Ar Portable Wireless Speaker With Led Flickering Flame Light

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Before using the microphone for the first time, it is a good idea to clean it properly.

Ar Portable Wireless Speaker With Led Flickering Flame Light

Ar Portable Wireless Speaker With Led Flickering Flame Light

Make sure the power/pair indicator on the speaker is flashing. (If not, quickly press the button twice. The speaker produces an audio signal.)

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Note: If you have already connected another Bluetooth device to this speaker, the speaker will automatically try to connect to that device when you turn on the speaker. If you want to connect to a new device, press the button on the speaker twice – the speaker emits an audio signal.

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Select AR Sierra from your smartphone’s connectivity options. (If it’s not listed, select “Scan” from your phone’s Bluetooth menu.)

The speaker emits an audio signal when it disconnects and connects to your phone. The power/dual indicator lights up blue.

Note: The process of enabling Bluetooth and connecting varies from device to device. See your device’s owner’s manual for more information and specific instructions. Tips for wireless Bluetooth connection

Acoustic Research Awshtb_qs Quick Start Manual Pdf Download

In a few seconds, the speaker starts transmitting sound and air via Bluetooth. To change the volume: Quickly press the volume button + or – on the speaker (back panel) or use the phone’s volume control.

If you have another AR Sierra wireless microphone, you can use it with this one in stereo mode. To use 2 AR Sierra speakers in stereo mode:

When the speakers are connected to each other, the speaker will try to connect to your phone (its power/pairing power will increase quickly). Find AR Sierra in your phone’s Bluetooth menu and connect to it. When the speakers are connected to your phone, the light/light on the right speaker will glow white. The power/pair light on the left also lights up white and flashes every five seconds. Keep your phone close to the speaker – that’s what it’s connected to!

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Ar Portable Wireless Speaker With Led Flickering Flame Light

The lighting mode button gives you control over the built-in lighting of this speaker. You can use the light if it is on or off.

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Use a mini-jack audio cable (not included) to connect the audio output from your device to the Aux In audio input on the back panel of the speaker (open the plastic door to access the jack). The speaker automatically switches to Aux In audio. (For a two-way setup, connect to a power source/light source that flashes every five seconds.) To listen to Bluetooth audio again, unplug the speaker from the Aux In jack.

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Liven up your party with the warm music of flickering candles. This lantern has a 20W speaker with a double bass driver to produce a unique sound. Just connect it to your Bluetooth device while playing your favorite music and set the mood with the one-of-a-kind LED lights. You can listen for hours indoors and outdoors thanks to this speaker’s rechargeable battery and waterproof design.

Acoustic Research Santa Cruz Indoor/outdoor Bluetooth Wireless Speaker With Led Flickering Flame Light, Rechargeable, 30 Watt, Up To 18 Hours Of Play Time

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Clean with a soft cloth; To avoid damaging the surface, do not use cleaners containing alcohol or other solvents; Do not operate or store at high temperatures; Do not expose to constant running or splashing water, or place near objects filled with liquid.

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