Best Software For Financial Advisors

Best Software For Financial Advisors – There are many options when it comes to financial planning software. Moneytree is a leading provider of financial planning software. The company was founded in 1981 and provides sophisticated mathematical tools. There are three tiers of the software, each offering different capabilities. Its software is ideal for multi-advisor firms and includes what-if analysis. eMoney Advisor is another popular option, with four tiers designed to help you plan your business.


Apptivo is an integrated business management solution. It automates the flow of information between different departments, boosting conversion rates. It features a powerful Estimates app that allows teams to generate and send estimates to customers. Customers can approve or reject estimates, make changes, or request a new estimate. This allows teams to tailor customer service to their unique needs. Moreover, customers can view the estimated charges before making a decision.

This CRM software is designed to assist financial advisors with customer relationship management. It offers robust features and is easy to install. It also allows users to access and store files from various services. It also has a mobile application, enabling financial advisors to access data and documents on the go. These features make it an ideal choice for financial advisors.

Customer relationship management is an essential element of any financial business. It helps you build better relationships with your customers and improve customer retention. With an effective CRM, your team can easily and effectively track every interaction with customers. It also includes effective collaboration tools for your team. With tools like Notes, Calendar, Agenda, News Feed, and Document Management, your team can manage and review customer interactions with ease.

While Apptivo may not be as extensive as larger competitors, it is still a good choice for smaller and midsize firms. It offers an intuitive user interface and reasonable pricing.

Tamarac CRM

Tamarac CRM software for financial advisors can help you manage all of your client information in one easy-to-use platform. The program is built on Microsoft’s Dynamic platform and includes an array of integrations to keep your clients’ information up to date and relevant. It is also available on tablets and mobile phones, making it easy to stay connected and productive, wherever you may be. Its mobile compatibility also helps you to keep current with notes during meetings, as well as fresh information about leads and clients.

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The CRM software for financial advisors is available in on-premises and hosted versions. The software is designed to support all types of financial advisory firms and can track complex client relationships. Other features include texting clients, sending attachments, and tracking conversations. Tamarac CRM software can even be customized by financial advisors themselves.

Tamarac CRM is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to use the software with familiar Microsoft applications. It also has an Operations Library, which stores operational and marketing documents, such as call scripts and email templates. Users can collaborate on these documents with a built-in editor.

Tamarac CRM software for financial advisors also has built-in CRM features that can help you focus on the most promising leads and increase the chances of conversion. Using CRM software can help you keep track of your clients, their activities, and their needs. In addition, many CRM solutions will allow you to create custom fields, which will enable you to track additional relevant information about each client.


NaviPlan’s financial advisor software can import client data from several sources. It has an easy-to-use client portal without crowding the screen with too many options. Many finplan applications fall into this trap, which makes it difficult to choose the functions you need. This can be detrimental for a busy financial advisor.

Clients can also access the software via a client portal, where they can see their net worth, cash flow, and asset allocation. The portal also shows the advisor’s recommendations and transactions. The software features top-notch graphics in the advisor-viewable portion of the tool. Clients can also invite other advisors to view their financial plans.

While Naviplan lacks a document vault, it excels at other aspects of planning. The calculation engine, for example, can perform Monte Carlo analysis and project the outcomes of a financial plan. The software also includes sophisticated financial modeling capabilities, allowing advisors to show clients how planning for a major goal will affect their financial position.

Advizr is a great competitor to Naviplan for a variety of reasons. It offers sophisticated balance sheet functionality that lets clients see their household assets and liabilities. It also offers granular information about different types of assets, and has a user interface that is easier to navigate than that of Naviplan.

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MoneyTree Plan

MoneyTree plan software for financial advisors is a powerful tool that simplifies financial planning and delivers accurate results. This software allows financial advisors to focus on building client relationships instead of dealing with the tedious details of financial planning. Its customizable features, document sharing, and online access make planning easy for planners and clients. Moneytree plan software also provides accurate roadmaps to reach client goals and easy-to-follow audit trails. Moneytree also enables users to adjust their financial plans as necessary.

MoneyTree was founded in 1981, and has been a pioneer in the financial planning software market. The company began by creating tools that empower independent financial planners and advisors. These tools are mathematically advanced and produce repeatable results that inspire confidence and trust in financial advisors.

When evaluating financial planning software, financial advisors should choose a program with a user-friendly interface, support for various devices, and the ancillary services they require. The software should also allow financial advisors to create financial reports at any time, and perform Monte Carlo simulations to see the likelihood of different outcomes. A financial advisor should also look for a product that can easily integrate with third-party financial software.

MoneyTree Plan software for financial advisor clients includes an online survey that gathers client data, as well as secure transmission. Its servers are protected from unauthorized access and the financial data is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Money Tree also offers training and support for the software.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

If you are a financial adviser looking for a software solution, consider Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It’s designed with the needs of advisors in mind. The software’s features include client relationship management, investment management, and financial planning. It also helps you analyze client portfolios and recommend the right investment options. Microsoft has recently released an upgrade that brings the software up to date.

Another great software solution for financial advisors is Redtail CRM. This system was founded in 2003 and is focused on making client data accessible. It offers extensive support, including email and phone support. There are also webinars and video tutorials to help users understand the system. It has all the basic CRM features, plus an investment planning pipeline, a mobile app, and an integrated integration with other financial services software. You can choose between a free version and a premium version, with each subscription allowing for up to 15 users.

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A CRM system is designed to automate repetitive tasks for advisors, freeing them to focus on more creative aspects of client acquisition and retention. It can track financial information, past interactions, and preferences, giving you a comprehensive view of all your clients. It helps you manage your client base more effectively, which will lead to increased efficiency.

The software is easy to use and affordable. It comes with features such as contact management, activity tracking, and task management. It’s also customizable, with customizable templates, social media integration, and advanced search and filtering options. It also offers a 30-day free trial.


The acquisition of Redtail by Orion is good news for financial advisors. It signals the merger of two firms that have different but complementary services. The two firms have about 20 percent overlap in the number of advisors they serve. That means most users may not want to switch. But Orion has the resources to continue to support both brands.

Redtail CRM integrates with other financial advisor software. Its Opportunity section provides a convenient way to track opportunities. For example, you can track clients and contacts based on their investment profile. You can import information from multiple financial advisor software platforms and sync them with the corresponding client databases. Once you’ve synced the data, you can view it on the RightCapital client portal.

The software also offers a variety of reporting options. You can customize your report views for different clients and households. You can run client goal reports, which will give you a visual context for what action needs to be taken. In addition, you can run actionable opportunity reports, as well as reports covering important activities.

Redtail CRM is a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solution designed specifically for financial advisors. It features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to add notes, tasks, assets, and clients. However, compared to the latest offerings, Redtail CRM lags behind its rivals. As a result, the software looks dated and clunky. Fortunately, Redtail recently updated its interface, which fixed some of the bugs.