Best Speakers Under 100

Best Speakers Under 100 – The Anker Soundcore Motion+ is the top of Anker’s line of portable Bluetooth speakers. It has an amazing power of 30W through its 4 drivers and a central radiator. It has IPX7 waterproof features, adjustable EQ through its own software, up to 12 hours of battery life, aptX support, USB-C charging and supports wireless stereo calling.

At £100 or $100, it’s not a budget option like some of Anker’s, but I wanted to compare it to the recent Anker Soundcore Boost, and the more popular JBL Flip 4.

Best Speakers Under 100

Best Speakers Under 100

Inside the heavy-duty box, you’ll find the speaker, a charging pad, a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, and a 3.5mm audio cable. There is no recording on the wall.

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The build quality of the speaker is very good and I like the design. Anker has switched to the Soundcore model, with a front and rear radiator and a small notch in front of the metal grille, which surrounds half of the sides. All other speaker housings are made of rubberized plastic, which is pleasant to the touch, but leaves fingerprints.

It’s not light at 1050g – that’s the same weight as the Amazon Echo and almost 500g heavier than the Anker Soundcore Boost I reviewed recently. It’s still pretty small for what it packs, at 257mm x 79mm x 81mm.

There is no case with it and although I have not been able to burn the metal grill, I have to be careful when putting it in a travel bag.

It has a very welcome IPX7 water resistance rating, however. Anker says it can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. It must have survived being submerged in water. He must have survived being drowned in the water.

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Pulling back the waterproof rubber seal called Motion+ on the side of the speaker reveals a USB-C port for charging and a 3.5mm aux-in port for wired connectivity. I’m glad to see a solid USB-C port with its flexible design that doesn’t care where you put the cable.

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The speaker calls for its 6700mAh battery at 2A which I measured to be close to 1.8A which I measured to be close to 1.8A, it takes 4 hours to charge. You can use the speaker while it’s charging, but even if it charges through your computer’s USB port, it won’t support digital audio output through this connection.

The power button, located above the charging ports, glows red while the speaker is charging and turns off when charged. It will flash red when the battery is low, but beyond that there is nothing left to show without looking through a Bluetooth-connected device.

Best Speakers Under 100

Disappointingly, there is no USB charging port which is common on these portable speakers, including Anker Soundcore Boost and JBL Charge to name two.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100 In 2022

You must ensure that the hatch cover is fully closed if you want the water to mix.

Pressing the power button once turns the speaker on, and pressing it for two seconds turns it off. All of them are accompanied by a lot of noise that cannot be avoided, even the program that I will talk about shortly.

When you turn on the speaker for the first time, the Bluetooth LED will flash blue when it enters pairing mode. Click “Soundcore Motion+” in the settings on your Bluetooth device to connect. The blue LED will flash slowly when the connection is established.

Unfortunately, there’s no NFC support for quick pairing with accessories – another feature that the cheaper Boost has.

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But Motion+ supports connecting to two devices at the same time. To pair with another device, press the Bluetooth button on the speaker. The Bluetooth LED will also light up and you can connect your other device. Now you can play from any connected device and the speaker will automatically switch to that device. This works most of the time – sometimes I have to tap the speaker in the Bluetooth settings to reconfirm the connection.

When you turn the speaker off and on again, it will connect to all connected devices. All of this happens very quickly thanks to the latest Bluetooth 5.0 support.

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If you want to connect to another device, you can press the Bluetooth button again, which drops the two connections ready to connect to another device.

Best Speakers Under 100

You can reset the speaker and remove all connections by holding the Bluetooth and Volume buttons for three seconds while the speaker is on. The Bass LED lights up white and the device restarts to prepare for pairing.

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The speaker sits on rubber feet, and the driver units are placed at an angle of 15 degrees to better direct sound. This means that the top controls are also curved which makes them difficult to use and view without standing over the speakers.

The Bass button on the right side of the microphone enables and disables the bass boost and is lit by default with a white LED light. The up and down buttons rotate the game | and a pause button called Soundcore. It’s the aforementioned Bluetooth button with its LED on the far right.

The volume up and down buttons have their own functions and communicate with your device’s volume via Bluetooth, but not via the internet. There is no beep to interrupt your music when you reach the maximum volume, which is common with other Anker portable speakers.

Activities | the stop button has several functions. One press plays and pauses your videos or answers and hangs up calls, two presses play the next song, and three presses play the previous song. Pressing for two seconds opens the voice assistant.

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I’d rather use double-pressing the volume keys to skip songs instead of messing with one key.

You can connect two of these speakers as stereo speakers – just press and hold their Bluetooth buttons for three seconds to start syncing. Both Bluetooth speaker LEDs glow white and then glow white when heated. Unfortunately, I didn’t have another session to test this.

It’s great to see another Motion+ app available for iOS and Android. There is no native iPad app, but you can use the main iPhone version.

Best Speakers Under 100

When you open the app for the first time, you’ll need to select which Soundcore device you have. This is remembered when you restart the app. You can control playback, adjust volume, and long-press the power button to turn off the speaker. But you can’t turn on the app anymore.

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By touching the three dots, you can adjust the automatic shutdown time from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. You can also change the firmware from here and you can sync all connected devices. The home screen has a battery indicator and displays the current EQ status. By tapping this you can choose from 6 predefined EQ profiles plus other settings to suit your needs. The latest firmware update now saves these settings to the speaker – so make sure you have the latest firmware via the app if your EQ settings are not remembered.

I had a problem with the settings affecting some profiles and that’s why I contacted Anker. They have corrected this error as I did on this video and this video.

There is no way to change the EQ settings to their default settings. You must reset all sliders manually to zero.

It is worth noting that if you turn on the bass through the speaker button, when you press it again to turn it off, the speaker does not return to your mode, it switches to the Bass Off profile. You must use this app to return to your preferences, which have been saved.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

Two tweeters, two woofers and invisible radiators are visible through the metal grille. They do a good job of providing a well-rounded sound that can easily fill a full-sized room with minimal distortion. Although I was uncomfortable listening to loud voices. There isn’t any distortion as such, but the mids just sound very harsh. I used to listen at about 50-60% volume.

I think the Bass setting on the setting, highlighted by the white LED, sounded the best for most of the music I listened to. There is good bass that doesn’t distort the vocals or treble.

But you can adjust the EQ settings as you wish using the app as explained earlier and unlike using your device’s EQ settings, they are stored by the speaker.

Best Speakers Under 100

Like most Bluetooth speakers I’ve tested, the busier the music, the better it sounds. This is one of the best portable speakers I’ve tried under £100, but they are struggling with the most difficult music. As long as the volume is not too high

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