Altec Lansing Wifi Speaker

Altec Lansing Wifi Speaker – Wrapped in a thick layer of waterproof and rustproof silicone rubber, the Boom Jacket II… [+] is virtually indestructible. (Photo: Altec Lansing)

There are a number of wireless speakers on the market today, from cheap models to something like the Naim Muso Qb. However, the most popular type of speaker is something medium, portable, affordable and tough enough to take life’s knocks on the road. Falling into that category is the Boom Jacket II from the American electronics brand Altec Lansing.

Altec Lansing Wifi Speaker

Altec Lansing Wifi Speaker

Altec Lansing has been making laboratory equipment since the 1940s, building its reputation for solid engineering and quality construction. The Boom Jacket II maintains this heritage with Bluetooth wireless communication that is shock, waterproof, sand and dust resistant. The perfect speaker for boating, camping, or working on a construction site.

Altec Lansing Mini H2o Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Encased with a silicone sleeve to protect the Boom Jacket from drops, the speaker is happy to throw it into the water or take a nice dip poolside. It is waterproof to IP67 standard and offers 50 hours of battery life. It is good for a whole working week and is perfect for charging your smartphone thanks to the USB charging port under the waterproof flap that hides the speaker charging port and stands 3.5mm input.

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In addition to acting as a standalone Bluetooth speaker, the Altec Lansing Boom Jacket II can act as a power amplifier. If you buy two Boom Jackets that you can connect separately and have one Boom Jacket playing the left channel and one playing the right channel, the sound reproduction is very wide even in medium sized rooms .

The Altec Lansing Boom Jacket II is waterproof to the IP67 standard and designed to withstand dust and … [+] sand. (Photo: Altec Lansing)

As for the sound, the Boom Jacket II can pump up the volume level although the bass is not as powerful as the JBL Charge 3 I tested; however, it is quite accurate and supports the apt-X codec. I tested the speaker using iOS and Android devices. Sound quality is better using Android, because the apt-X codec is included. However, Apple has not yet implemented apt-X on iOS, and since the Boom Jacket does not support the AAC codec, it falls back to the native SBS codec that Bluetooth does not output a pure audio signal . If you’re looking for great audio performance with iOS devices you might want to see what Bose or JBL have to offer. Despite its iOS shortcomings, few other wireless speakers offer the same level of waterproofing, shock resistance and overall ruggedness as the Boom Jacket II.

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Altec Lansing Boomjacket Wireless Speaker

The Boom Jacket II comes with a Micro USB USB charging cable, a power outlet, a 3.5mm cable for connecting auxiliary audio devices, and there is a wall mounting bracket so you can adjust the Boom Jacket on the wall at the right height. it should sound good if you use both units.

The Boom Jacket features two 2 inch neodymium drivers, which provide excellent reflection on a single unit. Above the speaker are four waterproof buttons for power, volume and Bluetooth. The Bluetooth button can initiate pairing or be used to receive hands-free calls. Although there are no apparent controls for skipping or replaying tracks, all you have to do is hold the volume + or down buttons – you can control your music without taking out your smartphone and your wet hands

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The Altec Lansing Boom Jacket II offers great audio and battery life that, with heavy use, can deliver up to 40 hours between charges. Excellent waterproofing and shock resistance make this speaker ideal for any challenging environment, be it a boat, swimming pool or construction site. If you’re looking for a wireless speaker in an understated style, check out this little wonder.

Altec Lansing Wifi Speaker

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