Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge – BeoSound Edge by Bang & Olufsen is a compact and powerful wireless speaker with a timeless design, advanced acoustic innovation and magical interaction for a listening experience that inspires the imagination. In the center, a finely polished aluminum exterior hides an acoustic masterpiece: the world’s first Active Bass Port. This revolutionary technology allows Beosound Edge to deliver unprecedented powerful bass when played loud and still play elegantly and delicately at lower volumes.

Stream and play your music the way you want. The fully wireless speaker offers effortless music streaming via AirPlay 2, built-in Chromecast or Bluetooth. Beosound Edge seamlessly connects to other wireless speakers in your home.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge

With directional sound control, BeoSound Edge allows the user to define the direction of the sound radiation. For example, a room can be divided into an active listening area and a more passive listening area. Alternatively, the user can select true 360 ​​° room-filling sound from both sides of the speaker to fill the entire room.

Fernando Alonso X Bang & Olufsen Collaboration

Bang & Olufsen’s revolutionary technology allows Beosound Edge to deliver unprecedented power for its size. The active bass port automatically adjusts the speaker’s acoustic performance to deliver perfectly tuned volume and clarity at all volume levels.

Place your Beosound Edge randomly on the floor or mount it on the wall as a stunning display. Enjoy the magical experience of the speaker returning into place when you pull or tighten the aluminum ring to adjust the volume.

Stream and play your music the way you want. The fully wireless speaker offers effortless music streaming via AirPlay 2, built-in Chromecast or Bluetooth. Beosound Edge is Multiroom-enabled and seamlessly connects to other compatible speakers in your home.

Beosound Edge reads the strength of your touch, adjusting its volume as you slide the speaker back and forth, or up and down when mounted on the wall. When you release the touch, the speaker returns to its center. Perfectly balanced design. Perfectly balanced sound.

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Bang And Olufsen Beosound Edge Review: Music On The Edge

3 custom sound settings allow you to direct the music in the direction you prefer. Choose both sides for a more intimate listening experience. Or choose the True360 omnidirectional mode to fill the entire room with dynamic and powerful Bang & Olufsen sound. Music for you, for me and for everyone

Beosound Edge is a speaker and a minimalist design object in one. Designed for intuitive touch and movement, it is an unbroken frame of simplicity and beauty. Get ready to receive a unique and powerful performance in your home.

Beosound Edge’s controls are just as fascinating as its immersive audio performance. You instinctively feel the urge to spin the bar, and you should.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge

Imagine a coin delicately balanced on the edge, ready to roll at the slightest touch. Beosound Edge is the first Bang & Olufsen product from the hands of renowned lighting designer Michael Anastasiades. In this interview, Anastasiades shares her passion for minimalism and her desire to ignite your imagination.

Bang & Olufsen Display Beosound Edge Speaker At Ifa 2018

2 year international guarantee. is an authorized dealer of B&O Play. Products purchased from B&O Play are subject to warranty. 94-year-old Danish audio engineering firm Bang & Olufsen has launched a unique speaker model to add to its repertoire of quality equipment, the Beosound Edge. Designed by New York Museum of Modern Art artist Michael Anastasiadis, this stunning piece of hardware was inspired by the British pound coin, at least before it was replaced by the new 12 cent coin. It’s safe to say the Edge packs a lot of power behind its matte fabric finish and brushed aluminum body. It can be wall mounted, like a railway clock, or sitting upright, like standing on the edge of a coin, hence the name.

With a diameter of 20 “, this incredible new Edge packs 800 watts of power with a 10” woofer, 4 “midrange driver and ¾” tweeter. Six discrete Class D amplifiers power each driver individually, so you can expect your audio experience to be delivered on all levels. Sound can be played from either side of the speaker for a fully immersive sound experience. A hidden port on the front of the Edge can be used to boost bass when the volume is turned up and you’ll also find an intuitive touchpad with proximity sensors in the aluminum housing. The volume can be adjusted by swinging the speaker left or right, an extremely new method of adjustment that is quite fun.

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So how do you create such a unique audio hardware setup from scratch? In Bang & Olufsen’s labs, it appears to be a five-step process. First, nearly 5 and a half feet of high quality aluminum is made into a perfect rim and polished to a chrome finish. The rounded edges are then manually deburred by a milling specialist. After the expert is done, the engineers program the robot to seamlessly repeat the expert’s process to ensure that every Beosound Edge has the same smooth perfection. To position the touch panel correctly, lasers pierce the topmost layer of aluminum, after which the adhesive is pulled out of these tiny holes through a vacuum process. Once dry, the glue fills in these gaps to keep the exterior smooth to the touch and serve as tiny lenses for the built-in proximity sensors.

Overall, the Beosound Edge is shaping up to be the epitome of pure minimalism and the sheer luxury of design and quality in a completely unconventional, cutting-edge package that lives up to the Bang & Olufsen tradition of distinctive audio hardware. , such as Beoplay A9 or Beosound Shape. Beosound Edge is as much a work of art as it is a high-end speaker system.

Review: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 Wireless Speaker

It is clear that the Bang & OIufsen innovators have created something truly unique in terms of design. So what’s that got to do with it? The fabric-covered circular drivers, custom made to fit the housing perfectly, transmit sound from both sides of the speaker, with a polished aluminum ring surrounding the rim for a sleek, minimalist package. This design allows it to be placed in two ways, vertically on a sleek stand, very reminiscent of the Beosound Edge namesake, or mounted on a wall like a dashboard. This speaker is quite large at 20 inches in diameter and 6 inches in width. The visuals are definitely suited to open, minimalist spaces. The bronze finish is also quite chic for a warmer interior.

With speakers on both sides, the Beosound Edge sounds amazing wherever you place it. If you choose to place the speaker in an upright position, you will find a nearly invisible base that prevents it from moving when you are standing or when you swing it to adjust the volume. Fingerprints can also accumulate on the aluminum case, but are easily cleaned with a soft cloth.

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The exterior design does more than just store the hardware. informs about Beosound Edge operation and extends the control system. The sound mechanics, while new and exciting, can take a second to get used to as you find the nuances to adjust the sound to your liking. An intuitive built-in accelerometer helps the speakers determine how much you need to adjust the volume based on how much you swing the speaker. After adjusting the volume, the Edge will always return to its original position.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Edge

The touch panel is another intuitive and easy to use feature. Just tap to play, pause and skip songs as you wish. When you get close, the aforementioned proximity sensors will illuminate the touchpad so that it is ready for use and you can find it easily. It is a very convenient setting when you are close to the speaker and it is also very easy to use. If you are in the room and want to change your audio experience, you can of course use your connected device.

Bang & Olufsen Partners With Industrial Designer, Cecilie Manz To Launch The Beosound A1 Dune Crafted Edition

Music can be played by dual-band Wi-Fi Wireless 802.11 b / g / n / ac (2.4GHz and 5GHz) or Bluetooth 4.2. Ethernet connections are also supported. For streaming, both Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast are supported, so you can easily connect the audio you want from across the room. For discerning listeners looking for a multi-room audio setup, BeoLink Multiroom technology is built into the speaker for customization and ease of use.

For more control over the sound and other settings, you can use your favorite audio streaming app (such as AirPlay 2 or Chromecast) or Bang & Olufsen’s internal Beoplay app, which includes the unique ToneTouch technology, a system for adjusting the The amazingly visual equalization is intuitive and easy to use to always get the sound where you want it. Many premium speaker systems sometimes have too much or too little mobile compatibility, so it’s nice to have the perfect balance of simplicity and remote control of your audio equipment with just a few simple taps on your phone or tablet.

Another key feature to use on the Beosound Edge is the combination of a closed box design at lower volumes with an active bass port that opens at higher volumes using a damper. Think of it as a spoiler on a car. after increasing the speed (or

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