Best Bluetooth Speaker For Shower

Best Bluetooth Speaker For Shower – Check out our picks for the best shower speakers and take bathroom karaoke to a whole new level.

A speaker designed specifically for the bathroom that will really shower you with sound as well as water.

Best Bluetooth Speaker For Shower

Best Bluetooth Speaker For Shower

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The best shower speakers will let you listen to your favorite podcasts, playlists and albums without worrying about damage from liquids or steam. In addition to being water resistant, a really good shower speaker will last a lifetime, fit on your soap dish or hang from a shower stall and, most importantly, won’t sacrifice sound quality. After all, you can’t catch a note from Mariah Carey’s harp if your speakers don’t back you up with a solid backing track. Whether you want to relax and take a bath with an audio book or wake up to a warm shower with the daily news, choosing one of the best shower speakers will be better than putting your smartphone in a precarious position.

To find the best shower speakers, we scoured bathrooms far and wide to round up the best options and rate our favorite models. We’ve reviewed some of the portable speakers we recommend for outdoor use and tested our own homes to see what works and what doesn’t in the shower. We also do a lot of research to find models we don’t know about, especially when it comes to special features. Finally, we’ve compared IP ratings, battery life, control options and user reviews to ensure that every speaker we produce will withstand more than just soap and water for everyday use.

Before you take the plunge and buy a new shower speaker, it’s important to research all the features and specifications listed. Although the best shower speakers share the same components that make up all speakers, there are special considerations to ensure that the unit is actually fully waterproof and the right controls to keep you listening to your favorite songs; just don’t make too big a move and risk slipping.

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For the most part, shower speakers are Bluetooth speakers with added water protection, although some will include special features. This means that you are usually shopping for speakers with a high IP rating.

The Best Shower Speaker Options For Your Bathroom

IP stands for Ingress Protection, which tells you how strong an electronic device is against dirt, dust and water. The first number describes protection against particles (dust or sand) and the second describes liquids. For example, if a speaker has an IP57 rating, a “5” indicates that it can keep out a lot of dust and dirt particles. “7” means you can submerge the device in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes before damage occurs. If you see a rating like IPX7, “X” means no data is available for that substance.

Only speakers rated IPX7 or X8 can truly claim waterproof status (IPX8 means protected in 3 meters of water for 30 minutes). This is the only device we can recommend you take with you directly into the shower; However, if you are willing to settle for just one bathroom unit, you may want to consider a speaker with a lower rating and it will be better to sit on the sweat countertop. IPX6 can withstand a powerful jet of water for a short time, about 100 liters per minute, says the water gun. IPX5 can handle 12.5 liters of water per minute, like a squirt gun. The IPX4 rating can handle short omnidirectional splashes. However, we cannot recommend using a speaker rated below IPX5 in the shower.

For safety reasons, do not bring wired speakers into your bathroom, especially if the shower, sink, or tub is in use.

Best Bluetooth Speaker For Shower

If you’ve looked at speaker specs and scratched your head when you saw the Hz range, it might be time to add frequency range to your catalog of considerations when looking for a new music blaster. Without getting too into the science of frequency, you should know that the range from Hz to kHz represents the spectrum of sound that your speakers can produce. The standard specification for most speakers and headphones is 20 Hz – 20 kHz, which is the approximate range of audio sounds that humans can hear. However, some speakers come with this variation. While exceeding this range can indicate high quality speakers, any variation from the standard range is unlikely to be heard unless you have truly exceptional hearing.

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Best Shower Speakers (updated Apr 2022)

While having a durable battery has become a standard feature when it comes to Bluetooth speakers, some small ones (some might say shower size) are not always equipped with the best battery in the world. Make sure you check the specs and look for a model that can last between 10 and 20 hours, so you don’t have to sit on the sofa in your towel waiting for your speaker to quickly charge before you finally jump on some foam. Note that while some speakers can still play music while charging, you should not charge the shower speaker while in use and near water. This can be dangerous and lead to an unpleasant shock.

While this might not be the case with other portable or bookshelf speakers, it’s important that your shower speakers have built-in controls so you can play, pause, and skip tracks. Without these features, your only recourse when an album is about to enter your shuffle is to reach a shower-soaked hand for your phone, potentially dropping it and damaging it in the process. Perhaps the best part of having a shower speaker is knowing that you won’t risk damaging expensive electronics.

While it’s true that most shower speakers are portable Bluetooth devices that you can take with you into the bathroom, some speakers are designed exclusively for use in the shower. If you’ve met your portable needs, or you’re looking for something more fun, get a speaker that mounts on your shower head or a speaker that doubles as a mirror. For those who want something specifically designed for the shower, invest in speaker tiles, which are wired units that require careful fitting but blend perfectly with your walls.

Be aware of the specific version of the Bluetooth protocol when choosing – anything 4.2 and above is considered a stable wireless connection for your device, but version 5.1 or 5.2 will offer better connectivity and give you the latest Bluetooth technology available. The Bluetooth version used can affect the distance and longevity of the signal from your phone to the speaker. The safest way to listen to the ringtone is to plug in your device and leave your phone or computer out of the bathroom. Even if your device doesn’t get wet right away, condensation and steam from hot water can be very dangerous. A stable connection and longer range means you don’t have to unplug your phone from the charger in the bedroom to stay connected.

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The Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker For The Pool Or Shower

Depending on the type of device you’re using, you’ll also want to check the Bluetooth codecs your shower speaker supports. Although all Bluetooth speakers will be equipped with the SBC standard, this format is not the best quality option for playing your songs. For those who rely on Apple products and iOS, choose AAC; if you’re an Android user, look for aptX. Some speakers have more specific codecs to give you the best quality, but for the most part these specs will give you quality listening suitable for streaming in the shower.

Why it was chosen: Acoustically tuned speakers that attach magnetically to the shower cradle for a luxurious bathing experience.

Speakers, this set combines the best features to create an exciting, mountable bathroom essentials collection: constant water pressure and access to your favorite music. The Moxie shower comes in polished chrome (alternatively available in black nickel or matte black) and delivers 1.75 gallons of water per minute with a circular spray pattern. The IPX7 rated speaker itself attaches magnetically, so you won’t have any issues with charging. Unlike other portable Bluetooth speakers, this unit has been specially tuned by Harman Kardon to match the acoustics in your bathroom, meaning you don’t have to turn up the volume when the water starts running (there’s also a ‘normal’ sound profile if you want to use it around the house or swimming pool). Even though the speaker doesn’t have analog controls, you can still play, pause, skip and more using the voice controls. And 9 hours of battery life can be as long as you need to exfoliate and decompress.

Best Bluetooth Speaker For Shower

Why it’s a hit: UE Wonderboom is a reviewer favorite for good reason: this portable powerhouse packs a punch, including your shower.

Sell Bluetooth Speakers Online — Free Photos Included

Since it was introduced in 2019, Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2 has been

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