Airpod Bluetooth Speaker

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Airpod Bluetooth Speaker

Airpod Bluetooth Speaker

A high school student created a Bluetooth speaker in the form of a giant Apple AirPod – see photo

Giant Headphone Shaped Bluetooth Speaker

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A 17-year-old high school student had a viral effect on Reddit when he made a giant Bluetooth speaker in the form of one of the most popular gadgets: Apple’s best-selling AirPods.

The 10-inch AirPods are fully electronic headphones, according to the creator, a high school student from Minnesota named Aaron Beckman. Beckman posted a photo of his work earlier this month in the r/MildlyInteresting Reddit thread, where it received more than 78,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments.

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To create the AirPods speaker, which he calls “AirPod Max,” Beckman used a 3D printer found in his high school’s robotics team to recreate and fire an exact clone of the AirPods. .

New Relesed Gaint Airpod 2 Model Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Airpod2s

Beckman shared these photos of his AirPods Max speaker and told us a little about how he did it:

His AirPod statement shows the smallest details of Apple’s headphones, from small buttons and grooves to the “L” design that is designed for your left ear.

In addition to using a 3D printer to model the speaker side of the AirPods, Beckman used paint to paint an “L,” black, and a window screen to create a look eye for the speaker inside the AirPods.

Airpod Bluetooth Speaker

Beckman also assembled electronics to make his big AirPods a user-friendly speaker. Then, he plans to make an AirPods Max suitable for the right ear to get stereo sound.

White Giant Airpod Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker Support Tf Card

Like most active Bluetooth speakers, the Beckman has a built-in charging port. Beckman told Business Insider that his AirPods took about 22 hours from design to completion.

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest technology news and updates – delivered to your inbox every day. When we saw the news of a big AirPods product, we piqued our interest and knew we were going to dig deeper. It appears to be purchased from Amazon, but we haven’t found anything on it yet. At least on Amazon US.

Big AirPods are Bluetooth speakers, known as the ultimate communication device. Like, right? Are the AirPods 100 times bigger than they should be and a BT speaker? How is that not a conversation starter? It’s true.

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The innovation here is high, but the details are detailed. We know that there is a single neodymium driver of unknown size, supports SD card and USB flash drive, has a built-in FM radio, has a unique lithium battery that lasts for 5 hours, and appears to come in a pair. mixed with each other. over a wireless network or something similar.

Giant Wireless Bluetooth Airpod Shaped Speaker Fm Radio Aux Microphone

I don’t know the brand. One of the listings starts with “WLORMB”, which I’ve never heard of until now. For those interested and unable to find it on Amazon or elsewhere, you can get it on AliExpress for $22+.

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Airpod Bluetooth Speaker

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Airpod Bluetooth Speaker

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