Anker Soundcore Sport Xl

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The Anker SoundCore Sport XL is an excellent Bluetooth speaker that offers powerful audio output and a completely solid build. SoundCore Sport XL has a long battery life of up to 15 hours and its large built-in rechargeable battery doubles as a mobile charger for your phone or tablet. The audio performance of this outdoor bluetooth speaker is excellent, with its dynamic frequency response 2 X 8W stereo drivers producing an incredible 16W combined volume. Its dual passive subwoofers also enhance bass output. This speaker is undoubtedly one of the toughest on the market, with IP67 water resistance (up to 1m depth) and dust resistance, making it the perfect speaker for outdoor enthusiasts.

Anker Soundcore Sport Xl

Anker Soundcore Sport Xl

Benefit. The Anker SoundCore Sport XL is a great speaker for outdoor enthusiasts, offering great audio performance in a very durable construction. It also comes with enough battery to provide up to 15 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge. The speaker produces ample volume through its two 8W drivers for a total of 16W.

Anker Soundcore Sport Xl Bluetooth Speaker Black Uae

Discrepancy. The Anker SoundCore Sport XL is slightly larger than a normal Bluetooth speaker. It is also slightly heavier, which makes it more uncomfortable to carry around. The speaker’s bass performance is complemented by the passive bass radiator, although that’s not a problem.

The audio performance of the Anker SoundCore is excellent. The sound quality is top notch, delivering crisp, detailed stereo music at high volumes without any static noise or distortion. The sound itself feels very clean, with natural and clear sound in outdoor environments. The great thing about this speaker is how loud it gets – the speaker can output a whopping 16W, which is perfect for outdoor meetings. The speaker also produces decent highs and crisp mids which is very good for a speaker of this size. The highs and mids sound well balanced, which means you can listen to a wide variety of music on this speaker without any problems. The bass response of the speaker is also good, enhanced by the passive bass radiators.

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The Anker SoundCore Sport is built like a tank. The speaker measures approximately 7 X ​​3 X 1.75 inches and the case is very sturdy, protected by rubberized plastic. The speaker is very solidly built and its rugged, water-resistant enclosure will definitely stand up to the rigors of outdoor use – it’s IP67 water, shock and dust resistant. It can easily withstand extreme conditions and handling, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Plus, it has a whopping 15 hours of battery life, plenty of time for outdoor adventures.

Anker SoundCore is also equipped with advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology with an extended range of 66 feet and high quality Bluetooth audio transmission for high quality music. You can also use the built-in noise-canceling microphone for hands-free calling, making it a versatile outdoor Bluetooth speaker. The speaker package also includes a micro USB cable, wrist strap, and an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty, which offers great value for money.

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The Anker SoundCore Sport XL is a very solid outdoor Bluetooth speaker that offers very clear audio performance and good battery life. It is well built, durable and water resistant to a depth of 1m. We really like the fact that the speaker can work continuously for 15 hours which is really commendable – you can even use the speaker as a power bank to charge your mobile devices. Sound performance is clean, detailed and crisp, with good bass response from passive bass radiators. The Anker SoundCore Sport XL is an excellent outdoor Bluetooth speaker that is definitely worth a try.

Be sure to check out our picks for the strongest Bluetooth speakers and the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers that deliver truly crisp audio performance and deep bass in a durable design. The Anker SoundCore Sport XL is Anchor’s Bluetooth speaker designed to last: durable, waterproof and with great audio performance. Let’s find out all the features together in our review.

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The sales package is presented in a very minimalist and elegant way, with a different look than the internal speakers, which we will see later.

Anker Soundcore Sport Xl

In the package we will obviously find the speaker, the micro USB cable for charging and the instruction manual.

Soundcore Sport Xlを購入!音質は?!

The Anker SoundCore Sport XL measures 170 x 40 x 80 mm for 370 grams, obviously not a small or elegant speaker, but you know, the product

On the front, the Anker SoundCore Sport XLit is textured, with a mesh protector for the two stereo speakers secured with 6 small screws, and the company logo is positioned in the lower right corner.

All the rest of the surface is covered with a very resistant rubber, which gives the speaker a very “industrial” style, the raised rectangle adds strength and

The central rectangle, of slightly different material, with the manufacturer’s logo above, protects the two subwoofers, below we find (always completely protected): a USB port that acts as a power bank (output 5V = 1A), AUX trance (mini 3.5mm jack) and microUSB for charging (5V = 2A input).

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In the upper part of the device we find the control keys of the device, slightly raised with respect to the rubber surface.

By pressing the play button twice in succession, we will be able to skip the songs we have listed, but not go back.

The play button can also be used to answer or reject incoming calls, just click to answer or long press (> 1 second) to reject.

Anker Soundcore Sport Xl

On the right, however, we find 4 LEDs, blue that indicate the speaker is turned on and White 3 that indicate the status of the battery. The blue LED will always stay on, unlike the battery LED, it will turn the speed of the god check back on every time we press one of the control keys.

Anker Soundcore Sport Xl

There is also a small metal strip next to the LED that can be hung on the lanyard included in the package, making it easy to carry.

Unfortunately there is not much technical info on the manufacturer’s website and on the web: we know, in practice, the two front speakers that I come from 8W and the prest2 passive subwoofer on the back.

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The Anker SoundCore Sport XL has a 5200mAh battery which, according to the company, should guarantee 15 hours of uninterrupted playback, in fact in our tests the speaker discharged after 15 and 20 hours, during which it played uninterrupted music at volume levels.

The distance was shortened, but there was also a 3/4 wall between the two devices, no major reception issues, and at best we encountered micro-interruptions when moving between rooms, but that’s about it.

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Overall, the Anker SoundCore Sport XL promises very good audio performance, with good frequency balance and good sound pressure. However, let’s go into more detail.

Of course it is a speaker that emphasizes the low frequencies; Not annoying, on the contrary, they reproduce in a precise and grain-free way, even at maximum volume. With the subwoofer on the back, the close-range list is more affected by the position of the listener than that of the speaker, which is not the case when we are at medium / long distances.

In the list, we note that the limiter is integrated in the speaker, a very useful element to avoid damaging the membranes of the front speakers and the subwoofer, but this can cause small variations in volume.

Anker Soundcore Sport Xl

The Anker SoundCore Sport XL is ultimately a good product if you need a high-strength speaker, forgoing some design for sound quality.

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