Best Bluetooth Headset For Calls

Best Bluetooth Headset For Calls – Looking for the best wireless headphones for phone calls? You probably dream of making calls without having to have a cable connected to your smartphone. Cutting that cord can be a game changer. But if you’re looking for a living, you want a wireless headset that makes calls crystal clear without the risk of dropouts. Fortunately, our reviewers are here to provide you with a list of the best wireless Bluetooth headsets for phone calls. And if battery life is your preferred metric, head over to our list of the longest-lasting Bluetooth headphones.

The best wireless headphones for cell phone calls must meet a few key criteria to make our list. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Best Bluetooth Headset For Calls

Best Bluetooth Headset For Calls

Are you ready to make the list of the best wireless headphones for phone calls? Let’s start collecting!

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Mifo O5 Plus Gen 2 Touch Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones are the best we’ve ever tried, $109.99 Best Price

When it comes to Bluetooth headphones, there are successes and failures. Even Apple’s big boys have lost style and usability points with Android devices. So when we first got our hands on Mifo’s latest model, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing, feeling and hearing. There’s no doubt that this amazing underdog company has created something special, using the latest Bluetooth 5 technology and the best build we’ve seen to date.

Solid swappable hot calls. Should you call? Simply open the beautifully crafted solid aluminum charging case and grab one – or both – earplugs. When you open the box, the headphones automatically turn on and pair with your device, meaning the moment your hand reaches your ear, they receive a signal and are ready to take calls. Call with just one handset or both, and you can add or remove a handset during a call at any time. To top it off, during our testing, we just couldn’t shake the signal even when the phone was 20-30 feet away from the headset.

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Amazing design and durability. What surprised us most about Mifo’s latest product is the Apple-like attention to detail. The sleek, easy-to-fit aluminum charging case is crafted to perfection, and the earbuds themselves stay comfortably in your ear, no matter what activity you’re doing. Do you want to take a call in the hallway? These are the headphones for you.

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Ease of use. One bane of true wireless headphones is usability. Pair, activate and charge. Mifo has thought of everything, including visual cues. Note that the right earpiece has a thin red line while the left earpiece is blue. Little things like this, combined with the pairing feature above and the included battery charging case, make these the hottest items we’ve seen in a long time.

Kind of expensive. As a brand new product with the latest technology, we’re really impressed that the Mifo headphones don’t come with a higher price tag. After using them for a few weeks, they definitely feel right. Thanks to their youth, they are unlikely to be found for much less anytime soon.

When you go completely wireless, you usually make a few compromises. First, the headphones aren’t attached to anything, which means they can fall out of your ear. There are also engineering challenges with microphone placement, signal and battery life. Sony has solved these problems by implementing the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chipset. Using half the power of the battery and effectively amplifying the signal, these headphones are a dramatic step forward for true wireless phone calls.

Best Bluetooth Headset For Calls

Amazing call clarity and signal strength. One of the main disadvantages of Bluetooth 5.0 chipsets is signal strength and distance. The Sony Bluetooth 5.0 headphones can be up to 40 feet away from your phone, meaning you can finally walk around talking without worrying about losing the connection. Calls sound crystal clear and stereo, which is a big departure from other models. Bluetooth 5.0 is amazing and once you try it, you’ll never go back.

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Switchable. You can take a call from either earpiece if you don’t want to use both, which is especially handy when you’re not wearing them and need to pick up the phone quickly. The included charging case also has a removable battery, so picking up the headphones and putting them back in keeps them charged.

Touch controls let you tap and gesture to answer calls, send to voicemail or adjust volume. Once you get used to using these quick hand gestures, doing anything while on the phone is super easy.

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Materials could be better. When comparing the Sony to the new Mifo option that currently tops our list, it’s clear that the components in the Sony offering could do with a slightly more premium feel. Plastic is used throughout the design of the handset and the case. And while that’s fine, we’d like the next iteration to feature some metallic or more premium-looking (and durable) surfaces.

Plantronics Voyager 5200 is the best Bluetooth headset for phone calls – Check Price on

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If you prefer a professional headset-style headset, the Expanse Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Microphone offers a best-in-class solution. With a perfectly designed microphone and simple one-touch controls, a day of conversations in the home office, car or conference room will fly by. This is a professional speaker match made in heaven.

High quality boom microphone. The boom mic not only pivots and rotates from two different joints, but also offers improved clarity and voice shaping. The effect? You don’t need to raise or lower your voice to achieve an even tone, and background blur is effectively reduced.

Speaker set for voice calls. Plantronics headsets are built for talking, period. Everything from the microphone position to the battery life is designed for professionals who need to be on the phone constantly or for long periods of time, but don’t want the hassle that comes with cables.

Best Bluetooth Headset For Calls

Comfortable for prolonged use. With a soft silicone coating, the earpiece remains stable without being annoying or uncomfortable even for long periods of time. Simplified on-ear controls offer one-touch solutions for answering calls and adjusting volume without looking.

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Not ideal for music or podcasts. Due to its special design, we do not recommend using the Voyager 5200 as a daily driver for music or podcasts.

The music is Apple’s iconic white AirPods. There are no surprises here and what you see is what you get – the best Apple name and the best Apple price to match.

They just work. Apple AirPods work instantly. iPhone and Android phones will pair effortlessly. The two independent earphones are also perfectly synchronized with each other so that the sound of the calls is properly distributed. Apple is always good at these little details. After all, the best completely wireless headphones for phone calls perform above all else to retain our top spot.

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Bluetooth signal is strong for version 4.1. Apple didn’t skimp on the hardware, though an older Bluetooth 4.1 chipset was eclipsed by 5.0. AirPods are some of the best truly wireless headphones for iPhone calls, thanks to software that helps maintain signal strength. They almost feel like you’re using a wired solution, although there are occasional hiccups.

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The microphone is not perfect. True wireless headphones face a design challenge when making calls. The lack of a microphone directly from your mouth means that background noise will creep into your phone call. There’s really nothing you can do about it, and it’s not really Apple’s fault. It’s just a minor inconvenience you’ll have to live with.

No charging case. While the AirPods have decent battery life, they aren’t as strong as some of our competitors in the best battery life category. Although Apple includes a case, it doesn’t have a battery inside, meaning you’ll need to plug it in to charge. Newer products have an internal battery for on-the-go charging.

Not everything is a phone call. Music lovers want clarity and charm when they’re not at a conference. It’s a completely different product designation, and it’s not without compromises in terms of dialing. It’s no surprise that a brand with quite a storied musical pedigree takes the top spot. The best wireless headphones for music and phone calls are Beats by Dre. The brand brings musical pedigree to the table without skimping on the quality of the conversations.

Best Bluetooth Headset For Calls

The sound of music and calls are blaring. All Beats headphones are designed and tuned to make music sound better. BeatsX is no exception. High and low frequencies are particularly powerful, cutting through noisy environments. You can easily hear callers and that goes double for music. Your favorite songs will have a richness and depth you won’t find in other wireless headphones.

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Color options offer customization. Form can be as important as function. Add personal style to your wireless calls by choosing one of six colors. Beats has a history of releasing special color editions. So chances are, by the time you read this, it will be there

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