Bluesound Flex 2i

Bluesound Flex 2i – We had a chance to check out Bluesound’s Pulse soundbar a few years ago, and I thought its support for various audio codecs and sheer dynamic sound was amazing. Having said that, I wanted to go back and check out one of their wireless speakers called the Plus Flex 2i. It supports not only Wi-Fi but also Bluetooth and HiFi frequencies. It also boasts some portability. Let’s see how this speaker fared a few years later.

The Pulse Flex 2i feels like a bookshelf speaker. It’s a bit boxy, with each end cut off, and weighs about 3 pounds. Although its mesh speaker grill hides an LED indicator, it still looks clean. At the top of the speaker are playback controls, volume controls, and presets. If you go back again, there are ports like microUSB, Ethernet, USB-A, optical and headphone jacks. There’s also a mounting port and battery pack (not included) behind the black circle.

Bluesound Flex 2i

Bluesound Flex 2i

It doesn’t take long to get the Flex 2i up and running. Just fire it up, give it a few minutes to boot up and set everything up using the BluOS app on my OnePlus 9 Pro. I’m also using the BluOS desktop app. I sync the app with some music apps I have access to, such as Amazon Music, Spotify, and Tidal. While most music apps work in BluOS, Spotify has to be used in its own app. You can also get it to work with Google Assistant. I tried it, it’s a bit small because you always have to say some command to get it. I’m dealing with applications.

Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i Multi Room Hansugárzó Black

One music app I like to use is YouTube Music (FKA Google Play Music) because there are a lot of older versions out there. But luckily, the Flex 2i supports Bluetooth 4.1 with AptX. So a quick switch to BT through the app and syncing to my phone, I was able to run the app through it. Going back to the BluOS network requires you to start the track normally in whatever music app you’re using.

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It worked well with Apple AirPlay 2, and it looked fine playing movies I tested with the Baby Driver and scenes from The Dark Knight Rises through my iPhone 12 Pro, with no lag in sync.

Don’t be fooled by this speaker’s small size, as it feels big enough to fill a room with a pure soundstage. The audio is rich, detailed, and gives you plenty of bass. It contains a 4″ woofer and a 1″ dome tweeter. It is capable of playing almost any audio format from MP3 to FLAC. Of course, you must have an app to support this sound. I’m using Tidal because they have the “main” file, the MQA file. The sound quality is unparalleled. I can only imagine the feeling of combining two pairs into a stereo.

Although the Pulse Flex 2i has been around for a few years, it doesn’t show much age, just tweaking its app here and there and having an outdated BT frequency. But the fact that it can switch to Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2 and various music apps, as well as some Hi-Fi capabilities, makes it a clutch speaker. It would be nice if they included a battery pack ($89.99) in the speaker, but I don’t think some of them ever leave people’s homes. While the Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i is $299.99, you’re paying for quality. Ultra-Compact Portable Wireless Multiroom Streaming Speaker The Bluesound PULSE FLEX 2i is a versatile full-range speaker that delivers true wireless portability and audio performance. .Place a pair in any room, stack them together for stereo sound, or even take one with you to the park. Here’s our small speaker that lets you enjoy loud music in every corner of your home.

Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i Review

The PULSE FLEX 2i uses your Wi-Fi network and can be set up in minutes right out of the box. Just open the BluOS Controller app and watch it walk you through the setup process step by step. You can customize the speaker’s name and assign rooms to it, adjust audio settings, and set up up to five groups to quickly listen to your favorite radio stations, music services, and playlists with just one tap. With the new dual-band Wi-Fi engine, the PULSE FLEX 2i stays connected when online, ensuring zero skip or lag when listening to music.

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The PULSE FLEX 2i exceeds all expectations by delivering a rich, detailed soundstage that fills any room. State-of-the-art bass drivers add some serious punch to this small but powerful speaker, and our advanced DirectDigital™ amplifier lets you fully experience all your music without sacrificing portability and size.

The PULSE FLEX 2i uses your Wi-Fi network and can be set up in minutes right out of the box. Just open the BluOS Controller app and watch it virtually discover your home for new players and walk you through the setup process. You can customize the speaker’s name and assign rooms to it, adjust audio settings, and set up up to five groups to quickly listen to your favorite radio stations, music services, and playlists with just one tap.

Bluesound Flex 2i

With all access to millions of tracks, the BluOS Controller app lets you stream songs from existing music services, listen to your favorite podcasts, and even listen to music from your personal collection. With aptX® Bluetooth®, users can wirelessly stream any music or app in pure CD quality from a Bluetooth-enabled device, opening up a whole new realm of streaming possibilities with the Plus FLEX 2i on the go.

Portable Wifi Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i Speaker

Easily combine the PULSE FLEX 2i with other Bluetooth players to play music in perfect sync across different rooms, or combine a pair of PULSE FLEX 2i speakers with the PULSE SOUNDBAR 2i and SUB for a fully immersive Dolby Immersive Cinema. detail

With functionality and support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri, you can easily connect your Bluesound Player to the appropriate app and enjoy hands-free voice control using your personal music library, streaming services, and more Simple, structured ization command. Select tracks, play your favorite playlists, pause or skip songs, and even say which room you want to listen to the music in. A quick and easy way to control your music, voice control brings you a whole new way of music experience. Family

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Supported Operating Systems Play music from network shares on the following desktop operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Vista 7-10, Apple Macintosh 7-10

Mobile Operating System BluOS – Free Android and iOS Apps Available Online on Google Play and Apple App Store Goodbye! – welcome! Sie verlassen nun die offfizielle Seite und wir leiten Sie auf die Präsenz unseres Vertriebspartners in Deutschland weiter. We are not responsible for the content and accessibility of the website. Weiterhin können die Sicherheits-, Datenschutz- und Vertriebsrichtlinien von den auf der brexiten Seite angegebenen abweichen. We ask for understanding. You say “tschüss” to the official website and visit a website run by an authorized dealer. We are not responsible for the content or availability of this website and urge you to read their security and privacy policies as they may differ from these policies.

Review: Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i

PULSE FLEX is a game-changing two-way wireless speaker with exceptional performance and portability. Keep a pair in the corner of a great room, or take it to a picnic. Personal audio will never look the same.

“It’s one of the most portable devices for music I’ve heard in a long time, and it’s a pleasure to look back on.”

“Multiroom wireless systems were revolutionary when they first appeared…and have been improved and developed since then.”

Bluesound Flex 2i

Rich, oversized sound The PULSE FLEX is an ultra-compact two-way speaker that uses a state-of-the-art digital amplifier combined with two custom full-range drivers to deliver deep, detailed sound wherever you listen . All your tracks will undergo state-of-the-art audio processing while you tap play for true studio quality sound, allowing you to fully experience all your music without compromising portability and size quality. .

The Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i Speaker Is A Masterpiece Of Multiroom Sound Tech

With Bluetooth turned on, you can stream any music or app wirelessly in pure CD quality from your Bluetooth-enabled device, opening up a whole new realm of streaming possibilities on the go with Plus Flex. aptX

Bluetooth significantly reduces bitrates without compromising sound quality or introducing latency issues, allowing you to enjoy high-quality streaming in and out of your home.

Listen to your music anytime, anywhere. use

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