Best Wifi Surround System

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Best Wireless Surround Sound Systems Tested in 2022 Immerse yourself in high-quality sound during your favorite movie, song, or video game with a new wireless surround sound system.

Best Wifi Surround System

Best Wifi Surround System

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A completely wireless surround sound system can replace the directional sound of a TV or stereo with multiple interconnected speakers that fill the entire room with high-quality audio, evenly balanced in all directions. Surround sound capabilities enhance TV sound through an omnidirectional speaker design. A completely wireless surround sound system can immerse the listener in the environment, providing a cinematic feeling, allowing you to truly enjoy the full visual and audio experience.

We’ve extensively tested the following wireless home theater systems to judge them on features, sound quality, ease of setup and operation, and value. Read on for our test results, as well as some key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best wireless surround sound systems.

Wireless surround sound systems aren’t for everyone, so before we go over the factors to consider when buying one, we want to mention a few things to keep in mind.

First, wireless surround sound systems don’t come cheap, so prospective buyers need to keep their budget in mind. Second, although wireless systems have far fewer cables overall than wired surround sound systems, they are not completely wireless. Depending on your chosen wireless entertainment system, you may need to plug it into a wall outlet or connect it to a subwoofer. So keep that in mind when thinking about room design and proximity to available power.

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To evaluate the best wireless surround sound systems, we thoroughly tested each one by listening to and seeing it in the real world. We evaluate systems on physical speaker setup procedures and internal settings such as Wi-Fi connections and app controls. We evaluated their ease of operation, audio quality and power, consistency at extreme volume levels, performance with various audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos spatial audio, and any other characteristics of individual systems.

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The most common media used for testing included a variety of music playlists from Tidal and Spotify; live sporting events like the NHL Stanley Cup Final; And movies and shows with hard and fast soundtracks, including

On Disney+. Tidal playlists and most movies and shows were available in Dolby Atmos for wireless systems that supported the format, and for consistency, at least the same music and videos played on all systems.

Best Wifi Surround System

Before recommending the best wireless surround sound systems, we tested them extensively with a variety of media, including big-budget action and animation movies and TV shows, high-end console games, and music from the 1960s to 2020. Much of the source media was encoded for surround sound and some was stereo audio to test the conversion capabilities of wireless surround sound speakers. All tested systems were chosen for their high marks for performance, features, and value, but they vary widely in size, audio output power, features, and price. Each option can appeal to very specific preferences, so consumers should check the results to determine which wireless entertainment system is best for them.

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For impressively realistic surround sound and a very loud, low-noise home theater experience, the Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4-Channel Sound Bar System offers the goods for those with the space. While it took a while to get all the speakers in, the system connected easily to the TV’s High-Definition Multimedia Interface Audio Return Channel (HDMI ARC) and sounded fantastic, thanks to excellent Spatial Surround Elevation (SSE) technology. Nakamichi who did a great job. Creating a huge 3D soundstage full of sonic movement.

Illuminated remote selects multiple soundbar audio sources; Control the volume of the subwoofers, surround speakers and the entire system; and select sound modes like Movie, Game, and Pure Sound that adjust the audio mix so dialogue pops. Even without Clear Voice, dialogue always seemed clear to us, even at high volume. And this system is louder than any other in this guide. At maximum levels, the sound is unhealthy for long-term exposure, but users get a powerful home theater experience with ripping bass on both sides. Even at much lower volumes, the system creates very effective surround sound and has the perfect number of speakers for music, movies and shows combined with Dolby Atmos.

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Nakamichi’s immersive surround sound is especially amazing for video games, where directional sound differentiates the user’s character movement. This was the most realistic system for games in this guide. Its Bluetooth aptX also sends uncompressed audio from Bluetooth compatible devices. However, when we watched Netflix at a certain volume and then switched to Bluetooth, the volume was suddenly louder, loud enough to hurt our ears. But if that big sound and power is what you crave, Nakamichi also has an upgraded 9.2.4-channel eARC/SSE Max Shockwafe Ultra that extends the low-frequency range, has stronger output, and improves the speakers and sound. surround. Processing for another hundred dollars.

The JBL Bar 9.1 system makes enjoying Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and other major surround sound formats as easy as possible. Setup simply requires connecting the sound bar to the TV and turning on AC power for both the sound bar and the large subwoofer. Units sync automatically. The sound bar has two magnetically connected surround speakers with rechargeable batteries. Place them on the left and right of the back of the display area, turn them on and they will automatically sync with the sound bar. Then do the audio calibration with the remote. The surround speakers work for about 10 hours on battery power. When the power goes out, a message appears on the soundbar’s screen. When charging from the soundbar, the surround speakers don’t work, but the soundbar does.

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Everything else about the Bar 9.1 system is seamless. Its sound bar and surround speakers have amplification drivers for true spatial audio when playing Dolby Atmos material. The subwoofer only goes down to 34Hz (deeper subwoofers go to 20Hz or so), but it still feels powerful and punchy. The audio is very detailed and the surround sound field captures the complex environment well. The remote control helps users dial in volume with separate levels for the subwoofer and rear speakers.

It was a pleasure to listen to music on the JBL Bar 9.1 via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. For Wi-Fi streaming, the system uses the Google Home app (Android/iOS) for Chromecast or Apple Control Center for AirPlay (iOS). Adding a JBL system to Google Home was easy, and while Tidal’s Chromecasting Dolby Atmos, the Bar 9.1 played music in the Atmos format as advertised, which is much rarer than it should be. Although the full bar 9.1 sound seemed muffled compared to the sharp transparency of the Sony HT-A9 system, this is an excellent overall surround sound option with convenient, truly wireless operation.

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While it’s not the be all and end all for wireless surround sound systems, the Vizio M51ax-J6 defies expectations with its low price of under $350. It’s easy to set up by connecting power cables to the soundbar and subwoofer, an HDMI ARC cable to the TV, and audio cables from the subwoofer to the two surround speakers. The remote has a convenient one-line display that shows information such as input source, volume level, active sound effect modes, and other settings. Voice control is optional for users with voice-assisted hardware, like the Google Home speaker.

Best Wifi Surround System

This system is compact, but the speakers and 5-inch subwoofer deliver louder, more powerful sound than we expected. The 3D soundstage is also quite spacious for this price, especially for gaming. Movies and TV shows from streaming apps sounded great too, and Dolby Atmos is supported, though only as virtual processing, not from the speakers. At the highest volume, the audio level was barely audible and the audio mix remained coherent enough to understand dialogue.

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For listening to music, the soundbar has an analog mini-jack input, a USB port for listening to WAV music from disk, and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. The Bluetooth connection was very responsive and stable, and it sounded great from streaming apps like Spotify and Tidal. All other surround sound sources from the PS5 console’s HDMI input or smart TV streaming apps worked pretty well.

For rooms of any shape, the simple yet elegant Sony HT-A9 fits into the environment, delivering big, spacious surround sound in a small footprint. All four speaker units contain a deluxe driver, ideal for immersive 3D audio formats like Dolby Atmos, a tweeter and a woofer, so the system as a whole can reproduce full-spectrum audio, including bass down to around 47Hz. . However, for

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