Bluetooth Adapter For Outdoor Speakers

Bluetooth Adapter For Outdoor Speakers – The OSD Audio BOM4.1 Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth System includes an 8.0 subwoofer enclosure with built-in Bluetooth receiver and (2) internal 60W digital stereo amplifiers per channel. Perfect for powering two pairs of external speakers

So you have a right and left main stereo system. It is not possible to connect a second pair of speakers or add any kind of subwoofer. Therefore, it is a closed system, limiting the possibilities of customer expansion.

Bluetooth Adapter For Outdoor Speakers

Bluetooth Adapter For Outdoor Speakers

The BOM4.1 revolves around the outer casing of the 100W 8.0-inch subwoofer as the focal point of the system. Two 60-watt stereo digital amplifiers allow two to four pairs of 8-ohm speakers to be connected to the system. Osd Audio 6.5

You can choose between two identical pairs of speakers, or two pairs of Rock speakers, Patio speakers, Outdoor speakers or even two pairs of Planter speakers. Or mix and match different pairs of speakers depending on the application. Each of the four speakers is powered by its own digital amplifier per channel. And who doesn’t want more bass in their system?

IP67-rated power supply and durable ABS subwoofer housing withstand cold and heat easily pair with a tablet or smartphone

Typical external Bluetooth speaker systems include a pair of stereo speakers without the option to add additional speakers or a subwoofer. The BOM4.1 forms the basis for a complete external Bluetooth system, starting with a green chassis with an active subwoofer and two stereo amplifiers. Each of them can power a single pair of 4-ohm / 8-ohm speakers or two pairs of 8-ohm speakers for each amplifier.

All speakers can be of the same type; Rock, Patio and Garden Pendant or you can mix and match depending on the application. As an example, you can connect a pair of Rock speakers on the back patio and a pair of Patio speakers on board.

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The internal wireless Bluetooth receiver connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device for a wide range of Internet radio and music streaming.

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This external subwoofer (3″ to 4″ hole suggested) comes with a green all-weather enclosure. The kit includes a rugged IP-67 weatherproof power supply certified 100% sand and dirt (#6). (#7) means that the power supply can be submerged up to one meter in water.

The BOM4.1 has an internal Bluetooth 4.0 receiver that sends its signal to two internal 60-watt digital stereo power amplifiers.

Bluetooth Adapter For Outdoor Speakers

BOM4.1 All-Weather Bluetooth® Powered Subwoofer features a 360-degree multi-directional design that provides flexibility in subwoofer placement in the final subwoofer/satellite configuration. Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Connections to the BOM4.1 include two four-wire speaker cables (right and left +/-) 10 to 14 feet long, one from each stereo amplifier to connect a pair of 4/8 ohm speakers. Alternatively, two pairs of 8-ohm speakers can be connected to each amplifier.

A pair of 5.25-inch Rock Speakers (RS550), Patio Speakers (PA525) or Garden Speakers (PS520 Planter) are perfect for the BOM4.1, either two pairs of each or a combination of two of the three options . Hanging garden speakers, including the LS-2, LS-3 and FORZA5 (two or four pairs depending on the design), also offer the perfect opportunity.

External systems are all about scope and only the ability of BOM4.1 to adapt the optimized system to the application. The BOM4.1 integrates connectivity to a Bluetooth source up to 75 feet for the perfect plug and play sub/satellite system.

Wiring the BOM4.1 system is relatively simple; The AC adapter connects to the subwoofer box to provide power to the internal Bluetooth receiver, the 4.1 channel power amplifier. Speaker cables coming from the bottom of the enclosure connect to two or four pairs of satellite speakers.

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You are now ready to pair your Bluetooth enabled device (smartphone or tablet) with the BOM4.1 housing Bluetooth receiver. In no time, you’ll be sending your music to the perfect outdoor system.

Building a system that starts with a dedicated powered subwoofer with a built-in Bluetooth receiver and two built-in stereo amplifiers can provide an excellent acoustically balanced external sub/satellite system.

The subwoofer is a dedicated bass speaker designed to handle low frequency effects in audio systems and is .1 of the 4.1 found in BOM4.1. The result is less drop-off and more balanced, rich sound, so the next time you’re in a hot tub, garden or pool, the music will trump ambient noise.

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Bluetooth Adapter For Outdoor Speakers

If you’re investing in an external speaker, make sure the waterproofing or waterproofing claims are IP-marked. IP67 is an international degree of protection granted to products that meet certain criteria.

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The BOM4.1 incorporates an IP67-rated power supply that is 100% protected against solid objects such as dirt, dust, and sand, and is tested to operate for at least 30 minutes when submerged in water up to a depth of 1 meter. It is indispensable in gardens with pools and sprinklers where splashes can damage or interrupt the power supply.

Every environment is different, but we tested our external Bluetooth subwoofer unobstructed up to 75 feet and got a clear audio signal. Your location may have trees and other factors that can inhibit Bluetooth transmission. Still, line-of-sight communication is typically 35 to 75 feet, and pairing only takes a few minutes.

Make sure your Bluetooth device and speakers are fully charged or fully charged. Control BOM4.1 from a Bluetooth enabled device. The speakers will emit a Bluetooth pairing code for the Bluetooth device to pick up and settings such as volume, mute, etc. they are controlled directly from your phone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device. We independently check everything we recommend. By purchasing through our links, we may earn a commission. More information>

Today, most major audio electronics have built-in Bluetooth connectivity. But if you have older home audio equipment, such as a beloved stereo receiver or a set of powered speakers, it likely lacks Bluetooth connectivity or has poor Bluetooth reception. This doesn’t mean you have to wipe your system and start over. The Bluetooth Audio Receiver lets you pair your old gear with the latest Bluetooth audio sources, the best of which give you great sound. The iFi Audio Zen Air Blue is our favorite because of its excellent coverage, wide format support, and surprisingly good sound quality for its price.

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This Bluetooth audio receiver sounds amazing, is easy to set up, and offers surprisingly good range, but lacks digital audio outputs.

While you can pay more for a Bluetooth receiver for additional features and even greater range, the iFi Audio Zen Air Blue delivers where it matters most. The Zen Air Blue’s sound quality is on par with Bluetooth audio receivers costing nearly twice as much, and the small number of connections and controls make operation simple and intuitive. Also, the Bluetooth range is surprisingly good considering the lack of an external antenna in this model. Stereo analog RCA outputs are the only connection option, and this is fine for most people since almost every home stereo system has an analog input. Zen Air Blue supports all the appropriate Bluetooth audio codecs (encoder/decoder, algorithms that compress audio data for easier wireless transmission), so it can almost certainly receive the best Bluetooth signal than your phone, tablet or computer has transmission capacity.

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Zen Blue V2 is an expensive but cost-effective upgrade to our top choice if you prefer digital outputs or have a larger home that requires greater signal coverage.

Bluetooth Adapter For Outdoor Speakers

Whether you have a high-end audio system or prefer a Bluetooth audio receiver with digital audio outputs, the iFi Audio Zen Blue V2 was definitely the best-sounding Bluetooth receiver we rated in our latest round of tests. In terms of connectivity, it includes both optical and coaxial digital audio outputs, as well as a balanced 4.4mm audio connection and RCA stereo analog outputs. Zen Blue V2 is also a great choice if you need a greater signal range than most Bluetooth receivers can provide. All other test units became unstable or lost connection somewhere in the 1,518-square-foot suburban home we tested, but the Zen Blue V2, equipped with the provided long-range antenna, maintained a stable connection with the iPhone at the far end. corner of the garden. Combine that with easy setup, reliable and near-instant reconnection, and an attractive design, and Zen Blue V2 is a top choice for discerning audiophiles, despite its hefty price tag.

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If you’re looking for a cheap and reliable Bluetooth audio receiver with portable potential, the Monoprice 38071 will do just fine. But it has some peculiarities.

If your top priority when buying a Bluetooth receiver is price and portability, as opposed to ergonomics and impeccable sound quality, the Monoprice 38071 Premium Bluetooth 5 Transmitter and Receiver wins hands down with other comparably priced offerings. It supports the most popular Bluetooth audio codecs, but doesn’t support some of the more esoteric ones that audiophiles might appreciate. O

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