Bluetooth Battery Speaker

Bluetooth Battery Speaker – Compact yet powerful single channel speaker with 3W output and built-in power bank. Bluetooth speaker built from scratch !!

Here I used a 2 inch driver, so using a compass I marked 2 inches on the top with a marker.

Bluetooth Battery Speaker

Bluetooth Battery Speaker

Now on the bottom of the box, mark the location of the USB port, micro USB port, charging LEDs and slide switch using a marker, cut and drill them.

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Drill a hole using a 3mm drill on the front of the box for the status LED.

This circuit turns on automatically when it detects a load on the output. And it automatically shuts off when the load is removed within 10 seconds.

(Out +) and (Out-) are the output + 5v and GND which are also directly connected to the USB pin on the board.

+ 5v power supply is required for power supply. It has a 2 channel output on which I created a mono channel using a mono audio filter.

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The mono audio filter uses two 1k ohm resistors as shown in the schematic diagram. All the reasons are common.

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Connect the + 5v point of the amplifier to the + 5v output of the charging circuit and the RIN point to the mono audio output of the bluetooth module.

I made the status LED as colorful as possible for a cleaner look. Using the schematic diagram provided, glue everything together. Use insulation on the battery terminals.

Bluetooth Battery Speaker

Using hot glue, glue the battery, Bluetooth module and amplifier board to the inner walls of the box.

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I love the original vivid and spicy color of the box. So I kept this original.

The audio quality is still good and very high. Beautiful voice and clear sound. The bass is not strong because the box has a low volume and does not have a harder case.

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The box is made of rigid cardboard, so it vibrates a little when played at maximum volume.

Here we used an 18650 battery with a capacity of 2600mAh. To be honest, there was no more space inside the box, so I was forced to use a single cell. 2 to 3 cells should be great for this project. This single cell can charge approximately the entire battery of a cell phone.

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