Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reddit

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reddit – A Reddit user turns a cheap Ikea Sonos speaker into a portable speaker

Sometimes you get a laptop that’s too deep for your pocket, according to Reddit.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reddit

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Reddit

If you’re looking to save money while being creative in these uncertain times, Reddit user muck2k3 and Imgur user philb0t have put together a guide to their very own DIY project.

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The link goes into detail about the components and steps required to replace the cheap Ikea Sonos speaker in question.

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If you try to do it yourself and find the necessary items – which you can find in the manual – you will save $ 280 USD (about $ 380 CAD).

Although a great guide, this DIY download lacks some features of the retail version. The manual says it doesn’t have Bluetooth support on the speaker but adds that it still has AirPlay 2 support.

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As for battery life, philb0t says they haven’t tested the battery life yet. They added that the original plan was to achieve at least eight hours in the room size.

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“The power of the amplifier is between 5 and 20 Watts and the battery capacity is 85Wh,” said Philb0t in the Imgur administration.

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