersive and authentic sound. Hear highs, powerful mids and lows, and all the bass you can handle.

With a wireless phone and dual stand-alone speakers you can control your sound and style. Adjust the bass and sound from the room. Place the speakers horizontally or vertically. Join us

20 Watts of bass and DSP will take you to that sweet balance of depth and clarity. It adds “boom” to music, movies and games, while still keeping the sound of the soundtrack.

Experience 80-watt immersive sound—from highs to mids and lows—without sacrificing bass. DSP and non-blocking control give you a balanced sound profile and better bass, so you can hear everything in the audio spectrum.

The Highest Rated Bluetooth Computer Speakers In 2022

What is 20 meters for you? The wireless range of 20 meters allows you to adjust your sound from the room, all with a wireless phone. Press and switch to play, pause, mute/Unmute and work when connected via 3.5 mm input. Play/Pause/Back/Redo function when connected via USB or Bluetooth. Audio controls may vary when playing some LIVE content under USB/Bluetooth., adjust volume and bass. Do everything from the control phone. It’s easy, and you don’t even have to get out of bed.

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Say goodbye to “boxy.” These oval-shaped speakers are ready to dazzle in a gray graphite texture, blending into your desktop environment without distraction. Place them vertically or horizontally to get the look you want. It is compact and you can place it under your monitor to save space. Use it to treat your area.

, micro USB, and the input of 3.5 mm. The phone input button on the bottom of the watch toggles between the phone connections (3.5 mm and micro USB). Quickly switch back to

Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Press and hold for 2 seconds to enter or exit bass mode. Turn and adjust the bass volume, you will hear a notification sound when you reach the MAX/min bass level.

Logitech Z407 2.1 Bluetooth Computer Speaker With Subwoofer And Wireless Control

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Logitech’s new $80 Bluetooth computer speakers sound great for the price and offer easy wireless control for a clean workspace.

Onikuma L6 Rgb Gaming Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

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Logitech is a household name when it comes to premium computer speakers. My first speakers in college were Logitech and I’ve had three speakers from the brand since then.

Logitech’s affordable speakers are known for combining solid audio quality with low prices, and they toe that line better than almost any of the competition. The Z407 Bluetooth computer speakers are another example of this legacy with wired and Bluetooth support, adjustable left and right monitors, and subwoofer integration.

Bluetooth Computer Speakers

But does it sound good? Is it worth spending $80 on a system, or should you save and pay more? We sat down with the Logitech Z407 speakers to find out.

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Logitech hasn’t strayed too far from its proven design choices over the years, but it’s an attempt to break even. The surface of each speaker is smooth and free of glare, which is similar to the “free” appearance of other Logitech models, such as the Z313. Speakers are beautiful, if easy to forget.

In addition, the Logitech only offers it in one color: a gray-black texture that doesn’t really suit itself. That being said, the result of the style and the choice of the same color is a speaker that blends well with most environments.

The biggest change from some of Logitech’s older speakers is the move from a wired control cable — usually connected directly to the right speaker or via a cable — to a wireless one. This wireless puck is the nerve center of the device, offering Bluetooth connectivity, audio control, pause/play, and skip forward/backward functions.

This is the only place where you can switch between Bluetooth and cellular modes, which can be done from a button at the bottom of the disc. More details below.

Edifier E10bt Bluetooth Desktop Computer Speaker System E10bt

The Z407 is not heavy. Each monitor is light in the hand and the bass unit, regardless of its size, will surprise you with how easy it is to lift. Very light weight is a red flag for audio equipment, but this is not the case with the Z407 speakers.

A final note on the design is that the left and right monitors can be configured in one of two ways. The panels are shaped, and you can choose to arrange them vertically or horizontally. It comes with a detachable stand that can easily be zoomed into position and held in two places of your choice. I know that both work well, but personally I prefer the compact form of the standard “tall” method.

Setting up the Logitech Z407 speakers is hassle-free. Inside the box you’ll find a wireless control puck, left and right speakers with color-coded extension cables, a subwoofer, a power cable, and a 3.5mm male-to-male audio cable. choose You can also connect using a Micro USB cable, but it is not included.

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Bluetooth Computer Speakers

After mounting the subwoofer to the wall and connecting the left and right speakers to the appropriate sockets on the back of the subwoofer, all that remains is to insert the AAA batteries in in that -puck wirelessly and hit the Bluetooth connection button at the bottom. The system will beep to indicate that it is looking for a suitable Bluetooth partner, then you can select the device from your Bluetooth menu, on your computer or smartphone.

Logitech Z207 2.0 Stereo Computer Speakers With Bluetooth

Once connected, the volume can be controlled by rolling the puck left or right. The top rotates 360 degrees, and the bottom stays attached to your desk thanks to the rubber sole. When you turn the valve, you get feedback with a clear click – almost like a “Wheel of Fortune” if the pins were rubber. It was almost silent, but you could hear movement. Pressing the center of the puck will pause or play music, tapping twice will jump forward and three times will jump back. These controls are very nice, but they work well.

To control the bass level, press and hold the top of the puck down for two seconds. Then switch from the volume control to the bass level, and you can turn it up or down from there. You need to hold the puck for another two seconds to return to volume control. This is not a very fast process, and there is no visual indication of the level set for your bass. Instead, the speaker plays the sound when you hit the highest or lowest bass settings. It’s not the best user experience, but it gets the job done.

To switch between Bluetooth and the phone connection, you need to use the two buttons on the bottom of the control phone. Hitting the Bluetooth button or the AUX button will quickly change the source. When in Bluetooth mode, you need a wireless puck to command the connection. While on the phone, you can use the puck to access all the controls found in Bluetooth mode, but you can also completely disconnect the puck and it works fine. speakers.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to tell the speakers to make a phone call if the battery in the puck dies, however, you should act quickly. However, it would be nice if Logitech didn’t make the wireless puck part of the system.

Best Computer Speakers 2020

It should be noted that the only way to connect a pair of headphones to the system is through the AUX port on the subwoofer. Some will appreciate the integrated audio port right in front of the speakers

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