Battery Powered Loudspeaker

Battery Powered Loudspeaker – If cars, scooters and bicycles can run on batteries, why not professional audio? Building on the latest trend for sound to flow wirelessly and move freely without the restriction of AC power, Mackie announces the new Thump GO battery powered portable speaker. It’s a new 8″ Bluetooth-equipped model, designed in the footsteps of Mackie’s famous Thump speaker series, but with improved flexibility. And it’s just one of many new product announcements from another brand.

“It’s an exciting time for music lovers and musicians as we see the return of live music. And there’s plenty of time to recover, which is where Thump GO comes in handy,” said Matt Redmon, Director of Product Marketing at Mackie. “It’s extremely portable, battery-operated and easy to set up, so there can be a stage literally anywhere. We want to give the world a convenient and high-quality sound machine that they can use and enjoy, and the Thump GO is it it’s a professional quality speaker with the flexibility of a boombox!

Battery Powered Loudspeaker

Battery Powered Loudspeaker

Thump GO is designed to be used in any situation, so it can work where AC power isn’t available. The speaker has a removable, rechargeable battery that can be used for up to 12 hours on a single charge. A three-color battery life indicator is also built-in for easy battery capacity identification.

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Built on Mackie’s Thump Series design, the Thump GO benefits from an ultra-efficient 200W Class-D amplification module, feeding a custom high-output 8-inch woofer with a 1-inch compression driver. There is a built-in 2-channel mixer and a thru output to connect additional speakers. There are also many advanced options, with four different application specific voice modes, Feedback Eliminator, Music Ducking and an Outdoor Mode option to enhance the sound of outdoor performances.

Weighing in at 17.6 pounds for easy portability, the speaker is designed with a sturdy die-cast cabinet and sturdy feet that make it versatile and sturdy enough to double as a floor monitor when needed. When tilted on its side, the Thump GO is at a 45-degree angle, perfect for better sound distribution. It also has a standard built-in pole mount for mounting a subwoofer or speaker stand if required.

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And to be completely mobile, Thump GO is equipped with Bluetooth, which allows users to stream music directly to the speaker and enjoy wireless freedom. With the Thump Connect 2 app, every meeting is an opportunity for users to DJ as they can log in and easily adjust everything from EQ and Voicing modes to channel levels and area-specific presets.

The new Thump GO speaker is on sale on and participating retailers with a $399.00 CARD. This is a carousel with a large image and a trail of thumbnails on the left. Select one of the thumbnail buttons to change the main image. You can also use the left and right arrow keys to navigate between images.

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Take high-quality audio anywhere with the Mackie Thump GO, a battery-powered speaker with Bluetooth streaming, flexible input and big sound.

So you need the sound of a powerful, professional speaker with the convenience of a boombox? Meet Thump GO; the go-anywhere, Bluetooth-enabled, ultra-flexible, battery-powered speaker. Built to make your life easier, Thump GO offers lightning-quick setup and simple yet powerful sound processing, including flexible inputs, Bluetooth streaming and wireless control via the Thump Connect 2 app. Most importantly, Thump GO will amplify the real you with clear, punchy and accurate sound wherever you call your stage. Take the performance of the popular Thump series wherever you go with the Thump GO battery powered portable speaker.

Astonishing sound, UnpluggedThump Series speakers have been at the heart of many live sound setups for over a decade, but what if you don’t have that precious AC power to do it all? Thump GO brings Thump punch and clarity in an ultra-portable design with a removable battery so you can hear your best anywhere.

Battery Powered Loudspeaker

Press a button, great sound Under the hood of Thump GO are a number of powerful processors that you can tap to improve the sound quality of your game. With 4 different application specific voice modes, you can instantly optimize Thump GO for how you use it with a single button.

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Are you inside or outside? Do you take speakers from the inside of a room to the scary outdoors and wonder why they sound so different? You’re not alone, and we’re lucky… read more of everyone’s thoughts. When you take this little powerhouse into the wilderness, just press the Outdoor Mode button and your beautiful, full sound is restored. Quack Quack Shhh You’ve got music playing nice and loud, but it’s time for another announcement. Sure, you can mess up your level every time, but who has time for that. Just press the Music Ducking button and channel 2 will be automatically muted when you speak into the microphone on channel 1. Protect everyone’s ears from feedback. scream? This is commonly known as feedback. And it’s such a bad problem that physics won’t change its mind. But wait! Hit the Feedback Eliminator button and laugh at silly sound laws. Choose a playlist, adjust settings, take a selfie What better way to control your Thump GO than with the device you take with you everywhere? Simply stream music directly to the speaker and enjoy the wireless freedom of dancing while you DJ. And while you’re at it, you can dive into the Thump GO Connect app and adjust everything from EQ and tuning modes to channel levels and area-specific presets. Thump GO Loves Friends Need a little more cover? Are you trying to get paint off the walls? Buy a second Thump GO and have a seriously good sound system that you can take anywhere. You can even pair them via Bluetooth to stream music in Stereo or Dual Zone mode and control both via the Thump GO app. The size isn’t EverythingThump GO may be small, but this little speaker gets things where it counts. An ultra-efficient Class-D amplifier squeezes every last bit of great sound out of every watt. And to get the air moving, the custom high-output 8″ woofer and 1″ compression driver deliver thump and clear highs. Put it where you need it TheThump GO is designed with a sturdy die-cast cabinet and sturdy feet for excellent performance wherever you put it. Need a floor monitor? The Thump GO can be tilted on its side and naturally sits at the correct angle. And if you want to optimize the coverage of your room, the Thump GO has a standard size pole for mounting a subwoofer or speaker stand. No matter how you use your Thump GO, it’s easy to move with an ergonomic handle built into the top. Features: – Ultra-efficient Class-D amplifier – 8″ Custom high-output woofer – 1″ compression driver – Removable lithium-ion battery (included) – Tri-color battery life indicator – Up to 12 hours of battery life – Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming – Wireless control via Thump GO Connect app – Pairing with a second Thump GO via Bluetooth for music playback and control – 2 channel digital mixer with XLR mix output – 4 applications – specific speaker modes – Music Ducking mode automatically lowers Ch .2- level when Ch.1 receives a signal – Indoor/outdoor tuning modes – Precision digital crossover and driver alignment – Smart inputs and thermal limiters – Durable, lightweight die-cast housing – 45 degree monitor angle – Built-in pole mount – Rugged powder coated steel grille WARNING: Cancer and reproductive damage – read a little

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This is who they say they are. I rate products based on my real-world use after 40 years in music. Small light, the big question, ??? the battery. I ran it at 60 percent volume for 5 hours and the battery light did not turn green. Very impressed. I use it for playing music. The notes are warm in the right notes and yes, they have a thump. I bought 4! The bluetooth and pairing work as they say they do. The link setting also remains in the disabled position so if you quickly turn it back the sound reproduction is good. Thanks Mackie! And super fast!

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Ordering these items today will reserve your seat in the queue and you will not be charged until the items are shipped to you. Set the tone wherever you want. Bring professional live sound reinforcement to small concerts, corporate events, meetings, weddings, parties and more. With Mackie Thump GO you have powerful sound processing and wireless control in your hands, whether you’re holding a guitar, a wired or wireless microphone or a DJ controller.

Mackie Thump Go Portable Battery Powered Speaker

Connect any combination of audio sources, including guitar, microphone, keyboard or DJ mixer. Thump GO’s built-in 2-channel mixer

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