Beosound Edge

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Beosound Edge

Beosound Edge

Presented at Milan Design Week 2019 as part of the new Bronze collection, his Beosound Edge is the first collaboration between designer Michael Anastassiades and Bang & Olufsen.

Bang & Olufsen Præsenterer Beosound Edge (nu Med Video)

It cannot be ignored. His captivating Beosound Edge is the result of Anastassiades’ keen design expertise and the renowned engineering and style of Danish luxury audiovisual company Bang & Olufsen.

Lying on the floor of his Anastassiades design studio, the designer realized that the black fabric on the surface of Beosound Edge was created by minimizing the space between the two surfaces and using a matte fabric to contrast the reflective shine. I explained how it draws you in under the illusion that of aluminum ring.

“The sudden change in depth makes it look a little surreal,” Anastassiades said while examining his work. “If there is a gap between the two materials, there is tolerance. But here there is no tolerance, there is no gap between them, which is amazing.”

Adjusting the volume is just as engaging as the listening experience itself. Simply rotate the speaker forward or backward to increase or decrease the volume of your music. When you release your hand, it will automatically return to its original position. As part of the Bang & Olufsen multi-room family—a growing collection of wireless speaker systems designed to play together in your living space—the whole experience is seamless.

Bang And Olufsen Beosound Edge Speaker Stock Photo

“The Beosound Edge is monolithic with no controls or visual distractions. It lights up when you use the controls, but you can’t see anything when you don’t. To me it’s magic,” he says Anastassiades. says.

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According to the designer, the act of removing detail is always bolder than adding it. Seeing a product with lots of features makes a strong first impression. But when that novelty wears off, nothing remains. Instead, his intention with Beosound Edge is to create timeless objects that continue to inspire your imagination.

“What we do is always extract ideas. It’s about mastering something and saying, “This is it!” confidence to make it happen. ”

Beosound Edge

“You have to respect its stillness and balance. Its edges are perfectly balanced. It’s magic to me. It’s irreplaceable.”

Beosound Edge Speaker By Bang & Olufsen

Beosound Edge is part of the Bang & Olufsen Multiroom family. This is a collection of wireless speaker systems designed for seamless playback throughout your home. Innovative acoustics and magical interplay for a listening experience that sparks the imagination. The polished aluminum exterior hides an acoustic masterpiece, the world’s first active bass port. With this revolutionary technology, Beosound Edge delivers powerful bass when played at high volumes, and fine, delicate playback at low volumes.

Stream and play your music the way you like it. This all-in-one wireless speaker can easily stream music via AirPlay 2, Chromecast built-in, or Bluetooth. Beosound Edge seamlessly connects to other wireless speakers throughout your home.

With Directional Sound Control BeoSound Edge allows the user to specify the direction in which the sound should be emitted. For example, a room can be divided into active listening areas and more passive listening areas. Alternatively, users can choose to fill an entire room with true her 360-degree room-filling sound blasting from both sides of the speaker.

Revolutionary Bang & Olufsen technology gives the Beosound Edge unprecedented power for its size. Active bass ports automatically change the speaker’s acoustic performance to deliver refined sound and clarity at all volume levels.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge: An Exceptional Speaker

Place Beosound Edge on the floor or mount it on the wall for a stunning display. Enjoy the magical experience of the speaker returning to its original position when you adjust the volume by pulling or pushing the aluminum ring.

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Stream and play your music the way you like it. This all-in-one wireless speaker can easily stream music via AirPlay 2, Chromecast built-in, or Bluetooth. Beosound Edge is multi-room ready and seamlessly connects with other compatible speakers in your home.

Beosound Edge reads the force of your touch and adjusts the volume by rotating the speaker forward or backward, or up and down if mounted on a wall. Release the touch and the speaker will return to the center. A perfectly balanced design. A perfectly balanced sound.

Beosound Edge

Three dedicated sound settings let you take your music the way you want it. Choose either side for a more intimate listening experience. Or choose True360 Omnidirectional mode to fill the entire room with dynamic and powerful Bang & Olufsen sound. music for you and me and everyone

Cover For Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge

Beosound Edge is a speaker and a minimalist design object in one. An unbroken circle of clarity and beauty designed for intuitive touch and motion. Get ready to welcome a unique and wonderful performance in your home.

Operating Beosound Edge is almost identical to immersive sound performance. You instinctively feel the urge to roll the balance wheel.

Imagine a coin whose edges are elegantly balanced and ready to roll with a light touch. Beosound Edge is the first of his Bang & Olufsen products by renowned lighting designer Michael Anastassiades. In this interview, Anastassiades discusses his passion for minimalism and his desire to capture your imagination.

2 year international warranty. Authorized reseller of B&O Play. Products purchased by B&O Play are covered under warranty. 94-year-old Danish audio engineering company Bang & Olufsen has released its own speaker model, the Beosound Edge, adding to its high-quality hardware repertoire. Designed by artist Michael Anastassiades, featuring the Museum of Modern Art in New York, this gorgeous piece of hardware was inspired by the British pound coin, at least before it was replaced by his new 12-sided coin. It’s fair to say the Edge packs a lot of punch behind its brushed fabric cover and brushed aluminum casing. It got its name because it can be mounted on a wall like a train clock or stand up like a coin on its side.

Bang & Olufsen 1666130 Beosound Edge Multiroom Wireless Speaker With Floor Stand And Cover

The Edge’s highly innovative 20-inch diameter build packs an 800-watt amp with a 10-inch bass woofer, a 4-inch midrange driver, and a ¾-inch tweeter. It’s delivered at every level. Audio can be played from both sides of the speaker for a fully enveloping audio experience.A hidden port on the front of the Edge lets you boost bass when you turn up the volume. Innovative arrangements are also fun, such as a convenient touch panel with a proximity sensor inside the aluminum housing, and the ability to adjust the volume by shaking the speaker left and right.

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So how was such a unique audio hardware setup created in the first place?In Bang & Olufsen’s lab, this seems to be his five-step process. First, approximately 5.5 feet of premium aluminum is machined to perfect roundness and polished to a chrome-like finish. The rounded edges are hand polished by a skilled grinder. Once the expert’s work is complete, the engineer programs the robot to perfectly replicate the expert’s process so that all his Beosound Edges have the same refined perfection. To properly position the touch panel, a laser drills holes in the top layer of aluminum and a vacuum process draws the adhesive out of these tiny holes. Once dry, the glue fills in these gaps, keeping the outside smooth to the touch and acting as a small lens for the attached proximity sensor.

Staying true to Bang & Olufsen’s tradition of great audio hardware, Beosound Edge embodies both pure minimalism and absolute luxury in design and quality, in a totally unconventional, boundary-pushing package. It is shaped to Such as Beoplay A9 and Beosound Shape. Beosound Edge is both a premium speaker system and a work of art.

Beosound Edge

It’s clear that the innovators at Bang & OIufsen have created something unique in terms of design. So what goes into it? Tailored to fit perfectly in the case, cloth-covered circular drivers project sound from both sides of the speaker, with polished aluminum rings surrounding the edges of the sleek, minimalist package. . This design allows it to be positioned in two ways. Mount it vertically on a discreet stand, recall the Beosound Edge name, or hang it on the wall like a bar sign. This speaker is quite large at 20 inches in diameter and 6 inches wide. The visuals are geared towards an open, minimalist space. The bronze finish heater is pretty gorgeous

Beosound Edge Music System

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