Avantree Sp850

Avantree Sp850 – For some radios, portability and versatility are key. The Avantree SP850 checks both those boxes as a contender for the best desktop radio when it comes to a radio that fits in your pocket and can be used in a variety of ways. It also pairs well with some of the best speakers on the market.

Avantree SP850 is a high quality portable FM radio with extra features. It might look like a transistor radio, but it’s a great portable Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to your favorite music or FM radio from anywhere.

Avantree Sp850

Avantree Sp850

The Avantree SP850 does what you want: it’s ultra-portable, has an FM tuner, and good sound for a small radio. Unlike the Altec Lansing InAir 5000 speaker, it excels at acting as a portable Bluetooth speaker. You can easily switch between radio mode and use it as a wireless speaker for any device that can connect via Bluetooth. For radio, it has an auto scan feature to easily find and save your favorite radio stations.

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Unlike the Ether Cone, the SP850 Portable FM Radio can be much more than a radio by design. Even its pocket size produces quality sound. In fact, the radio has six equalizer modes to adjust the sound according to the type of music you’re listening to. If you think these features are good, you should check out the vintage looking Grace Digital+ Mondo.

It is powered by an easily rechargeable battery, making it easy to take with you on the go. There are also USB cable, micro USB and Micro SD card inputs. For more design comparisons, you can read the Yamaha YAS-108 review.

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Bluetooth speakers typically lack radio and SD card functionality, so if you need those features, this is a good option. The sound quality won’t blow you away, but at the same time, the ones out there won’t fit your pocket (looking at you, Soundance SDY019). It’s comparable to the Panasonic RF-2400D, which doesn’t have Bluetooth and won’t fit in your pocket. For the price, you should definitely tune in.

Avantree Bluetooth Speaker With Fm Radio, Support Sd Card ลำโพงบลูทูธ พร้อมวิทยุ Fm รุ่น Sp850 (สีดำ แดง)

This adventure has something for everyone. This is a great family radio that you can take to the park, on a hike, or even in the yard. It’s more useful than you’d expect to fit in your pocket and overall the radio has a quality build and good sound. While it’s not the best for a full Mozart symphony (leave that to the Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet Radio), it’s a great portable radio and speaker in one small device.

Noah has a knack for finding stellar new products (read: spending hours shopping online), especially if they help people create, watch, listen to music and improve their quality of life. Based in Los Angeles, he has worked with several global social programs and is the founder of abnormal.life and White Spot Studios. When it comes to portable speakers, it’s hard to see the forest through the trees, but despite its small size, the Avantree SP850 has everything you need in a Bluetooth speaker, FM radio and microSD card.

It is similar to a 4-in-1 Bluetooth speaker that also has auxiliary input for audio files, FM radio and TF card reader.

Avantree Sp850

There are many Bluetooth speakers on the market, most of which are good at a good price. However, they often lack imagination. They’re usually big, big, big boxes (sometimes backlit) that have Bluetooth or a line to connect devices or a card reader to play music files. However, the Avantree SP850 is a little different. It’s like a small lightweight radio with all those playback options.

Avantree Sp850 Portable Fm Radio Bluetooth Speaker And Sd Card 3 In 1, Mp3 With Headphones Socket R

My first impression after purchasing the Avantree SP850 from Canada Computers for a whopping CAD$24.99 was how small and light it is, weighing 0.16kg and measuring 13cm X 6.6cm X 3.2cm. Doubles as an “on” switch for quick volume adjustments. I hate unresponsive, or even worse, oversensitive volume buttons on Bluetooth speakers. That being said, the SP850’s sound is inconsistent and very loud right from the start. However, the sound quality is incredible. Powerful sound for such a small speaker, and the combination of a bass port on the back and a tweeter on the front provides a more dynamic sound.

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On the front you have plenty of controls for selecting the playback mode (Bluetooth, AUX, Radio or microSD card) with play, rewind and fast forward buttons used to switch the FM tuner to radio mode or navigate the microSD card. A regime. The inclusion of a simple black-and-white background digital screen helps with this and includes all relevant information (such as battery life). However, there are major reservations about the game’s organization and methods (which I’ll come back to later).

On the SP850 side, it includes a 1/8″ (3.5mm) headphone jack and a 1/8″ (3.5mm) auxiliary jack that can be connected directly to a media device (such as a DAP/mp3 player). Analog connection. I’d much rather use the auxiliary input instead of using Bluetooth, so you don’t burn up the battery on either device. The micro USB port used to charge the device is also located on the side. Unfortunately, you can’t connect the device to a computer via USB and add files (not the card reader), but it does come with a micro USB to USB cable as well as a 1/8″ cable for the device. is a plus.

The Avantree SP850 has no built-in media storage and all files must be stored on a microSD card. The SP850’s Micro SD card reader is surprisingly located at the bottom and can use cards up to 32GB of memory. It reads MP3, WMA, WAV files and you can navigate through the folders on the microSD card through the screen. However, the Avantree SP850 has some caveats with its various playback modes, interface and file management.

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Most bluetooth speakers don’t have screens so having a screen would be welcome). It requires guessing what mode, location, song you’re playing or what folder you’re in. However, it lacks the depth of most DAP/MP3 players. No sorting by genre, no playlists (unless you’ve created them in a folder beforehand).

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Also, folder navigation can sometimes be difficult with a 13 font/width screen. This is something to consider when naming files while keeping them concise. Avantree sorts files numerically and then alphabetically. The full filename will scroll while the song is playing, but if you’re browsing through folders, you’ll want to make the most of the filenames.

Next, the different playback modes for the SD card are not described in detail in the manual, but can be found in the menu under “

Avantree Sp850

So playback modes, user interface and since it only takes up 32GB) are sometimes limited. Everyone has their own approach to filling the card. I’ll start with the “Music” folder. Then add genre sub-folders under that and basically create ‘Greatest Hits’ for each artist/different artist. (eg Music>DJ Mixes>”Cottage Country Mix 1″ or Music>Rock>Van Halen>”Don’t Talk About Love”). So you can play any genre you like or all files randomly. If you want to keep it random, there is a random game mode.

Antimi Bluetooth Speaker,fm Radio Player,mp3 Player Stereo Portable Wireless Speaker Drivers With Hd Sound, Built In Microphone, High Definition Audio And Enhanced Bass (pink)

I found the best setting to be ‘natural’, which produced a well-balanced sound, but ‘rock’ was a bit dynamic if you went past the bass boost a bit.

, but radios can be especially useful when you’re camping or out and about. It’s great for getting local weather and news when you don’t have Wi-Fi or a phone signal nearby. And, until the 3rd day, until the music picks up and gets sick. You never know what you might hear on the local station.

The radio has a convenient scan function to find all nearby radio stations. So you arrive at camp, look for signs, and now skip locations using the stop/go buttons. The SP850 unfortunately doesn’t have an extendable antenna, but you can attach an auxiliary cord to the input to get the best signal, or connect a USB cord to a power outlet to improve your radio’s reception. Looking for a specific location? Enter the numbers above (eg 93.5 type 9-3-5).

Another great feature of the SP850 is its rechargeable ion battery, which is not only rechargeable.

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