Aukey Wireless Speaker

Aukey Wireless Speaker – If you’re looking for a powerful Bluetooth speaker the next time you go camping, this Aukey speaker might be just what you’re looking for. Try it.

Weighing in at just half a pound, this durable device is perfect for camping, hiking, road trips, and more. The speaker is described as water resistant, although I couldn’t find exact specifications. The speaker beam is made of anodized aluminum, while the casing is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). To get technical, it is a plastic polymer with three monomers.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

Aukey Wireless Speaker

ABS rubber is amorphous so it has no real melting point. It also has mechanical impact and resistance at low temperatures, providing a safe level of use between -4˚ and 176˚ F. Although the rubber is durable, it still feels good in the hand, so holding the speaker is a tactile pleasure. For reference, ABS is what Lego is made of.

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Although this is a Bluetooth speaker, it also has an auxiliary port, so you can connect an aux cable directly to your phone. On the bottom, there is a standard 1/4’20 screw, so you can attach it to a camera tripod if you want.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

The speakers have a pair of 5W drivers that provide clear sound with a balance between bass, midrange and treble. Additionally, the speaker has a built-in microphone for voice calls. The sound output is high so you don’t need to turn it up too much.

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As a way to test the sound quality of the audio equipment, I like to play this song. . It has lots of bass and bass, and those drops are sick bro. Check it out:

Aukey Wireless Speaker

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At one end of the speaker you’ll find a key ring (not included) so you can secure the speaker from tree branches, bicycles, tent frames, etc.

The speaker’s battery lasts significantly longer. It’s 2600 mAh, which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s rated for 30 hours of battery life and that’s only if you use it often. I can use it for a week without charging, but as the manual says, it takes six hours to charge.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

Because of the speaker’s size, you might not think of throwing it in a bag or purse, but it’s still portable enough to carry in a backpack or purse.

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After reviewing many Aukey products, I can confidently say that they are a great company. These speakers, along with the Bluetooth headphones I reviewed, are both excellent products. It’s a great accessory for your smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android phone.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

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Aukey Wireless Speaker

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BLU brings back its BOLD line to shine with metal and leather N2. Learn more about premium equipment Yesterday we told you about the Aukey BT023, one of the different Bluetooth speakers offered by the company in question.

Today we analyze the Aukey SK-M7, a speaker that makes independence its strength: We discover all the details in our full review!

Aukey Wireless Speaker

Due to the nature of the product, the packaging is very simple, made from recycled cardboard. Inside we see:

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The first thing you notice taking this Aukey SK-M7 out of the box is the plastic tube where the speaker is mounted.

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Aukey Wireless Speaker

From a positive point of view, this includes 2 advantages: the first is more robustness that connects the speaker to a smooth surface, and the second is shock absorption. However, on the negative side, this shoe absorbs fingerprints and dust.

The special feature of this speaker is the side hook where it is possible to fix the supplied carabiner. However, we are talking about something non-compact, with dimensions of 20.5 x 6.5 x 6 mm for a weight of 370 grams.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

Connect With Aukey

On the front we see here the grid that protects the 2 speakers, while on the back we see the on/off button, 2 AUX inputs and outputs and the micro USB input for charging.

In the upper part we see the buttons still in a circle, that is, the play / pause button, the next / previous track (if pressed they balance the sounds) and one that answers the call.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

Next to them, we see the status LEDof, which indicates the Bluetooth pairing and the charging stage.

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The sound quality is good, but not outstanding, the results are achieved with products at this price level. The maximum volume is supported, but raising the maximum and / or will draw the low through the EQ, the harmonic distortion is very obvious.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

The frequency range of the Il is well reproduced, although the lower frequencies are harsh and not full.

As for the phone part, the speaker is average, with the sound of our conversation clear and the voice in the run taken from the integrated microphone ough performs.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

Aukey Wireless Mini Speaker Sk M31

Using the appropriate buttons, it is possible to accept or reject calls with a click. Leave it.

The range of outdoor use is about 10 meters while indoor use and with 1/2 middle wall it is reduced to about 6/7 meters. It also has an AUX input and an Output that can connect different devices without wireless connection.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

With the average use / intse of this speaker is sufficient, management can reach about 10 / 11 hours of activity of the car battery, compared to one charge that, from 0% to 100%, takes about 3.5 / 4 hours.

Aukey Sk A2 Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

The purchase is recommended for those who are looking for a good stand-alone product, but do not mind having particularly good sound quality.

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Aukey Wireless Speaker

The L’Aukey SK-M7 Bluetooth speaker is available for purchase on Amazon for €25.99 with shipping from Amazon. It seems that the status of Bluetooth speakers has not changed in the past few years as we have not seen any major improvements. However, there are actually a lot of improvements inside, especially in the sound quality. Now we can easily get the right product for less than $50.

Inside the box is a SoundTank speaker, a micro-USB cable, a 3.5mm audio cable and a user manual.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

Aukey Wireless Portable Speaker

The speaker aukey looked like a high-end premium speaker, instead, it is designed as a powerful speaker with a liquid body. You can see that all the speakers are covered with silicone to prevent shock while the front and rear bumpers are made of plastic. It looks bad but it feels very comfortable. There is a hook on the right side while connections such as microUSB port or auxiliary port are hidden on the left side. Below, we have a standard 1/4″-20 screw, so you can attach the speaker to your bike or stand.

All buttons are placed on the speaker. We can see volume up/down, phone call, power button and mode.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

The speaker is huge but only weighs about 1.5 pounds. It is powered by a 2600mAh rechargeable battery that can last up to 30 hours of music playback. Battery life is amazing as I haven’t charged the speaker in over a month.

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I hate Bluetooth speakers from Chinese manufacturers because they usually look terrible. However, the AUKEY SoundTank is one of the exceptions. You can check out my voice test in the video below.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

I was very surprised by the sound quality of the speakers. Most of the waterproof speakers I’ve tried sound awful and I feel like they’re wrapped in a blanket. Not so here as the SoundTank delivers a very clear sound with highs and upper mids. On the other hand, the bass is also excellent. I can hear deep bass but it’s not loud at all.

In my experience, the speakers sound best in small rooms. It can be very loud when the disturbance is not detected. When I take the speakers out and turn up the volume, the content is loud and no sound.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

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Overall, the AUKEY SoundTank is a decent choice when you’re looking for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker under $50. We recommend all products.

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Aukey Wireless Speaker

Aukey’s Eclipse Bluetooth Speaker is a mid-range portable speaker for on-the-go listening. It has a total power of 20W, a total listening time of 12 hours and double passive radiators to ensure that there is enough bass to go around.

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The design of the speaker is something I like, it has a harmonious design with the outer fabric.

Aukey Wireless Speaker

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