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A brief review of Sonos Playbar

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If you’re a big fan of Sonos devices, then you should definitely be familiar with the Sonos Playbar. So, let’s start the discussion.

The brilliantly-designed Sonos Playbar device has come with excellent sounds. Albeit it’s a simple device, it can perform more activities, as compared to most of the soundbars. In simple words, the Sonos soundbar is able to play everything (excluding hi-res audio tracks) whatever you have stored on your NAS or computer device. Also, you can easily send audio right from your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Moreover, it can also make a connection to the internet radio and a large number of tracks through Deezer, Tidal, and Spotify, etc. Its slick interface and enthusiasm to provide support to new services and features will amaze you.

Definitely, you can purchase a simple Sonos One device if you only want to listen to a lot of music. But, the difference lies in the Playbar’s capacity of connecting to the TV. But, there’s only one way to do the same and it’s through a digital optical cable. However, it offers benefits while it comes to simplicity. Moreover, each of your devices will remain connected to the TV in a normal state and you’d have just one and only one cable for the connection of the TV as well as Playbar. However, it’s not equally neat like the systems featured with more than one HDMI inputs along with a single HDMI output for the video purpose. Nowadays, TVs with optical outputs are quite common. However, the incredible Sonos Beam device has come with HDMI and that’s why you can prefer the Sonos TV speaker along with this specific connection.

The setup process of this device is quite simple by making use of the iOS and Android application. As a result, you’ll be gone through for the addition of the Playbar device in the same manner like any other Sonos components and also you’ll experience a step-by-step approach vis the entire connection procedure. A pair of brilliant Ethernet sockets would enable you to make a connection to other components like a smart TV to the internet through the Sonos network. The IR sensor is about teaching the Playbar device to make a response to the respective volume controls of the specific TV’s remote. Moreover, an in-built repeater is there so that each of the other instructions of your remote can get to the TV and it holds true in case the Playbar is placed in front of it. As opposed to the newer Sonos Beam, no voice control option is there. You’ll have a requirement of the Beam in case you’re looking for Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. After the configuration, you can make use of the controller application on the compatible devices for sending audio to each and every Sonos speaker all around your house. Moreover, you can also team them up into zones and thus sending audio to more than one speaker simultaneously will be a breeze for you. Other speakers from Sonos, such as the Play:3 and the Play:5 are greatly configured. Moreover, the Playbar can also work as a gateway to slowly making an entire wireless multi-room audio system. It will be an incredible moment for you.

You’re going to literally prefer the Playbar device. Its sound is just mind-blowing and it can also integrate greatly into an already-present Sonos audio system. Alternatively, it can be the first thing that you’ll be adding to your home to get the benefits of an easy-to-use, feature-rich, and brilliantly-designed multi-room audio system. You can make use of it as it is or there’s sufficient echo present in the bass through which you can greatly enjoy action movies. Moreover, the mid-range, as well as high-frequency audio, is also clean and mesmerizing. In a nutshell, the Sonos Playbar device will provide you with a brilliant experience. It’s detailed and deep dynamic soundstage is amazing. Moreover, you can also upgrade it with the help of a Sub and/or Play3s. So, what’s your opinion now? I hope that you’ll be greatly amazed after purchasing this device. If you have any query or question regarding this device, you can contact their customer care team.

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