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A Brief Review of Sonos Playbase

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If you’re very much enthusiastic about Sonos devices, then you should definitely try out Sonos Playbase. But, if you wonder why just go through the post below.

Playbase is undoubtedly an incredible creation of Sonos. It’s actually an extraordinary form factor sound system with the amalgamation of a stable pedestal (targeting to your Television) and a brilliant audio cabinet. What is the reason of designing a second home entertainment device? Actually, the Sonos team performed thorough research to find out how individuals used the Playbar at their place. And it revealed that most of them had not wall-mounted their TVs or Playbars. And that’s why the particular Playbase had been designed to let users set their TVs straight on top of the respective speaker. The result is a creation of a compact and innovative home theatre solution.

Now, let’s talk about the Sonos Playbase design. In simple words, Sonos Playbase is among the incredibly appealing devices that Sonos has come up with. This device is equipped with the beautiful clean matte finish along with the gentle touch controls on the front side. The entire speaker has come with a simplistic design through which it can easily combine with a home theatre. To maintain a subtle appearance, Sonos Playbase has come with the correct number of speaker holes (more than 43,000), which have incredibly optimized performance. Also, these speaker holes have blocked the ten internal drivers from becoming a visual distraction- it’s really appreciated, isn’t it?

Moreover, the brilliantly-designed Sonos Playbase is featured with a flat white or black. However, both of them have amalgamated into most of the home theatre setups. The measurement of the Playbase device is 2.28 x 28.35 x 14.96 in that means it’s a quite thin device. As a result, it will perfectly complement your bookshelf-turned-TV-stand. The top segment of the respective speaker features three buttons for playing and pausing activities, controlling of music playback, and controlling of volume. Nonetheless, the play/pause button is equipped with a small light, flashing multiple colors so as to indicate speaker status. When you’d press the buttons present on the left and right side of the respective play/pause button, the volume can be controlled. By swiping left and right throughout the buttons, you can skip or rewind music tracks. Another button is sync button that you can use in times of the setup process. Around the backside of the Sonos Playbase device, the port options are very simple; one optical, one Ethernet, and one power. The philosophy of Sonos is to design easy-to-use and hard-to-argue products along with the simplifying selection of ports.

Do you wonder whether your TV would fit on top of the Sonos Playbase device? According to Sonos, the particular speaker can withstand about 34 kg that means now you can check out the specifications on your TV to check whether it has fallen under that particular weight. If you’re looking for sliding the Sonos Playbase device below your TV rather than placing a Television on top, you’d like to measure the TV’s feet whether the particular device can fit underneath comfortably. In a nutshell, Sonos Playbase is a easy to use as well as simple device. You’ll also receive a quick start guide through which you’d get a visual representation of how you can hook up it. You just need to take the help of the included optical cable and make a connection of the Playbase to the optical output on the TV. Next, you need to take help of the power cable as well as plug it into the wall. If a router is there in the nearby proximity of your home theatre, you can simply choose to wire in with the attached Ethernet cable.

As the remaining step, you have to download the Sonos application for iOS or Android application for completing the installation process. The Sonos application would guide you throughout the remaining setup process so that Sonos Playbase can start hopping on the respective network. Always remember that the Playbase device supports only the 2.4GHz band so don’t panic in case you’re not getting your 5GHz network. With this specification, you’ll get a better range along with a more reliable connection.

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