Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker Pairing

Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speaker Pairing – Do you want to get the most out of your Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker? If so, you’ll need to pair it with the right device.

In this article, we’ll show you how to pair your Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker with various devices, including phones, computers, and tablets.

We’ll also provide instructions for pairing the speaker with different music players. So whether you’re looking to use your Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker for basic audio playback or take advantage of its advanced features, we’ve got you covered!

What Are Altec Lansing Speakers?

Altec Lansing is a famous brand in the US, especially known for its Altec Lansing Bluetooth speakers. The Altec Lansing speakers are not only loved by music lovers but also appreciated by moviegoers and travelers. In addition, it has a compact design that helps you carry it anywhere without any hassle.

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Why Use Altec Lansing Bluetooth Speakers?

If you are looking for Bluetooth speakers, you should know that the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker pairing is one of the best benefits.

The Altec Lansing Bluetooth speakers have a wide range of features and specifications to suit consumers.

How to pair Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker

You can pair the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker with the help of the Altec pairing code. Follow these steps to pair the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker with the phone.

  1. Open the device and tap on ‘Bluetooth’ or the connect-in option.
  2. Choose a speaker from the notification bar.
  3. Tap on the button at the bottom of your screen. Once you see a notification that says “Pairing Required,”
  4. Enter code 9011 8888 into the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker. Follow the missing phone pairing code. If it’s done successfully, then remove
  5. Tab Press any key to disconnect Bluetooth, wait for a beep & confirm the connection. Pair another device; Instantly connect to your second device.
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Additional Note:

1. the speaker must be turned off. The device you are pairing with should also have the speaker unit unplugged.

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2. the Altec Lansing speaker will flash green when it is synced to a phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices.

3. After which press “ok” on the confirmation screen to start up the pairing process

4. wait for less than 30 seconds (30 seconds + 2 minutes) until your smartphone rings out.

The phone will ring and show a message like “Connected to”. You can now speak to the speaker.

5) After which follow instructions on the screen for security code.

If this is not followed correctly, blue laces may flash by one or two times before turning off. Once it’s paired with the device, it should stay connected until the next battery change.

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